KanohiBlack Kaukau Nuva
ColorsBlack, White

Sewre is an Onu-Ko-Matoran. He's a good friend of Tapio and has even adventured with him a little.


Sewre's other parent was black and other white, but that's all we know about his origins and childhood.

Sewre became good friends with Tapio at some point, although they didn't go to the same school. When Inwirn turned the whole population of their home island against him, Sewre was one of his friends to evacuate with him.

They eventually came to the Kewa Beach and slept in bushes for the night. In the next morning Sewre and the others woke up only to find Tapio with four strange Matoran that he had just saved. The friends split up to build their own lives in their new world, Bio-Land. Where Sewre went, is unknown.

When Return of the Enemies occured, Tapio went to find his old friends to help him. One of these was Sewre. He helped battling the evil Fire Matoran and later, Rahkshi and Vahki of the Tonga. After that he moved back to his home town, like the others did.

Soon, the evil Lerahk army conquered Bio-Land. Sewre was taken a hostage like the other Bio-Land Matoran but was saved by Henkka and his friends. Sewre then took part in the War of the Clones. It was interrupted by the Invasion of Spiders of Doom. Sewre, as the others, was captured and transformed into a horrifying beast. This was erased by one of Tapio's Mistakes and he ended up living normally in his home town.

Currently Sewre is alive and living somewhere in Bio-Land.

Abilities and Traits

Sewre is friendly and accepts his friends as just how they are. He hates racism. He's also quite brave and will do anything to help someone he likes a lot.


  • In real life, Sewre is a friend of Tapio. Sewre (the real person, although the name is fake) didn't like Sewre as his charater so he created Werotus. These two characters have nothing to do with each other and Sewre is considered a true part of the story.
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