"They serve me, they follow me, they will kill you!"

-Nutrex to the Order of the Great Creators

Teaser Soon they finally show what they really are
Shadow Klakk Horde
Shadow Klakk Horde Information
Species AffliationLight drained Klakk
AlliesOrganization of Darkness, Order of Teridax, New Brotherhood of Makuta
EnemiesOrder of Mata Nui, Order of the Great Creators, Light Hunters, Mata Nui Army, 682Sitrius
LeaderNutrex (Formerly)
GoalTo destroy their Enemies


The Shadow Klakk Horde is an army of light drained Klakk. Makuta Nutrex use them to hunt enemies and rivals. Ceasame call them "Evil of Karda Nui" because of their history.

Creation and Training

Ceasame ordered Drakerix and Chirox to use Tridax Pods on so many Klakk they could find. Later, Makuta Nutrex took them to Destral and trained them. Meanwhile the training, a little Shadow Klakk saw the destroyed body of Tridax. It revived him and gave him the New Ignika found in a chamber somewere in Karda Nui. They later left to Bara Magna for their mission.

Bara Magna

The Shadow Klakk were hidden in a chamber by Hantrek there they would be prepared for their mission. They never got unleashed and were teleported to the Matoran Universe to terrorise there.

Abilities and Traits

The Shadow Klakk has the ability to decide their enemie's destiny. Nothing is mouch known about their abilities.



Organization of Darkness (v

Leaders: Teridax

Commanders: Ceasame  • Zaktuen

Members: Verahk  • Tazzuk  • Vakura  • Ohtvek  • Intor  • Render  • Vicoran

Servants: Tuma  • Vahi Makuta  • Shadow Lurax  • New Brotherhood of Makuta  • Kraahkan  • Kraahkan

Former members: Mata Knight  • Hantga  • Lhikan  •  • Bedurox  • Tridax/Super Makuta  • Rahkshi Army  • Makuta of Gamulu  • Vezon  • Orriki  • Raniza  • Shados  • Visorak HordeTagah  

Deceased members: Drakerix  • Zomahk  • Dertbrez  • Zakkond/Dark Vavakx  • Hantrek (Deceased)  • Nutrex (Deceased)  • Frezako

Former servants: Krakua  • Great Shadow of Universe/682Sitrius  • Eritko  •  • Hades  • Shadow Klakk Horde

Bases: Universe Core (Formerly)  • Teridax Nui  • Bara Magna  • Spherus Magna  • Karzahni

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