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Shadow Matoran
Shadow Matoran
Shadow Matoran Information
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Shadow Matoran (also known as Kra-Matoran) are Matoran of various elements that have had their light drained, resulting in them becoming evil shells of their former selves.

Matoran mostly had their light drained by Shadow Leeches, mutated Kraata that fed on light, though there were also other methods (an example would be Vamprah's Kanohi Avsa).

A known way to cure Shadow Matoran were the Klakk's sonic screams, which broke the mental barrier keeping light out of them.

Known Shadow Matoran


  • Vultraz - Leader after Gavla had been cured
  • Shulze - Created by the Antidermis of a Makuta that sided with Miserix
  •  Foros - Struck by Makuta Madrax while in Karda Nui
  • Kirik - Struck by Makuta Tian while in Karda Nui
  • Tythos - 1st Shadow Matoran ever
  • Cripval - 1st Matoran turned evil with Shadow Leeches



  • There was a matoran race called Kra-Matoran, whose Light was drained by the same purpose as the Shadow Matoran, but they died, because they had no light to offer.
Shadow Matoran (v

Sektem  • Shulze  • Vultraz  • Raniza

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