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Matoran Shagatiku
Element Lightning
Powers None
Kanohi Hikitai
Tools Unknown
Element Lightning
Powers Lightning-based powers
Kanohi Great Hikitai
Tools Axe
Turaga Shagatiku
Group Toa of Tegen Nui (formerly), Turaga of Akyna Nui
Occupation Toa (formerly), Turaga
Element Lightning
Kanohi Noble Hikitai
Tools Turaga Staff of Lightning
Status Alive
Location Akyna Nui
Pronunciation shah-gah-TEE-KOO

Shagatiku was a male Vo-Matoran, then a Toa of Lightning, and then a Turaga.


One day when Shagatiku and her friend, and Ta-Matoran, where tracking a lost Ussal crab, her friend found an old Toa Suva. The Suva transformed them into Toa, as well as four other Matoran on Tegen Nui. As they where traveling back through the woods towards Po-Tegen, the encountered a Toa of Water, who is Tiekess. The three of them reached Po-Tegen, and found a crowd gathered around a Toa of Stone, who they found out is Kustre. More history is to be revealed soon.

Turaga Shagatiku Comic

Turaga Shagatiku in the TKA Introduction comic.

Later, The Toa where trying to drive away a living acid cloud, and Kustre, plus two other Toa, where killed, while Tiekess was teleported to Toa Hahli's Pocket Dimension. Shagatiku was able to electricute the acid cloud, which promtly dissipated.

Shagatiku and her friend, Toa Kier built the anti-shadow barrier around Tegen Nui, and renamed it "Akyna Nui" which means great land without shadow, and both Kier and Shagatiku became Turaga.

Later, Turaga Shagatiku was featured in the TKA Comics, and loves to talk on the phone, and sometimes pretends to be a phone. She invited Turaga Amnesia to her and Kier's Turaga Anniversary party, but Turaga Amnesia didn't seem to understand. But later when the guests arrived, Turaga Ahnu brought Turaga Amnesia, to Turaga Kier's dismay.


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