SpeciesGreat Being
GroupThe New Order
KanohiKraaken (Power changed)
ColorsBlack, Silver
ToolsShadow Spear
LocationMetru Nui
PronunciationMa-koo-tah Shah-rock

A character from the "Bleak" timeline. Makuta Sharoq is a Great Being who was driven insane and is now the tyrant leader of The New Order.


"Makuta" Sharoq was once a Great Being. One of the two which was appointed the task of bringing the Mask of Life to it's hiding place in Voya Nui. He accidentally came into direct contact with it and was driven insane. He was then imprisoned in a remote island (Rather than on the then-intact Bara Magna, as he was in the Prime universe.) During the Great Cataclysm, the seal was broken on his prison.

After the Great Cataclysm

After the Cataclysm, the Spirit roamed the world in the form of a shapeless mass of energy. He would occasionally possess a matoran or a rahi, but never found a permanent body until he discovered the discarded remains of Makuta Teridax,who had died at the hands of the Toa of Darkness.

He donned the Armor and assumed the role of the head of the Brotherhood of the Makuta after the Toa respectfully stepped down for him. Later, after the Great Extermination, he and the Brotherhood took the opportunity to rise to power and establish a tyranical government named "The New Order."

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