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Group Toa Neirae
Element Ice
Powers Elemental Ice powers, enhanced combat abilities
Kanohi Chizz
Tools Ice Spear, Ice Claw
Status Alive
Location Furro
Pronunciation SHI-KAH

Shika is the Toa Neirae of Ice.


Shika was created along with the Toa Neirae to fight against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The group defeated the Brotherhood with the Order of Mata Nui. Later, he and Toa Neiarae became the protectors of the Core Processor in Furro.

Personality and traits

Shika is known to be very serious and concise, believing it's best to be honest and to-the-point. Shika is also very analytic and keeps to himself, preferring to observe rather than participate in combat. Shika is also very patient and tolerent of things, to the point it's considered 'inhumane'.

Despite not liking combat too much, Shika enjoys using clever strategies based upon his analysis of his opponent. Shika is loyal towards the Order of Mata Nui and its orders, following them without a second thought.

Powers and equipment

Shika can create and control the elemental power of Ice, being a Toa of Ice. Being created for combat, Shika excels in using his spear in combat, combing wide ranged attacks with close range attacks and his elemental powers.

With him, Shika carries an Ice Spear and Ice Claw, both of which he channels his elemental powers through. Shika's main technique is firing a stream of ice out of the end of his spear, covering enemies or the surrounding area. Shika also bears the Kanohi Chizz, the Mask of Analysation, which allows him to easily analyse his targets during combat.


Non-Storyline Appearances

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