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Shrine of Mata Nui
Position At Center of Sphera Nui, where Mata Nui fell apart.
Size about 77 kio long in about 37 kio wide
Status In Existance
Pronunciation Shrine of MA-ta-NOO-eeh

"When it was finished, it was a golden temple with smooth ceilings. Everyone were proud of such a great creation."
―Narration [src]

The Shrine of Mata Nui is where the Ignika Mask was kept before Noriz stole it, and after being recovered, it created a body for itself. It has many appearances during the story, since it is most important place of Sphera Nui.


When first was designed, blueprints indicate that the shrine was originally intended to be situated on the outskirts of the main city, but it ended up being relocated to a position closer to the middle due to structural concerns with the original site.

All construction phases where supervised by Glatorian Ackar, with several exceptions during the earliest phases of building, which were supervised by Hyrax. This enabled him to plan a secret room underneath it, as ordered by the Great Beings. The entire construction took roughly five years.

Due to a regulation in Sphera Nui, everyone must visit the shrine once in a month. This regulation was once a week, but then the Turaga Council changed it, so the traffic to the Shrine would be lessen.


  • The secret room under it was designed and created secretly by a small group of Matoran, supervised by Turaga Hyrax. Until the discovery of Pool of Entropy, it remained secret.
  • The secret room had a long pathway to a mysterious hall, which the Toa found the unconscious bodies of the Great Beings.