Powers Use Users blow wind
User(s) Aino as a Toa
Status In use, but as a powerless version

Sia, The Mask of Sand was created when Aino acidentally fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis and was transformed into a Toa in Alliance of the Enemies. She used it to create sandstorms. The mask could be also used to boost her pre-excisting elemental sand powers.

The mask was transformed into a powerless version when Aino turned back into a Matoran. Aino still carries the mask but it just is powerless.

Excample Usage

Aino used the Sia to blow wind so it would disintegrate and she would get through in Alliance of the Enemies.



  • Aino (Formerly, transformed into a powerless version)



SiapowerlessSia in it's powerless form, shaped like a noble Komau
SiaSia in the great mask form
SiadamgedSia in it's elite form, after visiting Energized Protodermis


  • The powerless version of the mask was in the shape of a yellow, noble Komau.

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