"The toa think they are the only ones here to protect people, please. We have saved more lives then they ever could including some of there own" -Disgusted Skull Soldier talking about the toa, specifically the toa nuva.

Skull Soldiers
Skull Soldiers Information
Species AffliationVariable
AlliesUniversal Protection Alliance
EnemiesShadow Force
GoalProtect all beings and watch over the toa.


The Skull Soldiers are a band of ancient warriors from across the lands. They are beings who either were or wanted to become heroes even though they were not toa. Voltrakx took command away from the original leader Demar, who only wanted to destroy the toa instead of watching over them. Voltrakx exiled Demar forever from The Skull Soldiers. Now they are scattered across the universes searching for Mata Nui.

Members Seen in Vavorkx Chronicles

Ex-members Seen in Vavorkx Chronicles

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