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Skydrax K2
SJ-122 077
Function Transport, Flight, Aerial, Combat
Status Operational
Location Unknown, presumbly with Xakon
Pronunciation Skie-dracks

The Skydrax K2 is a flying vehicle originally used by Toa Krataka and later the Shadow Matoran Xakon.


SJ-122 070

Toa Krataka riding the Skydrax.

The Skydrax K2 was created by Toa Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui, and Toa Zuvak roughly 2,500 years ago.

Shortly before his journey to Karda Nui, Krataka received the Skydrax from a being named Kevtho, a member of the Order of Mata Nui. After learning of the Brotherhood of Makuta's activities in the Universe Core, Krataka piloted the Skydrax to Karda Nui. Once he arrived, he used the Skydrax to help him save the Ta-Matoran Moliki from falling to his death.

During a battle against the Makuta's Zusorahk, the vehicle was struck by a shadow blast from Makuta Frezako. It was then batted aside by the Zusorahk, causing it to crash. It was taken back to Hydros' base and repaired by Krataka and Toa Shaza. Krataka rode the Skydrax during the team's attempts to bring down the Zusorahk and its master, Verahk. Later, after the Makuta of Xia and what was left of his forces escaped to his base, Scotho and Nuzaka piloted the vehicle back to Hydros' base, where it remained until Xakon arrived and stole it to escape Karda Nui.

Its current location and status are unknown.


The Skydrax K2's main trait is its speed. This vehicle is capable of nearing the speed of sound.

It is equipped with razor-sharp blades and a removable Cordak Blaster. If the rider of the Skydrax possesses elemental powers, they can focus that power into the vehicle. The energy is then released in the form of an elemental bolt from the blade on the Cordak Blaster.


  • Helryx named the Skydrax K2 after Skydrax, a Toa she once knew.
  • The Skydrax K2 was based off of the design of Toa Lesovikk's Sea Sled.


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