As a Matoran, he learned as a scholar under his teacher's commands. In Ko-Lakar, he learned much about the area around him.
Kohlii stick

Solak's Kohlii Stick

He was on the area's Kohlii team, The War500s, and was always ready to go to a game. His friend, Kovex, was a team member as well. He eventually wanted to be a proffetional at Kohlii, so he had extended
Matoran 6

Solak as a Matoran in Rudin Nui.

training with his coach. Kovex joined in on it. Solak was a great student and player. Many times in the kohlii field, Kovex would get jealous and make it hard on Solak. Solak was soon to become part of the championships but Kovex would not let him. Ever since that day, the two never saw each other again. Solak then quit and joined a more advanced scholarship in Ko-Lakar's towers. There, he met a new teacher. The new Solak was about to be revealed.


After 10 years of training to work as a soldier, Solak was about to join Turaga Numax's elite force. There was news that there was war at the Great Walls of History. The Turaga got his soldiers on the walls. They fought the enemy. Solak was about to be killed when Toa Hurax came to the rescue. Toa Hurax was the Toa of Ice. Toa Hurax won the war with the elite team.

Missions in the South Warrior Camp

As an elite member now, Solak was ready to go to the South Warrior Camp (or SWC). He now had custom fit armor made by Dorrak the armorer.


Solak in SWC Armor

He trained for another 10 years and then went to war in Ko-Lakar's ice praries. He found an odd crystal and saved it. He wanted to take it to the towers for inspection.

The Odd Crystal

After an estimated 15 years, Solak was back home. The odd crystal had odd writings on it. Solak bit it to see if it did anything. Nothing happened. Solak went to Turaga Numax. The Turaga said that all the Toa were killed in war. It seemed like the crystal belonged to Hurax. The Turaga looked at it and confirmed that it indeed was his crystal.


Solak then became a Toa. Biting into the crystal made him one. It was his duty to go to the Great Suva of Wisdom. He went there only to see five others. They were also Toa. He felt as if he knew them, like in a Kohlii match. Several missions together has strengthened their duty.

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