The Sosolice XV7 was a glatorian vehicle used for tournaments.
Sosolice xv7
Sosolice XV7
Colorsblue, silver, white, light blue
Occupationdesert vehicle/ Glatorian
Toolsblades, ice axe
Locationbara magna
Pronunciationsos-ol-is ecks-vee seven


Crotesius, a fire tribe agori, invented the sosolice xv7 for a tournament to find the best Glatorian. Of course, many Glatorians joined the tournament, in with a chance to win the fast vehicle, including Strakk and a group of Skrall. Strakk was allied with Metus at the time, so Metus stole some techology from Atakus. With the help of his new weapons and Over-ripe thornax, he dragged his way to the top, ‘never lost a fight’, but this could be exaggeration. Either way, he got to the top. When the time finally got the vehicle, Metus betrayed him by taking the sosolice. Outraged, Strakk shot an over-ripe thornax at him, seriosly damaging him. After that, they never trusted each other.


After 10,000 years, the sosolice mysteriously disappeared. Some think that Metus stole it, but Strakk thinks that it sunk deep into the deserts of bara magna.

Crotesius had stole the idea from the glatorian Malum tried to kill in an arena match.

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