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Shadowmaster No Image
Headquarters The Mega-Arena
Leader Shadowmaster
Goal Wipe out the Rebels
Status Disbanded (after the events of Twisted Shadows)
Allies None
Enemies The Rebellion

The Soulshredders are a group of mercenaries, paid by Shadowmaster to help him destroy the rebels.


Shadowmaster organized the Soulshredders in order to take down opposition to his rule. Joined by his lieutenant, Coronus, Shadowmaster pulled nine of the most powerful beings h out of their own universes into his own. He convinced them to join him in his work. After he dismissed the first meeting of the Soulshredders, he was approached by the Dark Lord who informed him that he was not Shadowmaster's subordinate. Shadowmaster agreed, but immediately began scheming the fastest way to eliminate the Dark Lord upon the crushing of the rebellion.

The Soulshredders have been steadily gaining ground against the rebellious factions.


It exists to take down rebellious factions such as the Paladin, the Frost Wolves, the Enlightened, the Void Warriors, the Death Warlords, and the Chaos Rippers. These eventually joined forces in the Kingdom under Vahkna, against which formed the Rebellion. Ultimately, the end-goal of the Soulshredders was to give him mastery over the Ancient Tribes.


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