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*Walahokaloojitsu is born in Konguro-Nui

  • Konguro-Nui is destroyed and Walahokaloojitsu flees in a old Toa canister found on a beach
  • Walahokoloojitsu arrives on the shores of Aioto-Nui
  • Walahokoloojitsu proposes the building of Spooni-Nui to replace the loss of Konguro-Nui
  • Work begins on Spooni-Nui
  • In an interview Walahokoloojitsu says that the name Spooni-Nui is in honour of Gouhlok Toa of spooks (Walahokoloojitsu has mistaken Spooks for Spoons)
  • Work On Spooni-Nui is completed.
  • Matoran begin to migrate into Spooni-Nui
  • Walahokoloojitsu discovers a huge seam of bomb-ore underneath Spooni-Nui
  • A giant bomb factory is made to create bombs out of the bomb-ore.
  • Walahokoloojitsu begins to lose his sanity.
  • Walahokoloojitsu declares 3,000 bombs to be dropped on Comic Land
  • Comic Land sends the Toa Juni, elite Toa, to assassinate Walahokoloojitsu
  • The Toa Juni sneak through the sewers of Spooni-Nui and into Fire Castle
  • The Toa Juni kill Walahokoloojitsu
  • The Toa Juni are killed by an angry mob of Spooni-Nui matoran.
  • A vote is held in Ukan Uko and Falonin (A Comic Land spy) is elected as the new leader of Spooni-Nui
  • Falonin leads the Spooni-Nui Guard into battle 12 times deliberately making the lose all
  • A huge lump of Spooni-Nui is rusted in battle, it is dubbed 'The Rusted Coast'
  • Buki discovers the truth about Falonin
  • Buki poisons Falonin
  • Buki is elected as Spooni-Nui new leader because he killed Falonin
  • Buki orders a ceasefire with comic land.
  • The bomb factory goes into decline
  • Buki closes down the bomb factory
  • Work begins on fixing the rusted coast
  • Makuta briefly invade Spooni-Nui
  • The Makuta are all killed by an energy blast from the Red Star
  • The energy blast also creates a Toa of Iron (Tumonka) to protect Spooni-Nui
  • Tumonka is killed in a battle with a Fire Bull. (The Fire Bull was trying to kill Buki and 3 Matoran)
  • Tumonka's remains are left in the dungeons of fire castle
  • Retinara starts work on his great experiment
  • Secrets and treachery reveal that the long dead Falonin saved the Toa Juni and sent them into hiding in the far corners of the Island
  • The Toa Juni's minds are poisoned by a lone Rahkshi, they are now servants of the Makuta
  • Axonn teleports to Spooni-Nui to warn the Matoran of attacks from the Toa Makuta-Juni
  • Axonn kills two Toa Makuta-Juni (Velog and Timon)
  • Two more Toa Makuta-Juni (Bramich and Ci) flee to Voya Nui where they are captured and sent into the Pit
  • Mahon and Nemik (The two remaining Toa Makuta-Juni) are teleported to Destral by the Makuta, for he knows what is about to happen.
  • Axonn returns home.
  • Retinara's experiment goes wrong and all the Toa Elements fly into Retinara's heart and he releases a giant Nova Blast and fires Spooni-Nui into it's own universe.
  • All the dead matoran combine to make Wahungo Vrorox who is the god of the new universe.
  • Wahungo Vrorox makes Spooni-Nui a real island with forests and lakes.
  • Wahungo Vrorox repopulates the newly renamed Alpho Vrorox.
  • The Matoran live happily on Alpha Vrorox under the wise rule of Wahungo Vrorox.

The Great Lands

  • Matoran explorers map out their world.
  • Back in the matoran universe Mahon and Nemik attack the Makuta, so that they can rule over all evil instead of the Makuta.
  • Nemik uses his time powers to slow down the Makuta, while Mahon burns the Makuta alive.
  • The Makuta is killed.
  • Mahon and Nemik break into the archives and steal the wisdom cube.
  • The wisdom cube tells them of the new universe.
  • They decide that Mahon shall lead forces of Rahkshi and obliterate the Matoran universe, while Nemik will travel to the new universe and spread evil there.
  • Nemik deals with Brutaka and swaps his Kanohi Kayna (Mask Of Healing) for Brutaka's Olmak (Mask Of Dimensional Gates)
  • Mahon drives the matoran out of Voya Nui with constant Rahkshi attacks.
  • Nemik travels to the new universe and sets up HQ on the island of Mantarizal.
  • New creatures evolve in the new universe (now named The Great Lands) these creatures include Bylans, Stiikz, Kentromorphs, Rounkii Dragons and Bolostis.
  • Soon hundreds of life forms populate The Great Lands, but these are primarily Matoran.
  • A group of Assassins and Bounty Hunters is formed. They call themselves The Nightstalkers.
  • The Nightstalkers set their base on Yudina

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