The sequel to Swamp of Dread. It goes over an imposter hunt and a group of Toa stalking some Stalkers.

Chapter 1: Imposter Hunt

Phantomok and Ranitor trudged through the swamp, seeing nother but what they normally saw: trees, muck, dead trees, and more muck. They didn't talk much, as they had already decided were they were going. They could even see it in the distance. A huge mountain spiraled up into the sky, vanishing in the clouds. Although they couldn't see it, they knew that on the top there was a citidel. That was were they were headed.

Ranitor had said a while back that that was were "Phantomok" had told him to meet if he ever needed help. He didn't at the time, and so he left, and after that he joined an arena for a living, which wouldn't let him out. He finaly did eascape, but by then he had accumulated almost 500 years of fighting experiance.

Phantomok at told his story, and then they set off. Now they were nearing the base of the mountain.

"Do you think they will be there?" Ranitor asked.

"Doubt it."

After another long-ish period of silence, they resumed their journy. They were at the base of the mountain now. And they were also stareing directly at a door. They looked at eachother.

"It could be a trap." Ranitor noted.

Phantomok shruged and unslung his pack. He pulled out of it a urn. Rantior looked puzzled. Phantomok smiled, and then sliced it open with his sword. A terrifying being sprung out of the sack, only to stop and hover in mid-air.

"What is that?" Ranitor asked? "A puppet. Modled it after a Makuta I met on Tren Krom. Gorast or somthing like that."

"Ranitor nodded, and Phantomok gestured. The puppet flew forward into the door. About five minutes later it emerged again.

"Looks safe to me."

They both entered the tunnel and began to probe around for traps. They discovered none, and then proceded up the tunnel. There was nothing to stop them from coming all the way up to the top. They emerged at last into sunlight, and looked around them. Of to one side was the citidel, and to another was a cliff that dropped down to the swamp almost five miles below. And sitting on that cliff were two beings dangling their feet of the edge.

They looked around at the noise, and one of them smiled. He wore a black shroud, and weilded two blades. The other one wore silver armour with a blue mask, and had one arm entirly built into a sword.

"Are you the impostors?" Phantomok questioned . "Yes..." Said the one in the black shroud.

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