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Stealth (Toa Hydros)
1207166709 DISPLAY
Group Dark Hunters, Dark Brotherhood
Powers Non-Elemental Shadow powers
Tools Energy Pulse Tridents, tail
Status Alive
Location Xia
Pronunciation N/A

"Stealth" is a Dark Hunter and a member of the Dark Brotherhood.


Once one of the most successful and high-ranking lieutenants within the Brotherhood of Makuta, Stealth was cast out of the Brotherhood when he was discovered stealing technology from them and selling it off to others. He later joined up within the ranks of the Dark Hunters.

More recently, he was later assigned to observe the events occurring on Xia.

While he serves the Dark Hunters, Stealth has recently made a deal with the ex-Dark Hunter called Conqueror, and has joined his army as one of his lieutenants. He has since begun acting as the groups spy amongst the ranks of the Dark Hunters.

Abilities & Traits

Stealth is very sly and something of a coward, in which he got his codename in the Dark Hunters. He never trusts anyone, even his allies.

Steath possesses elemental Shadow powers. He gained these powers when he joined the Brotherhood of Makuta's ranks. He is also very strong and durable. He also possesses great speed, agility, and stealth.


Stealth possesses twin Energy Pulse Tridents.

Dark Brotherhood (v

Leader: Conqueror

Members: Scar  • Trakshee

Former Members: Toxon (deceased)

Servants: Mysa  • Orek  • Frostbite  • Titan  • Stealth  • "Warrior"  • Reaper  • Krahtek  • Zyglak

Former Servants: Gilvex (deceased)

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