"How can you defeat me? When I have all of these powerful beings that serve me and my will?"
― Tobok-Stern [src]

Stern Leute
Members Various Species
Location Red Star
Leader Tobok-Stern
Status Currently allies with Brotherhood of Makuta
Pronunciation STURN LOOT

The Stern Leute are a group of species native from the Blue Star. None of them have ever been seen before The Raid.



A long time ago, most likely even before the Matoran Universe was created, a Great Being named Tobok-Stern, who was evil, wanted to take control of the other Great Beings, and every living person that were created and controlled by the Great Beings. So he went to the Blue Star to create several species to help him invade everything that had life...


But as he was fighting the Great Beings to control them, he was almost defeated. But during the battle, he predicted that was going to be defeated. So he retreated before he could. And then he went to another planet to conquer. And after conquering several planets and being chased by the Great Beings, he finally ended up at the Endless Ocean Planet, also known as, the BIONICLE Planet.

The Raid

Coming Soon

Members (species)

Stern Leute
Zilax  • Pek  • Hylix  • Gywlak  • Twina  • Mila  • Vela  • Velad  • Kalu  • Morex  • Lomik  • Ealth  • Haleet  • Mraki  

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