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Stinger Dragon
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Conservation Status Widespread
Pronunciation N/A

Stinger Dragons are fierce creatures native to the wastelands of Bara Magna. They are occasionally used as mounts by Bone Hunters.

Abilities & Traits

Vicious and enormously powerful, Stinger Dragons are some of the most feared animals on Bara Magna. While normally solitary, Stinger Dragons will occasinally gather in loose-knit packs. Due to their fearsome nature, only the Bone Hunters have had any success in demestecating them.

Though the their claws and powerful, tooth-filled jaws are formidible weapons, the Stinger Dragon's primary tool is its scorpion-like tail. It is equiped with a sharp stinger that can inject a crippling venom that causes paralysis.

Bionicle20 046

A Bone Hunter riding a Stinger Dragon.

The venom is fatal if left untreated for more than a day. The only known cure for Stinger Dragon venom is to create a potion that mixes ten drops of the reptile's venom with necture from the rare Desert Thorn Blossom plant.


  • Stinger Dragons are distant relatives of the Rock Steed.

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