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Biographical Information
TribeIce Tribe
GroupIce axe
OccupationDark blue, Light blue, White
ToolsGlatorian of the Ice Tribe
LocationIce Axe, Thornax Launcher
StatusBara Magna
Strakk is a Glatorian in the employ of the Ice Tribe.


Strakk desired to become the Glatorian champion of the arena matches. Approximately one year ago, he fought Malum in an Arena Match. He conceded, but Malum continued fighting and tried to kill him. Because of this, Malum was exiled. He accompanied Gresh and Tarix to the Vulcanus arena, where Gresh fought a Skrall. He later went to Atero to compete in the Great Tournament. But when he and Tarix were fighting in the Arena Magna, the Skrall attacked. He, and the other Glatorian who was there, tried to defend the city, to let as many Agori as possible escape, but was soon forced to escape too.


Strakk was ruthless and ambitious, willing to do anything to win an arena match. He was willing to take on a task only if payment terms were agreed on, and a dangerous opponent to turn your back on. He is also greedy and often expects more payment then others from his village do, since he is the main fighter fighting for his village, after Certavus's death.Tough, hard, sneaky, a dirty fighter; Strakk is totally focused on what he wants and no real sense of honor. He knows every dirty trick in the book that can be used in the arena, and will happily do whatever he can get away with. But he forgets that not everyone is like him, and that some have no patience with the kind of cheating he tries to do.


Strakk became a Dark Hunter for revenge on Mata Nui. He was put into Shadowplayer's Squad.

Alternate universes

Sands of Silence Universe

In the Sands of Silence Universe, Strakk joined the Order of Tollubo and attended several meetings. His personality has also changed in this universe in such a way tha it seems him and Gresh have swapped personalities, which still appears to emphasise their contrast. He is currently fighting outside Roxtus, with the other Glatorian members of the Order of Tollubo, in an attempt to distract the Skrall while the Agori sneak into Tuma's Tower.


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