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Special Forces Skrall
Biographical Information
TribeTribe Rock Tribe
ColorsBlack, red
LocationClub Thorned Club, Launcher Thornax Launcher


Originally a nameless Skrall, Stronius was one of the special forces variation, gifted with greater strength and agility. After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, he fought in the Core War on Spherus Magna. Due to his effectiveness as a soldier, he was granted the name "Stronius." When the Shattering broke the planet into several pieces, Stronius and the rest of the Skrall were separated from their homeland. A band of shapeshifters known as the Baterra began attacking the Skrall, obliterating many of their number. Despite the prowess of the shapeshifters, Stronius managed to incapacitate one of them, inadvertently discovering that they were machines. Tuma eventually ordered a massive migration through the Black Spike Mountains in order to escape extinction. The Skrall then took up residence in the city of Roxtus.

When Tuma desired to meet with the Sisters of the Skrall, he had Stronius accompany him. The pair were allowed in, but when the leader of the female Skrall ordered Stronius to relinquish his weapon, Stronius refused. He was then attacked with a powerful telepathic assult which overwhelmed him and forced him to comply.

Alternate Universes

Deserts of Death Universe

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Stronius was Rotam's right hand Skrall and was responsible for catching Tuma betray the Rock Tribe and start the battle at the gate to Roxtus.

He then had to hold Tollubo while Rotam turned him into a Shadow Matoran, but Betak managed to stab him in the back. He survived and was later present at Tuma's execution. He then claimed his title as leader of the Rock Tribe.

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