Symbol of Mata Nui
User(s) First Matoran, Henkka
Functionality(ies) Various
Status In the Temple of Henkka

Symbol of Mata Nui is a mysterious object. It was first given to Hangi on the Mountain of Life, with his Toa power by Mata Nui. Hangi always thought that it was only the symbol representing his power. He took it with him to the Canyon of the Great Spirit and put it into the Store Rooms, which were guarded by Pakawi.

When Makaatu attacked and the beings in the canyon were forced to move away, the Symbol of Mata Nui remained in the Storage rooms. Thousands of years later Mata Nui gave the First Matoran eleven assignments. One of them told them to retrieve the symbol. They did retrieve and took it with them to the Ocean of Proseprity.

The Matoran had to connect the Twin Stones on the sea. The twin stones then had to be connected to the symbol of Mata Nui, forming a ball. This was done and the ball disappeared. Dromii rose again.

It's presumed that Mata Nui took the symbol when this happened. Next time the Symbol appeared, without the Twin Stones, somewhere in Bio-Land. It's location and purpose there is unknown then, but during the Matoran Hordika's Army/Monster Army War, it was stolen by the Monster Army. It's still in their posession.

One of Henkka's Tasks includes retrieving the symbol to the Temple of Henkka. Since he was a False Turaga, he sent the Holy Toa on a mission to seek it, which they did after a hard struggle. They found it from a storage in the Monster Army's Base. When they took it, they got the whole Monster Army after them. They fled to Henkka Island where the final battle was held and the Monster Army was defeated.

Henkka then took the symbol in the Temple of Henkka. Inside, he placed it on a slot in the back wall. Bright light came out of the symbol and transformed Henkka into a Toa, curing him from the False Turaga madness.

The Symbol is currently in the Temple of Henkka.

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