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CGI Toa Nuva Tahu Pose
Toa Form
Group Toa Nuva
Element Fire
Tools  • Fire Sword
 • Magma Swords (Formerly)
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TAH-hoo
"Where wisdom and valor fail, all that remains is faith. And it can overcome all."
―Toa Tahu, Mata Nui Online Game.

Tahu was the bold and hot-headed Toa Mata of Fire, who was transformed into the Toa Nuva of Fire after being exposed to Energized Protodermis.



Firm in their conviction that the early Toa population could one day prove to be inadequate guardians of the Matoran Universe, the Great Beings chose to take action by commissioning the creation of the Toa Mata: the principle Toa-guardians of the universe, to be summoned only in the most dire of global emergencies, their destiny tied to the continued maintenance of the Great Spirit Robot.

Created under the charge of Artahka, Tahu and his teammates; Toa Gali, Onua, Pohatu, Kopaka, and Lewa, thus came into existence. From there, they were transported to Daxia and awakened, their training commissioned by Toa Helryx, who informed the Toa Mata of their collective destiny to be the guardians of the Great Spirit, Mata Nui.

Over the course of several years, the Toa were then mentored in the ways of combat by an Order of Mata Nui operative named Hydraxon. In one exercise, the Toa were made to escape Spinax, an Energy Hound loyal to their trainer. In another exercise, Hydraxon took the Toa's Kanohi and hid scattered across Daxia. Tahu spent all day attempting to retrieve his Kanohi from a glacier until Lewa's revelation that the teammates were meant to work together so as to accomplish their task.

Upon completing their training, the Toa Mata were dispatched to Karda Nui to protect its Av-Matoran residents from living lightning bolt Rahi, known as the Avohkah. After several years of stability and a reputation for heroism, the Toa traveled to the Codrex, entering through a hatch and sitting the Energy Storm out. Subsequently, the Toa entered their respective Toa Canisters in order to preserve themselves until a time when they were needed once more.

Arrival upon Mata Nui

1000 years after the Great Cataclysm - an event which incapacitated the Great Spirit from his position as the helm of the Matoran Universe - the Toa Mata were summoned to the island of Mata Nui. Having spent so long in the untested canisters, however, their structures began to decay causing their mechanical components to dislocate when they arrive on the island. As a further consequence, Tahu and his fellow Toa suffered from amnesia and could not recall their past lives or training spent under the protection of the Order of Mata Nui. Finding himself on the Ta-Wahi beach, Tahu re-assembled himself and made for the nearest settlement: Ta-Koro. Upon arriving in the underground village, he was greeted by the village guard and mistaken for one of the local Makuta's minions by a Matoran named Jaller. Springing a trap, Tahu used his Flame Sword to cut himself free then moved to attack his Matoran captors. The sudden appearance of Turaga Vakama, however, swiftly cooled all tensions, with Tahu's status as a legendary Toa being made clear to the villagers. Turaga Vakama then began the long process of mediating the role of the Toa upon the island, instructing Tahu to seek a number of Great Kanohi masks scattered across the island so as to defeat the dreaded Makuta and restore the island.

Journeying across Mata Nui, Tahu encountered his teammates in Kini-Nui, the geographical center of the landmass where all six districts met. Acknowledging their shared state of vulnerability, the Toa resolved to go their separate ways in search of their masks. Tahu thus returned to Ta-Wahi in search of his masks, braving a number of active volcanic regions and dangerous Rahi, most notable of which were a group of Kofo-Jaga scorpions. Over the course of this period, Jaller continued to harbor reservations about Tahu's attitude and would occasionally trail him on his quest, studying the Toa from afar and coming to see him as a fallible and undisciplined figure.

Over the course of his quest, Tahu became over-confident in his abilities and came to believe that his fellow Toa would simply hinder him on his quest to defeat the Makuta, coming into conflict with Kopaka in particular. Throwing a violent outburst in the village center after Turaga Vakama revealed that his destiny was irrevocably tied to the other Toa, Tahu stormed off intent on challenging Makuta himself. Encountering Kapura in the Charred Forest, the Toa of Fire voiced his grievances to the Matoran only to be dissatisfied with his response. Continuing on his journey, Tahu was eventually confronted by Jaller, who reminded him that his victory could only be achieved with the help of his fellow Toa. Stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the validity of his point, Tahu lashed out on a nearby rock formation with his Elemental Powers, accidentally disrupted a nest of Hikaki. Endeavoring to save the Matoran, the Toa attempted to escape by surfing down a lava channel only for the Hikaki to give chase. After causing a rockslide and settling his debate with the Matoran, Tahu and Jaller were able to apprehend the Hikaki before sealing them in an unstable cavern.

Upon the completion of his quest, Tahu exchanged his six masks for a Golden Kanohi, affording him a number of enhanced capabilities. With his teammates also at the end of their respective quests, the Toa journeyed to the Mangaia, intent on confronting the Makuta beneath the surface of the island. Confronted first by a pair of Manas crabs, the Toa locked themselves in a fusion, forming the Toa Kaita known as Akamai and Wairuha. Tahu in particular merged with Onua and Pohatu to form Akamai. Overwhelming their opposing Rahi, the Toa were then met instead by their own shadowy counterparts and disconnected from each other. Overwhelmed and forced into a losing battle, the Toa eventually resorted to switching opponents, eventually managing to best each other's Shadow Toa selves in individual combat. With their battle won, the Toa were known to have caught a brief glimpse of the Makuta's form before being teleported back to the surface, having temporarily overwhelmed the Makuta and severed his control over the island's Rahi population.

CGI Tahu Mata

Tahu in Ta-Wahi.

Presuming the Makuta to have been vanquished and the struggle to be over, the Toa considered parting the company of each other and once more returning to their homes. However, a brief encounter with a Ta-Matoran trapped beneath a tree branch revealed that the settlement of Ta-Koro was under siege by a mysterious new adversary known only as the Bohrok. Travelling to the island's volcanic region, the Toa united in defense of Ta-Koro, ultimately managing to overwhelm the advancing swarm of Tahnok units through use of their combined Elemental Powers. Upon the inspection of one such unit after the battle, the Toa were approached by Turaga Vakama, who revealed the functionality of the Bohrok and informed them of the various breeds of Krana housed within their adversaries. Intent on collecting all eight variants of Krana breeds from the six types of Bohrok, the Toa parted ways once more.

Tahu thus remained in Ta-Koro for a further week, challenging the Kohrak swarms that continued to besiege his village. During this time, Tahu was known to have been possessed by a Krana, though he eventually managed to regain control of himself.

Having collected all eight variants of Tahnok Krana, Tahu was approached by Kopaka, who informed him of a Bohrok Hive located in Po-Wahi. Trailing a Bohrok Va back to the location of the nest, the two Toa inspected the entrance. With Tahu all too keen to descend the tunnel and challenge the Bohrok in their center of operations, Kopaka persuaded him to wait until the other Toa could be summoned.

After gathering the remaining members of their team, the Toa entered the Bohrok Hive as a group, remarking the unusual features of the structure. Finding themselves separated from Tahu by a moving wall, the Toa became trapped in a chamber about to be flooded with molten lava. Onua and Pohatu thus began in their attempt to bring down the wall and allow the Toa to escape while Kopaka subdued the lava with a pillar of Ice. Lewa, who remained partially connected to the Bohrok hive mind, revealed that the wall in question was an illusory barrier put in place to misdirect intruders. Once aware of this, the Toa were able to pass through the obstacle, where they were reunited with Tahu. Happening upon a number of Exo Toa suits, the Toa donned the battle armor and proceeded towards the central lair of the Bahrag Queens. Confronting Cahdok and Gahdok, the Toa swiftly discovered that the suits restricted their Elemental Powers. Reluctantly discarding the mech-suits, the Toa combined their abilities to overwhelm the Bahrag Queens, trapping the sisters beneath a Protodermis Seal. Having successfully defeated the commanders of the swarm, however, the Toa triggered a mechanism in the chamber that launched them into a pool of Energized Protodermis. Destined for a greater purpose as they were, the Toa were transformed by the mysterious properties of the liquid and emerged as Toa Nuva.

Toa Nuva

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Alternate Universes


In Fusionverse: Fight for Spherus Magna, following his transformation back to a Toa Mata and obtaining the Golden Armor, He met up with the Autobots and the Digimon-Destined in the super-village. They needed to reach the Great Volcano, Where Megatron and Omegamon were planning on using the X-Program to eliminate all the Bionicle Species of their choosing on Bara Magna and inside the Matoran Universe. In a sudden Charge, Optimus Prime, DoruGarurumon, Mermairamon, Aldamon, Siphlymon, Scattorshot, and Tahu crossed the long distance, killing every Skrall, Decepticon, and Skakdi in their path, including Nektann.

In Rebirth Chronicle, Tahu helped guide the Spherus Magna Autobots through the Flame Continent to deal with the attacking Kaiju.

In the distant future, in the time of the digihumans, he will be the Toa of Fire in the Toa Magna. His appearance is unlikely to change in this.

Abilities and Traits

As the archetypal Toa of Fire, Tahu is a figure synonymous with intensity and courage, though he has been known to personify the full fury of his temperamental and volatile element. Unlike many of his fellow Toa Mata, Tahu initially had to come to terms with his aggressive streak and over-confidence. As the natural leader of his team, Tahu would occasionally clash with Kopaka until the two Toa came to an agreement. In the years since, he has grown into a more rounded and composed leader, willing to hold back and strategize rather than launch directly into battle. As the most prideful of the Toa, Tahu was fiercely protective of the Ta-Matoran and their reputation prior to the destruction of Ta-Koro.

As a Toa of Fire, Tahu could create, control, and absorb heat. This also gave him the ability to manipulate most forms of Molten Protodermis, alter the temperature of a target area, trigger volcanic eruptions, and conjure fiery constructs. Upon his transformation into a Toa Nuva, his influence over Fire was heightened considerably, allowing him to detect temperature fluctuations and withstand considerably warmer conditions.

Upon his arrival on Bara Magna, Tahu was reverted back to his original form by the Kanohi Ignika, robbing him of his status as a Toa Nuva and decreasing his power significantly. In this form, however, Tahu was able to don the Golden Armor scattered around Bara Magna. After assembling the armor and using it to drain the power of an entire Rahkshi army, the Toa of Fire gained access to all 42 Rahkshi powers independent of the Golden Armor.

Mask and Tools

Initially, Tahu wore a Great Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding, a Kanohi that projected a quasi-holographic force field around the bearer, blocking most physical attacks. For the majority of his life, he equipped herself with a Flame Sword, weapon that was designed to channel his Elemental Powers with precision.

Upon his transformation into a Toa Nuva, Tahu's Fire Sword was transformed into a pair of Magma Blades, two bladed weapons that could be fixed together and used as a lavaboard to carry him across lava flows at greater speeds or used to channel his Elemental Powers. As a Toa Nuva, he notably wore a Hau Nuva, which enabled his to hold create more durable force fields and share his mask power with his surrounding allies.

After being refitted with Adaptive Armor by Artakha, Tahu gained the ability to spontaneously adapt to his given environment, with the armor realigning itself to cover aerial, marshy, volcanic, arctic, barren, aquatic, and spatial conditions. Whilst outfitted with the swamp variant of the Adaptive Armor, Tahu was equipped principally with the Rotating Fire Blades, a weapon capable of both defensive and range combat. In addition, he wielded a Nynrah Ghostblaster, a projectile weapon capable of firing solid energy constructs and channeling Elemental Powers.

With the Kanohi Ignika reverting him back to his original Toa Mata form during the Battle of Bara Magna, Tahu's original Great Hau and Fire Sword have since been restored. However, he has also been known to don the Golden Armor, which afford him even greater power.