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Group Order of Mata Nui, Enforcers of Tren Krom, Mata Nui Army, Light Hunters, Takua's Band of Brothers
Occupation Order of Mata Nui (Honorary)
Element Light
Powers Light
Kanohi Avokii
Tools Skyblaster, Power Lance, Light swords, Light spear
Status Real: Alive
Alternate: Alive
Bayverse: Alive
Darkest Final: Deceased
Location Teridax Nui
Pronunciation TOCK-ah-NOO-vah

 Takua was an adventurous and curious Av-Matoran who later transformed into a Toa of Light named Takanuva.



Takua was originally from the Av-Matoran homeland. He was best friends with Solek.

Takua was among the Av-Matoran who colonized Karda Nui, during which he once talked with Gali and showed his amazement at their skills.

Takua later returned to his original homeland. He was relocated to Metru Nui by the Order of Mata Nui during the Time Slip disguised as a Ta-Matoran, though, due to his lackluster amount of control, his disguise was a poor one. He was the only Av-Matoran placed on Metru Nui. Not much else is known about his history before Metru Nui. He was later evacuated to Mata Nui by the Toa Metru along with the other Metru Nui Matoran.

With no memories of his time in Metru Nui, Takua became the island's Chronicler and often got in trouble because of his curious and adventurous nature. He became best friends with Jaller.

Mask of Light

Takua's greatest adventure began when he wandered off just before the Kolhii championship. Takua discovered the Great Kanohi Avohkii, Mask of Light. At the Kolhii Championship, which Takua's adventuring had made him and Jaller late for, the Avohkii shone on Takua to indicate he was the one chosen to find the 7th Toa, however Takua tilted it to shine on Jaller, his best friend, instead. Turaga Vakama charged Jaller with the quest, but Jaller got Takua to come with him. The two soon departed with Pewku on their trip to search for the seventh Toa. After traveling most of Mata Nui, the three ended up at Kini-Nui. Almost immediately, Teridax's Rahkshi began pursuing him, and in a final showdown took the life of Jaller. In his dying breath, Jaller handed Takua the Mask of Light and told him the truth he had seen about Takua's identity. Takua placed the mask on his face, and was transformed into Takanuva, the Toa of Light.


Takanuva's powers illuminated Mata Nui's true destiny, which was hidden by Teridax with the powers of his mask. As Teridax was maskless when he fell in the Protodermis, he could not hide it any longer. He lifted the huge gate carved in the shape of a Kanohi Hau Mask of Shielding, which opened upon Metru Nui. He stopped Hahli, running past with Jaller's mask, and used some of Teridax's life energy to bring Jaller back from the dead. Exhausted from bringing Jaller back, the gate then fell and crushed Takutanuva, separating them. Takanuva was killed, his mask sliding out the other side. The Turaga managed to bring him back only moments later. As for Teridax, he became the substance later called Antidermis by the Piraka.

Leech Attack

Whilst patrolling Metru Nui, Takanuva felt a dark presence trying to invade his mind. Pushing back, he managed to locate the source: a Dark Hunter by the name of Dweller, who was hiding in the Archives. As he was rushing towards the Archives, however, a Shadow Leech dropped by Makuta Icarax jumped onto him and slowly started sucking out his light. As a being of light, the prospect of having his light being drained away was agonizing. Bearing the pain, Takanuva concentrated a light beam on the leech, incinerating it. When the Toa of Light awoke, he found himself in the dead Rahi specimen examination room in the Archives; part of his light had already been sucked out, granting him dual control over light and shadow.

In the room, he met Helryx and Krakua. Helryx quickly informed him of the Order of Mata Nui, and told him that he needed to help the Toa Nuva. After a brief scowling from Helryx, Krakua placed a Kratana on Takanuva's mask and he was flushed with recollections of the Toa Mata's past.

After the vision ended, Helryx told him that his mission was to inform the Toa Nuva that, if they succeed in awakening Mata Nui, the Energy Storms which devastated Karda Nui when Mata Nui first awoke and took over for Tren Krom would be unleashed once more, destroying everything in its path except the Codrex. Helryx told him that he had to go to Karda Nui and inform the Toa of the situation, and that they must take refuge in the Codrex. Takanuva agreed to go and help those he looked up to. However, he was uncertain as to who would help the Toa Mahri whilst he was gone. Helryx introduced him to Brutaka, who had captured Dweller. Despite that, Takanuva was shocked and angered that such a traitor would be asked to protect the city alongside the Toa Mahri. After a few tense moments between Helryx and Takanuva, Krakua tried to break up the tension by informing him that Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak would be his means of transport to Karda Nui. Takanuva inspected the hairline cracks on the Olmak, wondering why it was still capable of functioning. He noted to Helryx that she was insane to trust Brutaka, and she replied that to be a Toa, you have to be insane. She then extended a hand to Takanuva, who shook it, and Krakua handed him the Mysterious Sundial. Brutaka then sent Takanuva to Karda Nui through his Olmak, although it was damaged and was not functioning properly. After the Battle of Karda Nui, Takanuva had his light restored.
150px-Takanuva- Gold

Takanuva with his Light restored.

Teridax's Reign

Some time later, Takanuva and the other Toa Nuva fled into the Archives, fleeing from Rahkshi. Soon they regrouped in a deep underground chamber, where the Turaga and Matoran hid as well. The Turaga found the Krahka, who allied with them, and revealed the locations of underground passageways through which they can escape Metru Nui and contact other Toa in other lands. Tahu then came up with a plan, which was that all the Toa would split up and wreak havoc around the Matoran Universe, thus distracting Teridax. The Toa then met Trinuma on Stelt, who informed them of Daxia's destruction and that only some members of the order managed to survive.

Partnered with Pohatu, Takanuva then proceeded to Destral, where they saw the ruins of the island and the armor of the dead Makuta. While Pohatu searched for weaponry, Takanuva went looking for Destral's teleportation device, in the hopes of using it to contact another universe and seek help, or, better yet, a way to soundly defeat Teridax. He later found the device, and requested for Nuparu to assist in learning how it worked. After Teridax landed on Bara Magna, Takanuva eventually made it out of the Matoran Universe, altering his armor color to be less visible in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. Upon exiting through the a hatch in pursuit of a army of Rakshi of Heat Hision, he was caught in a blast of Air fired by the Glatorian Gresh, who had mistaken him as an enemy after seeing the Rahkshi exit. The attack angered Takanuva, who promised to defeat the stranger.

Tahu and the small army who had followed Takanuva soon realized that the stranger was an ally, and Gresh departed with them to fight. Tahu was soon devolved back into a Toa Mata by the Ignika, and the two Toa witnessed the Golden Armor being formed. Takanuva spotted an incoming blast from Teridax, and the Golden Armor pieces were scattered. While searching for the pieces, Takanuva was assaulted by a squad of Heat Vision Rahkshi. As Teridax had enhanced the armor of the Rahkshi, Takanuva's power was not as powerful against them. After being overwhelmed by their power and hit by Heat Vision, Takanuva managed to create a hologram of himself using his light powers, which fooled the Rahkshi into attacking each other. Afterwards, Takanuva recovered the armor piece from the Rahkshi.

Reuniting with Tahu and Gresh, they joined the pieces of the Golden Armor, which Tahu donned. The energies of the Armor obliterated the Rahkshi, and Teridax was ultimately defeated by Mata Nui. Tahu and Takanuva looked out at the unmoving body of the Matoran Universe, Takanuva hoping that once and for all Teridax was dead.

The Great Spirit replenished the land after the planet was whole once again, and seemingly perished. Takanuva rushed to the site with the other Toa and Glatorian, and were relieved to find Mata Nui still alive, within the Ignika. Takanuva then joined the others in the coming together of the two worlds.

Alternate Versions

The Takanuva Saga

In The Takanuva Saga he is given the task of restarting the Brotherhood of Makuta. On his way, he meets up with a group of heroes and travels to fight the evil Tuyet.

150px-Comic Star Toa Takanuva

Takanuva on Bara Magna

Photis Magna

Takanuva was accidently sent to Photis Magna by Brutaka's Olmak, and encountered a pack of Dwellers.

Battle for Leadership

The Order of Mata Nui informed him about the Battle for Leadership and that he would train the Mata Nui Army in New Takiw-Nui with Krakua and Feanor. But Makuta Teridax kidnapped the whole army and Krakua and Feanor except Takanuva. He told Veuy about this and began to help the Order of the Great Creators with their experiments. He's currently fighting in the war in Teridax Nui.

Magical Journey

In Krataka's dream, Takanuva is one of the remain Makuta that doesn't have been killed by Ceasame yet.


In Recollections, Takanuva starts to follow a strong powerful warrior he sees in the distance in Po-Metru. He then enters Xia. Though, he leaves after discovering a terrible revelation. Later, he and Kopaka go to Ko-Metru to guard the Kanohi Ignika.

BIONICLE: Rebellion

In BIONICLE: Rebellion, he has been transformed into a corrupted Toa of Shadows now named Garncha, meaning Faded Light, when Metus fused him with the Mask of Shadows. He becomes a mute, and weilds two twin, saw blades and is assigned as the Last Resort because of his powers, and the fact he has some of Teridax's powers.

"Darkness Follows" Alternate Timeline

Takanuva was one of the trainers of the Toa Numetru, along with Telaina. He sensed that Ahkmou still had some loyalty to Teridax, but trusted him still. He later revived all of the Toa Numetru, but failed to revive Telaina.


Picture Form
Decreased Takua1 Takua's form after being forced into a Matoran Sphere.
Rebuilt Takua1 Takua after the Rebuilding.
TAKANU~1 Takanuva's Toa form.
Takanuva2009 Takanuva after part of his light was drained.
Star Takanuva Taknauva on Bara Magna
DSCN1343 Takanuva as designed by Pokermask.
SiddTaka Takanuva's Twilight form designed by Sidorak12814.
Takanuva (Magna) Garmagic's version.
Takanuva ToaKylerak Takanuva designed by ToaKylerak and BIONICLEToa


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