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"They call them ruins... but they're full of treasure, if you know where to look."
Tarduk was an Agori of the Jungle Tribe.


Tarduk searched the sands across Bara Magna in search of treasures and artifacts from before the disaster of the planet. He was from the Tesara village.

Tarduk was accompanying Gresh while the Glatorian was practicing his moves outside of Tesara.

Tarduk was involved in two quests to the north in search of the Great Beings. On the second one, he was discovered by Mata Nui, chained over a pool of lava. Mata Nui freed him and they both fled the chamber as the place began dissolving. In its place, the Great Volcano emerged from the earth. They then ventured inside where they found a power source for the Prototype Robot.

Tarduk is currently on Spherus Magna, aiding in attempts to integrate the Matoran Universe inhabitants with Agori/Glatorian society.

Alternate versions

Deserts of Death

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Tarduk survived the Invassion of Iconox and accompanied the team on their mission to Atero to warn the other Tribes of the Skrall's betrayal. However, they were attacked by a group of Bone Hunters and Zesk. Tarduk was ripped to pieces by three Zesk.

Abilities and traits

Tarduk saw the struggles of his tribe as a mere challenge to overcome. Tarduk used the claws on his limbs and shoulder-mounted blades to defend himself.


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