Primary ResidentsTargaskians
Former ResidentsNone
LocationThe Island of Targask

The island of Targask is home to many geographic features.

The Great Darskun River

Named after a deceased Agrek warrior, this river is the longest river on Targask. No one owns this river and the Kaljars and Agreks come here to fish often. It is home to many fish not seen in the ocean. This river begins at the southwest edge of Targask, and flows to the northeast. It ends in the Great Darskun lake.

The Great Darskun Lake

This lake is located west of Mt.Kaljar and to the southeast of the Agrek forest. Just like the Great Darskun river, no one owns this lake. Also just like the Great Darskun river, the Agreks and Kaljars come here to fish.

The Agrek Forest

Home to an abundance of Rahi, the wood from the Agrek forest is used by the Agreks to build wooden carvings, bows, and arrow shafts. This forest is owned by the Agreks, and is named after them. During the Targaskian Civil War, wood from this forrest was used for building training facilities for soldiers and military camps. Production of bows and arrow shafts also increased during the war. The Agrek Village is built around it.

The Gartang Desert

The Gartang desert is an area of Targask located to the southeast. It is much hotter than the rest of the island and is full of sand. The Gartangs own this desert, and they built their village here by the Gartang river and the southeastern coast. The Gartang river flows through this desert.

The Gartang River

This river flows through the Gartang desert. It is home to far less marine life than the Great Darskun river. The Gartang village is built near his river and the southeastern coast. It is far shorter than the Great Darskun river.


Mt.Kaljar is a dormant volcano located at the center of the island. The Kaljars own this volcano and built their village around it. Several Rahi live here that the Kaljars hunt.

Note: The Bursteel mines and Protodermis lake are not included here because they are not natural landmarks.

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