Teleporting Gun
User(s) Ziggo, Grandeg's Robots
Functionality(ies) Teleporting objects or beings in different places
Status Used by Matoran of Gruissiono

Ziggo firing a teleport blast from his Teleport Gun

There are two known versions of Teleporting Guns. Ziggo carries one, it was given to him by Firehead. It's a small gun which can be set to different places, the wanted destinations of teleported things.

The other versions are the ones attached on Grandeg's Airships. They were all attached by Firehead, to teleport the Matoran from the Four Great Lands to Firehead's Island. After the victory of the good side, the guns have been taken by Matoran of Gruissiono. They use the guns for good purposes and purposes of normal life like moving furniture etc.

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