Tera Nui
Tera Nui
SpeciesGreat Spirit
GroupGreat Spirits
LocationBara Magna
StatusAlive, in a coma
Pronunciationtear-ah new-ee

Tera Nui is the Great Spirit of Bara Magna.


Back when the planet Bara Magna was created, the Great Beings brought the great spirit Tera Nui to the planet to be their protector and foresee all of Bara Magna. However, the Skrall believed that Tera Nui was merely a barricade for their mission of planetary conquest and an elite class of Skrall, led by Tuma, rebelled against him, sending him into an unending sleep and the Agori civilization that flooded through Tera Nui (called the Agori Universe) vanquished. The great spirit's body was then remade into the Black Spike Mountains, where the Rock Tribe reides.

Years later, Femmrahk, Tarix, Gresh, and Strakk found a tablet to the place known as the Temple of Mysteries, which tells how Tera Nui can be awakened. However, the place was guarded by Vorox and barely defeated them before encountering Malum, Gorast, and Jetrax. Femmrahk then made a deal with Malum to let the Sand Tribe become an official tribe and let Malum return home to Vulcanus if he promised to help them through the temple and not kill anyone who admits defeat, to which he agreed.

Once inside, they found an inscription telling of the history of Bara Magna and that a true hero would awaken Tera Nui and defeat the Skrall. Long studying had to be done before the group learned that the hero was really Durahx. After a long battle with the powerful Icarax, Durahx awoke Tera Nui, who destroyed any Skrall or Bone Hunters that remained.



  • Tera Nui was created by Gurahk.
  • The awakening of Tera Nui was very similar to Mata Nui's awakening.
  • Tera Nui does NOT wear a Kanohi Volitak. That's just how he was built.
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