ToolsWater launcher, Kanoka disk launcher
LocationValca nui


Not much is known about anything before the great cataclysm except she was built in Arthaka and that she was active in Valca nui for many years after.

Post-great cataclysm

After the cataclysm Teria was one of the only reasons that the matoran still went on. Especially when Tryorac appeared her immunity to the affects of the mutagen was especially needed.

In her time fighting for the matoran she joined up with an Av-matoran called Mertru and helped a De-matoran kaita called Omaru recover his memories and had him join their team.

Unfortunately she and Mertru were kidnapped by a De-matoran so in a desperate attempt to save their lives she summoned the Toa Valca to the island.


As a toa of water she can control that element. She also has an apparent immunity to the lava for unknown reasons. Her Kanohi Matrika has the ability to copy the abilities of any masks she sees. She also has a special kanoka disk with the ability to temporarily split a soul from it's body.


Being that she is the first toa she is extremely wise for she has seen many things in hefr lifetime so without them knowing she lightly guides the Toa Valca so that they don't get lost on their way to be able to save her. However she has lately become quite aprehensive about something which she apparently she has only been willing to show to Mertru although Omaru does have suspicions that Tryorac is after something important of Teria's.


Water launcher: It can release torrents of water at enemies.

Kanoka disk launcher: Can temporarily split souls from their bodies.


  • Her mask can take on any shape (currently in the shape of a noble Komau) so as not to reveal itself.
  • Apart from maybe a part of Tryorac or an unseen type of De-matoran, Teria is one of the only known females on Valca nui (this is with Rava ).

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