Look at my claws...
--Matoran Teridax, Comic 7

Matoran Teridax
GroupTKA Comics
Kanohiwhite unknown Kanohi
Colorswhite; red
Toolsshredder claws
LocationAkyna Nui
Matoran Teridax
Kanohired and black Shadow Dentrela
Colorsblack; red
Toolsshadow laser thingy
Locationnot yet revealed
Statusshadow replaced with light

Matoran Teridax was a shadow Matoran created by Teridax to act as a spy for him. It was said he had the very essence of Makuta in him, as was the most evil Matoran.

Kaia and the Unending Fields

One day when Kaia went through a teleporter and ended up in a land call the Unending Fields, Matoran Teridax secretly followed her. He wanted to bring the extinct Visorak back to the Matoran Universe, and he succeded for the most part. Kaia, and her two new friends, Tushei and Kymaski, were trying to stop Matoran Teridax from achieving his goal. First, he found a damaged Toa stone. He tried to use it on himself and attack his new enemies. But instead, Kaia intercepted and she became a Toatoran. He fled, and found a Visorak and a teleporter, and he teleported it back to the Matoran Universe. But before he could go back himself, Kaia shoved him into a Matoran Sphere and then sent him on his way. Kaia followed him through the teleporter, and the had ended up on an unknown island, were Kaia became a Toa Nuva.

TKA Comics

When Matoran Teridax emerged from the Matoran sphere, he had forgotten about shadow and his darkness had tuned into light. Is element is unknown, though, and the strange thing is that while his was in the Matoran sphere his hands turned into claws in the process.

He later moved to Akyna Nui to join TKA in her comics. When Techna was guest starring, he blew up Matoran Teridax for scrap metal.

Traits and Abilities

Matoran Teridax had the powers of any Shadow Matoran, being able to fire shadow blasts from his hands. His left arm would sometimes turn into a shadow laser thingy, which he used to fire shadow at his enemies.


Matoran Teridax firing shadow at Kaia.

When Matoran Teridax was weakened by a Matoran sphere, he lost his shadow abilities.

As a shadow Matoran, he was quite evil anc very strategic. When he came out of his Matoran sphere, he lost his genious an became quite stupid and weenie-like.


By the will of Makuta you will both die!!!

--Matoran Teridax threatening Kaia and Tushei

No!!! Don't hurt me!

--Matoran Teridax, Guest-starring Techna

I want a potato!

--Matoran Teridax, Guest-starring Master Gresh



  • Matoran Teridax's Kanohi looks like a Kualsi in the TKA Comics.

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