Teridax (Toa Kaita series)
GroupBrotherhood of Makuta
ColorsBlack, Red
OccupationLeader of the Brotherhood
ToolsStaff of Shadows
LocationEarth Orbit (Imprisoned)
Pronunciationmah-KOO-tah TER-i-dax
"So…You like the dark?"
―Nova to Teridax

For canon info on Makuta Teridax, go here [1].

Makuta Teridax is the main bad guy in the Toa Kaita series.

How did he get to the present?

Well, in the time before time, Teridax and the Brotherhood were apparently defeated in a joint Order of Mata Nui/Dark Hunter strike. When he was captured and Mata Nui was free from his control, he ordered Teridax imprisoned for an eternity. To make sure he could not escape, he had every last Toa combine their powers to seal him an an extremely powerful Protodermis barrier. Then, he was launched into the Great Void of space for nearly 15 billion years.

Before the Big Bang occured, Mata Nui had created a "beacon" that he launched into the universe. This was made out of a barrier exactly the same as Teridax's. When the BB occured, Teridax and Mata Nui's beacon survived.

When Mata Nui's beacon got to Earth, Teridax's prison was not too far behind. Once the beacon exploded and the Toa Hexren were born in the four humans that saw it, Teridax's prison also shattered. Apparently, the two were linked somehow.


Teridax has not changed much in this universe, except he has become more honest with himself for reasons unknown, not to mention he has a frightening new form. However, he is still proud and arrogant, and will stop at nothing to destroy the last legacy of Mata Nui—the Toa Hexren. However, later in the series, he becomes obsesed with stopping and becoming stronger than their powerful leader,Toa Kaita.

Teridax has been imprisoned and is floating in space in a Protodermis prison created by the Toa Hexren. But he is certain to return in the Toa Kaita series.


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