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Teries (Long War Alternate Universe)
Group Visorak's Fang (formerly) Great Spirit's Legion
Occupation Strategist
Element Plasma
Kanohi Akaku
Tools Hand cannon
Status Alive
Location Long War Alternate Universe
Pronunciation TEAR-EES

Teries is a Su-Matoran strategist in the Long War Alternate Universe. He is best known for his many endeavors involving the island of Stelt. He is currently fighting against the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Early Life

Teries began his life like other Su-Matoran: as a mindless worker that helped construct the Matoran Universe. He spent many years of heavy labor in darkness.

After the Matoran Universe was completed and had launched into space, Teries was placed on the island of Stelt where he continued to work. This changed after Velika's tampering with the various species of the Matoran Universe. Veries had gained sentience and consciousness.

Even at the very beginning of his life, Teries was constantly known for committing violent acts of rebellion against the crumbling Steltian government. The most severe cases of these acts were arson on a large scale. Authorities had a hard time catching Teries; he was highly intelligent and would always strike when unexpected. He was known to work with a De-Matoran partner named Teria.

Teries and Teria were caught, however, and were to be placed into Stelt's gladiatorial competitions. Teries and Teria were pitted against each other. Teries quickly ended the fight by decapitating Teria, who was hesitant to fight her life-long partner.


Teries carried a revolver which shot singular Cordak shots; he commonly referred to this weapon as a "hand cannon."

Teries would also carry a dagger at all times, just in case.

Personality and Traits


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