The Beginning is a group of short storys telling of five matoran who will become both Toa, and the main characters in an upcoming Youtube Series. Although, The Beginning will be found here.

  • NOTE*

This all takes place after Teridax'a ursuping Mata Nui, but before he dies. They also take place at about the same time, give or take a few hours seperate.


It was dark, foggy, and quite cold. Despite all this, though, Dannik still continued to the ocean, to catch fish.

It's still my job, He thought, someone has to do it.

Dannik is a matoran of the Tren Krom Peninsula, on a small coast village at the tip. Before Teridax took over, it was a peaceful life. Then the rahkshi came, and ruined the peace of the village. Thankfully, due to the village leader's quick thinking, no one was killed. But a gaudy statue of Teridax was built in the center.

As he walked towards his boat, he wished he could just sail on it and leave forever. But he knew he could not, due to two things. The first being that he would be hunteed down by rahkshi and killed. The other being his friend, Gaiki. If he left without her, she would hunt him down and kill him herself.

As he neared his boat, he noticed something peculier. Someone to be exact.

"Hey," Dannik yelled, "what are you doing?!"

The strange entity answered by turning around and vanishing into thin air.

That can't be good, He thought. He ran to his boat, dagger at the ready, hoping he wouldn't find a large hole in his boat. What he found was something else:

A piece of cloth wrapped around a strange, inert stone. He picked up the cloth, and saw something wierder: It was a map.

"What the...?" Dannik studdered. He checked tha map, and saw that it leaded to a random point off the coast of the island of Stelt.

I'd better show Gaiki this, he thought, because if anyone know maps, it's her.

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