The Buronakx Chronicles is actually two stories about the top scientist Spherian (A species that are basically the Great Beings), Buronakx: Back to Before, and Stars of Sorrows.

Back to Before is about Buronakx's past life during the creation of Mata Nui.

Stars of Sorrows is about Buronakx's present life after the Shattering.

It's like a pattern, one chapter is Back to Before and the next is Stars of Sorrows and so one.

Back to Before Chapter 1

Welcome to the Lab

100,342 years ago

"Tarduk! Get over here! Now!" Sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself.

"Y-yes, sir!" The little Jungle Agori came bustling threw all the machinery and paperwork in my office. I'm very fond of my assistant, Tarduk, but sometimes...let's just say he could cause a fracas all over the planet just by sneezing.

"What is this?!" I pointed at that atrocious mess on Tarduk's desk

chapter unfinished

Known Characters


  • Buronakx
  • Moranus
  • Pyran
  • Sylaiza
  • Garnakus
  • Desara
  • Sevian
  • Halakos
  • Makura
  • Other Great Beings


  • Tarduk
  • Raanu


  • Gresh
  • Tarix
  • Certavus
  • Ackar
  • Vastus


  • Tuma


  • The Buronakx Chronicles id based by two of Template:A13's favorites stories:

1. The Mutran Chronicles, because it tells of Buronkax's life.

2. Toa Imydrex's Blog, because it will be a long running story.

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