This is about my Bionicle Fan Fiction. The title of the series is The Darkest Hours, and Book One is titled War of Fear.

War of Fear

Chapter One

The Matoran of East Elttab Nui were running from hut to hut, calling everybody out. The Matoran of the West were also getting their troops together. General Taes waited at his podium for the Matoran to gather. “Only a couple of stragglers are still coming,” Taes’ guard told him. “Excellent,” General Taes said smiling. On the other side of the wall, General Tews gathered his troops. He waited patiently for the Matoran to be quiet. It was usually quiet in the old Ga-Matoran temple, but not on that day. The temple had been transformed into an army base, for the Western Army. In the Onu-Matoran temple, also transformed into an army base for the Eastern Army, General Taes silenced the Matoran with a wave of his hand. “This is a glorious day!” Taes declared pounding his hand on the podium. “For years our enemies, the Western side of Elttab Nui, have been providing us with tainted water, leaving many of us ill. It all ends now! With the help of three Toa! Tazon, Lefang, and Pogar, will destroy our enemies!” The three Toa stood there, looking proud and ready to fight. The Water Temple hushed as soon as everyone was seated. “Today,” General Tews said, shaking his fist, “Is when we stop getting tormented by the Eastern Army. As you all know, for years they have been burning our forests, and killing our crops! However, with the help of these three Toa, we can stop them! Spongy, Oktur, and Ekaj will end all the destruction!” The two Toa, and Spongy, waited for the time. Ekaj, the first Toa to have a mask of Star Control, walked to the podium The Onu-Matoran temple was ridden of sound as Tazon, a Fire Toa, walked to the podium. Ekaj and Tazon had talked before the meetings about what to say. They both began, “When this war begins there will be no end, until one army wins. May it be this army.” They walked back to the two Toa with them. The Generals lead their army to the most Northern point of the wall, while the Toa went to the South.

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

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