The Excavation

This is the story of a war over a powerful artifact,

spanning the BIONICLE Galaxy.

15,000,000 years ago...

The Lifestone tumbled through space. It acted much like

the mask of life, bringing life to inanimate objects to life. It eventually tumbled to an icy world...

90,000 years ago...

The Agori villager, Exca, ran down the trail to the

command center. He and a team of Bara Magna's top archeologists had been working on the ice cold planet of Fro Magna. It was a horrible planet. The terrain was slippery and the nearest star, Heatris Magna, was forty-thousand stellar miles away. The dig team, known as the Ice Choppers, lived in fear of the planets extreme storms.

He was heading to the command center because he had heard a

scout had found something protruding the ice.

The command center, besides the tents, was the only warm spot

on the planet.

" What is it?" Exca asked, pulling down his hood.
His colleague, Tana, answered."The scout reported back saying

he found a meteor."

"Hmm, do you know were it's from?"
"Negative. If anything, its from another galaxy.
This complicated things."Send a dig team to investigate."
"Which one?" asked the dispatcher.
"How about the Ice Cavers," Exca answered."I'll lead."
12:30, midday, temperature, -58°.
The small vehicle putted along the icy terrain. The Ice

Cavers and Exca rode in its interior.

"Attention!" the intercom blared, " We've reached our


The doors on the vehicle opened and the team deployed.

Exca observed the area. What he saw astounded him.

The ice all around them glowed yellow. This is no

ordinary meteor, he thought to himself.

3:54, early morning, temperature, -160°.
Exca awoke to a strange sound. The sound was that of a

humming engine.Explosions were going off everywhere. He looked to see a metallic being rise from the snow and then, darkness.

70,450 years ago.

"This is Dardris, I'm home."
Dardris, an Agori villager was coming back to the [[Besta Magna

archives]]. She was researching the disappearance of the Fro Magna excavation team.

The commander greeted her. "Do you have any information on that

teams dissappearance?"

"Yes sir," she answered, "it seems they were wiped out by an

extragalactic being."

"What?!?" the commander yelled. " That is impossible."
"Apparently not."
Outside a pair of eyes watched patiently. What the were talking

about may be The Lifestone his kind was searching for. He had to report to Tagris.

On the planet Sinic...
Tagris waited for his spy to return.

He finally decided he had waited to long and deployed his forces.

His spy on Besta Magna had told him where the Lifestone was and he

was ready to get his metallic claws on it.

60,000 years ago...

Dardris looked to the sky, wondering what would happen next.
She'd heard that two more excavation teams had been wiped out

by metallic beings. The Galactic Council was preparing for war.

Then she heard the strangest sound. It was the sound of Thornax fruit

exploding on metal. The she saw a metallic creature, known as a Silicasapien, rise.

"Where is my artifact!!!" the thing yelled.
Another one with boosters on its feet flew in. "I found it!"
The large one, evidently the leader, followed it.
Then she saw the two creatures fly off with a yellow crystalline object.

Then came the explosions.

Tagris watched as the planet of Besta Magna was reduced to mere ashes.
Excellent, he thought.

5,999-3,800 years ago...

War waged between the Agori and Silicasapiens for millenia. It devasted the

universe and destroyed thousands of planets. Only the BIONICLE System was left untuched and uninformed about the war.

Eventually, the lifestone was destroyed, and the Silicasapiens retuned to their



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