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The Feral Plains
Setting Powai Nui
Media information
Release date May 28, 2016 (First Episode) ( Gallery)

(See Volumes)

Writer(s) CaptainLandr0ver
Previous Dirge (As of now)
Next TBD
The Feral Plains (stylized as The Feral Plains) is an episodic story created and written entirely by CaptainLandr0ver, beginning in late Spring of 2016 and currently planned to finish in the Summer of 2017. It is currently being written episode-by-episode on the official LEGO website, with CaptainLandr0ver working under the name "tomatopaste101."

The story follows major events on the remote Southern Island of Powai Nui, where the native Toa and Matoran (aptly called natives), of which there are few, fight back against a new wave of corrupted "colonist" Toa and Matoran, who are secretly led by Makuta Hysterix.

The Song "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse is the Series' official "Theme Song".


On the remote island of Powai Nui, a group of refugees land and begin to make the island their home. After a couple of the scattered natives find this out, a conflict slowly begins to take shape as trust fails to materialize between the two parties. A small battle between the "Natives" and the "Colonists" quickly unfolds, with it much chaos, strife and fear.

The natives soon find out that the struggles they are about to face are much bigger than they expected, and in turn could become more than they can handle. For now they battle for their island, but the consequences of now could change many more than one island...


The story is not finished, and as of the time of this article around 25 episodes have been published onto the "" gallery on the official LEGO website. Over 100 pictures have been taken, and the current total word count is just over 12,000 words.

Accompanying each episode are four-to-five pictures of the MOCs enacting the events of the episode, with nine-to-ten pictures in the case of two-part episodes. The pictures are taken outside, in the middle of a wilderness, with the intent being to create a unique world that can easily be identified, to immerse the viewer in the series' world and to make locations easily recognizable from how the scenery looks.

Most episodes take place in CaptainLandr0ver's back yard, an area called the lower plains, while others take place far up a winding dirt road, in an area called the upper plains. Depending on where the episodes take place, taking pictures and writing the corresponding episode/chapter can take from forty-five minutes to two-and-a-half hours. Additionally, some episodes have been planned weeks in advance.

Volumes and Chapters

  • Volume I (Released April 8, 2017)
    • Glimpse, Salvation, Tremor, Return, & Greeting
  • Volume II (Released April 8, 2017)
    • Thievery, Nightprowler, Fading Part One, & Fading Part Two
  • Volume III (Released April 13, 2017)
    • Submerged, Alchemy, Demon, & Winning Forever
  • Volume IV (Released April 25, 2017)
    • Faith, Perjury, Infiltration, Medium, & Dark Side
  • Volume V (Released June 3, 2017)
    • Aqueduct, Wake Up, Morally Wrong, & Interlands
  • Volume VI
    • Reunited, A Noiseless Yell, Rattled, Plant, TDB...

Themes and Inspirations

The main plot point in the series is a small-scale turf war between the "Colonists" and the "Natives". This was mainly inspired from the colonization of the Americas, more specifically the interactions between the English/Spanish and the Native Americans. Throughout the story, there are examples of extreme bias, aggression and self-righteousness inspired by the events.

The events of the series are similar to the lyrics of the song "Knights of Cydonia" by the English rock band Muse from their Album Black Holes and Revelations, and the song has been considered as the series "Theme Song". The song's lyrics reference fighting for one's rights and for survival, which is the basic plot of TFP, and it's Western style and Spaghetti-Western inspired music video fit TFP's rustic and Western-American Themes.

Building upon themes of group-based discrimination is the series' main villain, the rogue Makuta Hysterix, who symbolizes temptation, human nature and carnality. Throughout the series he uses his various long-ranged mental powers to manipulate nearly every inhabitant of Powai Nui, Colonist and Native alike, in order to cause the main events, and he especially toys with the minds of the powerful and dictatorial Colonists. This is symbolic of how government corruption originates, when authority's own humanly desires take over their life. As such, Keelo was based off of many corrupted rulers throughout history, especially off of various Roman emperors, giving him the title of "Emperor" to reference this.


The first episode of The Feral Plains was released onto the " Gallery" on the official LEGO website on May 28, 2016. There will be around 30 episodes uploaded, with some multi-part episodes.

CaptainLandr0ver released parts the story onto the Custom Bionicle Wiki before the saga was completed. The episodes are combined into Volumes and regarded as chapters, and are being released on the Custom Bionicle Wiki in groups of 4-5 chapters, depending on relevancy to one another.

As for the pictures, many do not make it to the Custom Bionicle Wiki due to certain continuity errors or changes in the story, and most of all to avoid overwhelming the reader. Each chapter of each part will have at least one picture corresponding to it. The picture for the Volume as a whole is the title picture of the first chapter in the Volume, with "The Feral Plains" typed on.

Time Period

While the exact period of time in which The Feral Plains occurs has not been decided, it will occur after certain events in the canon storyline which are required for the story to make sense, or are relevant to later or earlier stories:

  • (Obviously) The Great Beings created the Matoran Universe
  • Helryx was created

It also takes place around a couple of years after the ending of the short serial Dirge. The Feral Plains is most likely to occur during the events of Legends of Metru Nui.


In order of appearance


The six native Toa who appeared were a part of an old Toa Team CaptainLandr0ver had created, which went through various changes regarding the setting of the island they defended. Most of the time, the setting was organic and rustic and the plot would occur alongside the main BIONICLE story with little interference. Most storylines (save the last, obviously) were created simply for CaptainLandr0ver's enjoyment. Here is an estimated timeline of the story's evolution:

(2014: Corduk's Wrath) In the very early stages, the basic plot was the five Toa, minus Corduk, who was a Makuta and served as the antagonist. Corduk would later switch sides and be transformed into a Toa. This may have also been the point where Keelo's character was created, as a later possible antagonist was a half-angel, half-demon character, similar to how Keelo's mixture of elements makes him half blue-and-white and half red-and-black.

(Early 2015: Saving the Past) In the next stage, the story took a different turn. It also likely would have taken place in an alternate universe. Lewok, the leader of a Toa team was sent back in time from a futuristic island to stop Makuta Teridax from collecting powerful items that could only be excavated back then. This was the most short-lived revision.

(2015 - Late-2016: Lost Legends) The story then took a different turn, with three parts. The first part involved protecting an Island against a single Makuta, the next part against several Makuta, and the third part against a rogue Makuta and his army of robotic warriors. This was a considerably dark storyline, involving many sudden major character deaths and more mature characters. This revision saw the conception of several characters, albeit quite different from their modern-day counterparts. Makuta Tetradon had a beastly appearance which inspired the look of Hysterix, Arvos was a Toa of Ice who died soon after his transformation, Maroona was a Vo-Matoran who was thought to be dead and returned as a Toa of Lightning, and Omakah was an Av-Matoran disguised as a Po-Matoran who rode a vehicle and was transformed into a Toa of Light.

(Mid-2016 - Current: The Feral Plains) The finalized idea was spawned from pure boredom in early summer, CaptainLandr0ver decided that he needed something to do over the summer, and he decided to write a story. Reusing the six old Toa characters, he created a premise inspired by the colonization of the Americas and simply began writing.

Cut Content

During it's writing, other characters and ideas were planned to appear, which were eventually scrapped. The first was a Toa of Plasma named Logos who would serve as the third Toa survivor from Leskya Nui, who was cut out to simplify the plot and for being an unnecessary additional character. The second was another Dark Hunter, named something along the lines of "Razor", who served as "Alchemist"'s assistant. He was cut due to having little relevance to the story and being an unnecessary attempt to add another villain.

Additionally, a plot element was planned where a colonist Ta-Matoran named Cerbai created an army of automatons which could be given life and commanded using Lewok's Kanohi Vehere. This army and it's corresponding episode was scrapped, and Cerbai did not appear, although CaptianLandr0ver is not sure he will throw away Cerbai's character completely.

The final major idea to be cut was an aerial vehicle which was planned to be piloted by Shensii and Arvos during the final battle against the colonists. Even though a foot-long model of the vehicle was created, the idea was scrapped, as the idea of an aerial vehicle didn't fit the series' rustic and natural theme. Additionally, it was terribly uncharacteristic of Shensii to pilot a war vehicle.

Other plot elements, such as Lewok or Detras dying, Wreshi betraying his friends, and Lewok becoming blind or deaf were thought about, but ultimately none made it in to the series.


  • Some of the chapters in the story have little-to-no affect on the plot, and simply serve to flesh out characters. The most notable example of this is Chapter 2 of Volume II, where Yedrin suffers from werewolf-like transformations during the night. It is likely that this will be explained at some point, although initially it was planned that this event would be of Hysterix' doing.
  • Makuta Tetradon was originally planned to be mentioned by name, however this will no longer happen.
  • CaptainLandr0ver makes many changes to The Feral Plains when Volumes are released on the Custom Bionicle Wiki. On the LEGO Gallery, the descriptions have a 3400 character limit, meaning many episodes are cut down, removing further details. These details are added back in, but few episodes are combined.
  • There is no main character of The Feral Plains, as it simply follows the events from many character's point of views, like a series of compiled serials. If a character were to be chosen as the protagonist, Turaga of Lightning Maroona and Ta-Matoran Arvos would be definite candidates.
  • Arvos could be considered the title character or mascot for the story, as he appears in the title image of Volume I and on the image for the entire series.

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