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The Feral Plains
Setting Powai Nui
Media information
Release date May 28, 2016-August 11, 2017 ( Gallery)

(See Volumes for CBW release dates)

Writer(s) CaptainLandr0ver
Previous Against the Storm
Next Spiral

The Feral Plains (often abbreviated to TFP) is an episodic story created and written entirely by CaptainLandr0ver, which began in late Spring of 2016 and ended in late Summer of 2017. It was originally written episode-by-episode on the official LEGO website, with CaptainLandr0ver working under the alias "tomatopaste101."

The story follows major events on the remote Southern Island of Powai Nui, where the native Toa and Matoran (aptly called "Natives"), of which there are few, fight back against a new wave of corrupted "Colonist" Toa and Matoran, who are secretly led by Makuta Hysterix.

The song "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse is the Series' official "Theme Song" according to CaptainLandr0ver.


On the remote island of Powai Nui, a group of refugees land and begin to make the island their home. After a couple of the scattered natives find this out, a conflict slowly begins to take shape as trust fails to materialize between the two parties. A small battle between the "Natives" and the "Colonists" quickly unfolds, with it much chaos, strife and fear.

The natives soon find out that the struggles they are about to face are much bigger than they expected, and in turn could become more than they can handle. For now they battle for their island, but the consequences of now could change many more than one island...


The first half of the story was first released onto the Lego Gallery, with no Volumes and chapters being dubbed "episodes". Around 140 pictures were taken, and the total word count was just below 25,000 words.

Most episodes take place in CaptainLandr0ver's back yard, an area called the lower plains, while others take place far up a winding dirt road, in an area called the upper plains. Depending on where the episodes take place, taking pictures and writing the corresponding episode/chapter can take from forty-five minutes to two-and-a-half hours. Additionally, some episodes were planned weeks or even months in advance.


The first episode of The Feral Plains was released onto the " Gallery" on the official LEGO website on May 28, 2016. The final episode was uploaded on August 11, 2017. There were 30 total episodes uploaded, some with multiple parts.

CaptainLandr0ver began releasing parts the story onto the Custom Bionicle Wiki before the saga was completed. When episodes were uploaded to the Wiki, the episodes were combined into Volumes and regarded as chapters They were then released on the Custom Bionicle Wiki in groups of 4-5 chapters, depending on relevancy to one another. As for the pictures, many did not make it to the Custom Bionicle Wiki due to certain "continuity errors" (such as telephone poles in the background) or changes in the story, and most of all to ease the already tiring workload of uploading a Volume to the Wiki. Each chapter of each part has at least one picture corresponding to it. The picture for a Volume as a whole is the title picture of the first chapter in the Volume, with "The Feral Plains" typed on.

Volumes and Chapters

  • Volume I (Released April 8, 2017)
    • Glimpse, Salvation, Return & Greeting
  • Volume II (Released April 8, 2017)
    • Thievery, Nightprowler, Fading Part One, Fading Part Two & Images
  • Volume III (Released April 13, 2017)
    • Submerged, Alchemy, Demon & Winning Forever
  • Volume IV (Released April 25, 2017)
    • Faith, Perjury, Infiltration, Medium & Dark Side
  • Volume V (Released June 3, 2017)
    • Aqueduct, Wake Up, Morally Wrong & Interlands
  • Volume VI (Released July 6, 2017)
    • Reunited, A Noiseless Yell, Rattled, Plant & Flashback
  • Volume VII (Released August 11, 2017)
    • Eureka, Havoc Part One, Havoc Part Two, Songbird & Dawn



  • Some of the chapters in the story have little-to-no affect on the plot, and simply serve to flesh out characters. The most notable example of this is Chapter 2 of Volume II, where Yedrin suffers from werewolf-like transformations during the night. It is likely that this will be explained at some point, although initially it was planned that this event would be of Hysterix' doing.
  • All of the story's main antagonists are somewhat representative of some sort of subject related to the corruption of government and society:
    • Hysterix most prominently represents the corruption of humans as a whole
    • Keelo represents the corruption of politicians
    • Vandir represents the corruption of idols
    • Merdana and Jeko represent the corruption of those who copy idols who have become corrupted
    • "Alchemist" and Hatar are representative of the silencing of those who may expose the corruption of a corrupted government
    • All of the Leskya Nui Matoran represent the corruption of the population
  • Tetradon was originally planned to be mentioned by name, however this will no longer happen.

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