All the events in this story happen before the awakening of Mata Nui!


The Noble Taks: The Symbol of Mata Nui is the first part of a story serials telling about the Henkka's Tasks and how he does them. This will have 18 episodes in total.

Episode 1

Henkka stood on a cliff in the Tohunga Mountains. He watched at the horizon and sighed deeply. He was supposed to be doing tasks for the good of the BIONICLE Universe, but he was a False Turaga now. He would need help. And he was determined to find it.

Henkka walked down to the coast. He saw the Henkka Island coming closer. It was it's duty to follow Henkka. Soon it came so near that Henkka could jump on it's surface. It had been a long time since Henkka had last been to this island... it felt so good to be home again. He walked towards the center, where his palace was. He entered the castle. His servants, small Toa-like creatures, didn't seem surprised at all, to see him return after so many years. They just asked him if we wanted a drink or something like that. Henkka went all the way to his throne. There he saw his Henkka Suva and his seat. He sat on the seat and ordered one of his servants to him. "Order six Matoran, each from a different village, to come here", Henkka said, and gave the names. It took a few hours but soon six Matoran were standing before him. They were all native to Henkka Island, which made them Holy Matoran. Henkka spoke to them.

"You have come a long way here, friends, but for a reason. I need your help in getting me back to normal." The Matoran where confused. They knew little of the tasks and the legends of Henkka. Henkka, however, didn't speak anymore about that. Instead, he ordered the Matoran in the Suva. Each went to a different hole. Then they sank beneath them. Henkka waited for a while. Soon a bright flash came and the Matoran came up again... but this time... as Toa!

Episode 2

Leraj watched as the Henkka Island went further away. He sighed. It was evening and the clouds above horizon were pink, orange, red... nice colours. And there was Henkka Island, getting smaller and smaller. Leraj sighed again.

He had recently been turned into a Toa by Henkka Suva. He had five other Matoran with him, who were also transformed. Himself, Lah, Newhu, Nowah, Jinu and Taum were then given the mission to take a boat and sail south-west, until they would get to the island where the Monster Army had a base. There they would search for the Symbol of Mata Nui and take it to Henkka.

Leraj wasn't so happy to be a Toa. His life as a Matoran was busy enough. He didn't even know his powers! Not his element, what his tool did, or his mask power! "You will learn it through time", Henkka had told him and the others. But Leraj wasn't one of those who would wait forever...

But Leraj had no other choice. Already, the Henkka Island had disappeared from their view and many hours had gone. Everyone was bored. Leraj looked at his tools. On the left hand, he had a blaster-kind of weapon. It had several holes in it, but no bullets or ammunition. His right hand tool was a sword. A silver, large, sword.

The others had two tools each as well. They all were examining them. "How long is this going to take?" Leraj asked himself. "Be patient, brother, it can't be too long", Jinu came and answered. Leraj didn't even look at Jinu. He wasn't one of the social type...

Episode 3

"Haa! Earth Civilization! At least... I think", Taum cried happily. The other Toa came to his end of the boat and looked in to the direction Taum had pointed to. Indeed, it did seem that there was land ahead.

It didn't look like an island, however. And when they came closer, they noticed that it was somekind of a barrier... like a stone wall. In the center, they saw a tunnel.

"That must be where we should go", Nowah said. He took a glance at his Toa Tool. It was a bit weird, and he was not satisfied with it. It was a handle with a spiky ball on the end. It was just... that. Nothing but an old flail? Nowah didn't like it at all. He didn't even have a second tool in his other hand like Leraj seemed to have. "Well, maybe my mask power will turn out to be nice...", he thought.

After a few hours, the boat got to the tunnel. They suddenly realized that a strong current was there. It pulled the boat inside the cave so fast that they didn't even get to scream. Of course, why would a Toa scream... well, the rapids inside the tunnel were enough for that. The water washed rapidly, up and down, right and left, in the tunnel. The Toa screamed in fright, they could hardly stay on the boat. And the boat lost a piece after piece every time it hit a wall. Soon there would be nothing left of it.

Jinu toomk out his new tools. They were sort of propellers. They were light blue and white in colour. Jinu tried them. He could make them spin really fast. He quickly rushed to the deck and went forward. Then he put his tools in the water before them and started propelling, in hope that it would slow them down. Unfortunately, the current was too strong.

Suddenly Nowah got a powerful feeling... and before he could even react, he had pinned all of his friends on the boat with strange braches coming from the boat itself. "Wood...", he thought to himself. He tested a theory he got by trying to replace some lost parts of the boat with wooden pieces. It worked. Nowah had the elemental power of wood.

Nowah saw hope in their situation. He pinned himself on the deck of the ship too and everytime a piece fell off the boat, Nowah replaced it with a wooden version. Nobody wouldn't fall of the ship now. They were attached to it. The boat raced forward. Something more dangerous would soon come...

Episode 4

The boat raced quickly, but soon the Toa saw light before them. And before they could react, the ship shot out of the tunnel. Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of the barrier. There was a great fall down and the Toa splashed into a large underground lake. They took a look around them. The lake was huge and the cave it was in... was incredibly huge and beautiful. It was propably hundreds of meters long, walls full of lightstones. The lake was propably a few hudred meters wide too. But the Toa soon noticed that there was a small current in the lake. And on the wall, there was another tunnel entrance.

"Another tunnel?" Leraj said disappointed. "Well, we have to enter. We have no choice", Lah said. "Oh, yes we do!" Jinu shouted with lots of impatience. "We can just turn back and..", everyone looked for the tunnel they had come from. It was on a very high place in the cave. In fact, a waterfall rushed through it and fell tens of meters till hitting the water in the lake.

"Let's go", said Lah, and the heroes entered the new tunnel.

The tunnel didn't have as strong current as the other one had. And after a few hours, they saw light ahead. "I guess we're in our destination", Nowah said.

Episode 5

Nowah struggled to stand on his feet, but it was hard. Just a few minutes ago he, and the other Holy Toa had came out of the tunnel they had been in. Seconds after that, a three-legged, very tall, dark blue, mysterious monster had attacked them. It stood on a cliff over the entrance to the tunnel they came from. Without doubt, this creature had to be one of the monsters of the Monster Army, and it was guarding the exit from their domain.

Far ahead they saw the island base of the Monster Army. The Symbol of Mata Nui would be there somewhere. But first the Toa would have to defeat the creature.

Lah tried her new weapon out. It was some sort of a aser harpoon. She fired it at the creature but missed. Then it was the creature's turn. It fired an accurate blast from his hand, which hit Lah. Lah fell into the waters. "Lah!" Taum shouted, just before he had to dodge another blast from the creature.

In the water, Lah suddenyl felt something. She started to transform. At first, she got scared that there was pit mutagen in the waters. But that wasn't it. Lah had found her mask power. She transformed into a Toa who could breath underwater. She got propellers to replace her laser harpoon and her feet were more flat. "Awesome" she thought. "With this mask power I can be... anything. Suddenly she sensed something in the water. She turned and saw a gigantic, hideous fish swimming straight towards her, with it's jaws open. Lah quickly swam back to the boat, but the creature followed. It sprang from the water and was just about to land on the ship when Newhy saw it.

Newhy suddenly felt something. He had unlocked his mask power, as Lah had done earlier. Newhy used the new power on the fish and suddenly it stopped. Yes, it stopped in mid air and floated there. It didn't move. It's easy moved angrily, actually, but everything else was still.

"Quickly, move the boat!", Newhu cried. This was the first time that he used his mask power, and it wasn't easy. As the other Holy Toa battled the creature, Nowah moved the ship from under the fish. Newhu then let go and the fish splashed into the water.

But it would come back in a matter of minutes... and the creature had already defeaten a few of the Holy Toa.

Episode 6

Newhu turned to the guardian creature and used his mask power. The creature stopped and didn't move at all. "Now..." Newhu grinned. "Let's see who's got the upper neck now..." Nowah climbed to the creature that stood completely still. Only it's eyes moved towards Nowah nervously.

Nowah placed his hand on the creature. Calling his element of wood, he slowly started turning the creature into a piece of wood. Nowah was a young Toa, and so this was a very difficult stunt for him. But after using a lot of effort and energy, he did it. Newhu let go off the creature by deactivating his mask power. The creature, now a piece of wood fell into the water.

"Shame", Nowah sighed. "Doesn't he know that it isn't good for wooden objects to be exposed to water?". "All you all right, guys?" Newhu asked his comrads. Most of them had been hurt in the battle, but had all awoken already. Their wounds were not serious. "Good", Newhu was reliefed. Nowah jumped down to the boat from the cliff. Everyone was fine.

Lah used her new mask power and transformed back into the form she was before falling into the water. "This sure is a nice mask power", she said, smiling. "A very useful one, too. "Well, now as everyone seems fine, I think we should immedietly continue for the Monster Base", Leraj suggested. Everyone agreed and so they continued their journey towards the monster base. But suddenly they felt an extremely hard impact. Their boat flew into the air and fell back into the water. So did all the Toa. Lah quickly transformed into the water-breathing version of herself and saw what had caused the impact. It was the Giant Fish. And it was coming straight towards the Toa, jaws open.

Episode 7

Lah panicked. The Giant Fish was swimming towards her and her friends fast. Lah saw as her friends were trying to swim back to the boat.

Lah was the only one who could breath underwater, her brilliant mask made that possible. So she would be responsible for distracting the fish while the others went to safety.

The fish swam fast towards Lah. It was very close now and had opened it’s jaws. Just before becoming food for the fish, Lah quickly swam to one of it’s eyes and attached herself into it with a apir of hooks that belonged to her water-mode. The fish started to swim around and around rapidly, trying to get Lah off. Lah held tight on the fish.

Meanwhile the other Holy Toa had gotten back to the boat. “Where’s Lah?” Taum noticed. Jinu started feeling something after Taum’s question. Everyone started to stare at him as the telescopic lense in his mask started to move. “I – I can... zoom on things with this mask”, Jinu said. He was astonished... he had found his mask power.

Jinu then put his head underwater and zoomed on the Giant Fish. He then noticed Lah hanging onto it’s eye. Jinu quickly pulled his head up again. “She’s fighting the fish!” he exclaimed. “She wont last long”, Newhu said. He was right. “We must help her, then”, Nowah said and looked at Newhu. “Yes, of course!” Newhu realized and focused his mask power on the Giant Fish. It was much more difficult to hold the fish in place while it was underwater but Newhu tried his best.

Lah noticed that the fish stopped and realized that it was Newhu. She quickly swam back to the boat and transformed to her land-mode. “Let’s go towards the Monster Base, quickly, before Newhu can no longer hold the fish!” The Holy Toa started sailing towards the island before them but Newhu’s energy was running out. Then Jinu got an idea. He put his tools underwater. He had those funny propellers. He started to spin them underwater and the boat started moving faster. Soon they were far enough for Newhu to let go off his mask power. He fell onto the floor of the boat, exhausted.

“Now, to the Monster Base!” Leraj shouted to everyone on the ship. They were all excited, but afraid at the same time. They had had big troubles before even getting to the island... what troubles would they face on the island itself? Arter all, it was a home to thousands of powerful, destructive monsters.

Episode 8

Jinu zoomed in to the Monster Army’s Base with his new mask power. There were huge titans everywhere. The island was a large city. The streets were full of horryfying monsters.

The Holy Toa were on the shore, behind a group of rocks, pondering about their next course of action.

“I say we should split up”, Taum suggested. “No”, Lah said. “It’s too dangerous, there are monsters everywhere!”

“Well, I agree with Taum”, Newhu interrupted. “We will find the castle of this army’s leader faster if we split up. And that way we’ll find the Symbol of Mata Nui, too.”

In the end, the Toa decided to split up. Jinu started to fly with his new propellers. Lah used her mask of adaption and got a jet-pack, which she used for flying. She also got some sort of blasters and a visor to her mask. Nowah wanted to go with the two. When he jumped on Lah’s back, her mask gave her a little “thing” in her back that Nowah could attach to.

Newhu and Taum went together. Near the rocks, they saw a route to the city’s sewer. They opened the lid and went inside.

Leraj went alone. He really wanted to. He started towards an empty street, where he saw no monsters. It was a quite long street. It was filled with waste, rubbish and useless tools and masks. It looked more like a junkyard than a street. Finally, Leraj reached a dead end. He sighed and turned around, but soon noticed he wasn’t alone. A monster approximetly twice as big as Leraj, made entirely of fire, stood in front of him. It looked Leraj with mean eyes and attacked, covering Leraj with fire. It burned badly, but Leraj had to fight... although he hadn’t discovered any of his powers yet.

Episode 9

Jinu’s, Nowah’s and Lah’s flight went very well, suprisingly. Wasn’t it wierd that no one had noticed them even though they were high in the air, right above the city? Lah was very worried of this.

The trio was headed for the biggest building in the city, at the center of the island. It went higher than any other building they saw. This had to be the headquarters.

Lah, Nowah and Jinu landed on the top of the building. It was flat, round shaped, and it was very big. You could hardly see from it’s other end to the other. There were strange circles located near the edge.

“Okay, we’re here, but how are we going to get in?” Nowah wondered. “Those odd circles... wait! They’re moving!”

That was right. The circles were moving and soon monsters appeared on every single circle. “We’re surrounded!” Lah cried. The Monsters attacked. The Holy Toa tried to fight but were soon captured and taken away, inside the building.

Episode 10

Newhu and Taum had broken in to the sewers of the city. It was grose in there. “Looks like this place hasn’t been cleaned in ages!” Taum said. “Shh!” Newhu interrupted and signaled Taum to be quiet.

Soon a smaller monster burst from a pile of junk and started shooting blasts at the two Toa. They quickly started running all over the sewers. They tried to loose the monster but it wasn’t easy. And soon, they came to a dead-end.

“Oh no, how are we going to get out of this?” Taum exclaimed. Newhu started feeling something. It came from his weapon. And soon, he shattered the wall behind them, which turned into dust. “Wow... I like this weapon!” Newhu said. The Toa now went to the new tunnel, but soon encountered water. They decided to take a swim.

While the six Holy Toa struggled in the Monster Army’s Base, something else happened in the waters surrounding Bio-Land. Tens of ships were sailing towards the shores of the Drekor Desert. This ship contained quite a lot of Matoran, but also a vicious army of something that’s name was once spoken in whispers... The Spiders of Doom.

Episode 11

Leraj was locked in a combat between pure fire. A fire creature, to be excact. And he was losing.

He, however, soon got something that would help him. His strange cannon started to glow red and the slots there filled with red bullets. Leraj tried to fire them and found out that it fired pur fire blasts. Not very useful against a fire creature.

Leraj noticed something else too, though. Everytime he had shot all the bullets, the cannon refilled. He noticed that it absorbed heat right from the air and made the heat into fire bullets. He knew this, because everytime his cannon refilled, Leraj felt a chill.

Leraj then got an idea. He went as near as he could, towards the Fire Creature and fired all his fire bullets, in different directions. He then pushed the cannon , hitting the Fire Creature. The cannon refilled and used the Fire Creatures heat for it. The fire creature shrank. Leraj fired all the fire blasts inot different directions again, and repeated the refill. After a few refills, the Fire Creature had been absorbed totally.

“It will gather heat around it and reform”, Leraj thought. “But it’ll take a while, and it’s time for me to go.

Leraj went away from the alley, only to notice an empty guard tower. He went there and found a long rope, going from the guard tower... to a strange, enormous building at the center of the base island. Leraj dcided to walk the rope all the way (many kilometres) to the building.

“Wow...” thought Leraj. “Am I a hero now... or the dummiest of all fools?”

Episode 12

Jinu awoke. He had been knocked unconscious by the monsters that trapped him. Jinu looked around. He was in a normal looking room. Only one thing was odd... he was trapped in a cocoon of somesort. Next to him were Lah and Nowah, also awakening, inside cocoons.

Soon, the door of the room opened and a tall, monstrous being came in, with several smaller monsters beside him. This big creature had to be the Leader of the Monster Army. Jinu felt it.

“Ah, I see... three Toa. Here? What a stupid mistake to come here. Let me introduce myself, I’m Krakzakun, leader of the Monster Army. “Of course, you’re the first to know my real name... everyone else here calls me “the leader. Now, Toa, I have two questions. Why did you come here? And are there other Toa on this island?”

The Toa remained silent. Krakzakun got furious and started to squeeze Jinu’s cocoon, yelling at him at the same time. “ANSWER ME!!! ARE THERE OTHER TOA HERE??!!!!” Suddenly Lah started to feel something in her. It wasn’t the mask, or the tools... it was her. “My... my element!” Lah thought to herself. Soon a cloud of bugs and insects stormed in from the window of the room and all attacked Krakzakun furiously, biting him.

Krazakun screamed and the monsters beside him started attacking the insects. Meanwhile, Nowah used his tool, the spiked ball to destroy his cocoon, getting freed. He then freed Jinu and Lah, too. They then ran out of the room they were held him, quickly before Krakzakun could notice. They encountered many guardian beasts, but defeated all of them. They were in a hurry. Somewhere in this building, would be the Symbol of Mata Nui.

Episode 13

Newhu and Taum were swimming in the cold waters of the sewer they had gone into. They were completely lost in the caves, and running out of air.

Then Taum started to feel something... his mask was glowing. Soon he saw blue light in one of the tunnels in front of them. Taum knew what this meant and signaled Newhu to follow him. The Toa swam into the tunnel and soon found an air pocket where they could gasp for some air. After doing this, Taum told Newhu:

“My mask... allows me to choose the right paths”, he said. “Uh... sound weird”, Newhu said as a respond. “Well, propably, but it’s useflu!” Taum then used the power of his mask to choose the right path so they would find the symbol of Mata Nui.

“Follow me!” And off they went again, swimming for a long time, until they got to another air pocket. “Smash the wall”, Taum ordered Newhu, “Do it!”

Newhu used his tools to smash the wall. They soon found themselves in a corridor... and a Matoran guarding a single door in the middle of it. The Matoran was brown and had a blue Rau... and one of his hands was shaped like a claw.

“T- Toa?” he said, looking relieved and happy. “Are you here to rescue me?” “Uh... well... I guess”, Newhu said to the Matoran. “What’s behind that door?” “Store rooms. Wanna get in or something...”, The Matoran seemed confused. “Yes, yes, ca you open it?”, Taum asked. “Yes, I have the keys”, the Matoran responded. The three went in and found piles of junk and different objects. On the backwall of the store room was a small table with a pillow on it. On the pillow... was the Symbol of Mata Nui.

“That’s it... we found it!” Taum exclaimed. But then, suddenly the alarm went off, and in seconds, the store room was filled with monsters. “Got’ya”, the Matoran said and snarled at the Toa.

Episode 14

Lah, Nowah and Jinu heard the alarm below their feet. “What was that?” Nowah wondered. “Let’s find out...” Lah said and used his mask to adapt into a digging mode. She got a pair of huge diggers and she used them to break the floor between the three Toa. They fell through, into the storeroom with a crash. They looked around. On the other side, was an army of monsters. Bad thing. On the other side, were two of their friend Toa. Goof thing.

“Lah! Nowah! Jinu... we found it!” Taum said to the other Toa.

“Congratulations, you succeeded... now you can die in peace”, Krakzakun said and laughed. He had just entered the room. “Now, little Toa... why wont you give that symbol to me.”

Suddenly all the beings in the room heard a crash behind them and fire syarted to blaze. Krakzakun got confused for a moment and Newhu used the moment to... he felt something inside him. He unleashed a smoke cloud and filled the room with smoke. Newhu’s element was smoke!!

With the smoke covering them, Newhu next destroyed the wall behind them with his tools, and the Toa escaped. Then they started to find a way to get out of the building. Taum’s mask helped, he chose the right paths for the Toa.Soon they found themselves on a baclony, very high.

“THIS is where your mask took us?!” Nowah shouted. “We’re trapped!” “No you’re not!” The Tos heard a voice. They looked behind them and saw Leraj. “Leraj! You started the fire in the storerooms, didn’t you!?” Lah was happy to see Leraj. “Yes, it was me. And I know why Taum’s mask brought us here. I came this way. Look!” The Toa saw the rope that Leraj had climbed. It went from the balcony, to the guard tower. And from there, their ship wasn’t far away.

“Let’s go!” Jinu shouted and the Toa started balancing on the rope. But soon, they all started to feel helpless... the rope was going to break. They saw it, and panicked. “Oh no...” Leraj said.

Episode 15

Had the Toa’s doom come? The rope they were balancing on, was gonna break anytime soon. That’s when Leraj felt his mask glow... and learnt it’s power. He used it to keep the rope intact. “Go, go!” he shouted to the others. The six Toa practically ran on the rope. When they got into the guard tower, Leraj stopped using his mask power and the rope collapsed. “My mask power... can be used to make objects more... durable”, he said.

The Toa looked down from the windows of the Guard Tower. All around them, monsters were prepared to attack them, kill them, and obtain the Symbol of Mata Nui once more.

“Let’s go. We have no other choice”, Jinu said. The others looked confused... they couldn’t go out. They would get killed. But, of course, they had no other choice than to go out. So they did... by flying. Lah transformed into her flying mode, with Nowah on her. Leraj flew on Jinu. Taum and Newhu went on the ground. Newhu disintegrated many monsters with his tools while Tsum used his tool, which he had just discovered, to shoot vines around monsters and throw them aside. In the air, Jinu found out his element, Juice, and shot blasts of it at the monsters eyes, so they couldn’t see. The battle was going well, and the Toa got to their ship. They untied it from the shore and started to sail quickly, out of the island, back towards the stone barrier.

But the monsters followed them with their own boats, and flying creatures came towards the Toa fast. They would have to battle hard...

Episode 16

The Toa were all doing their part in helping them survive. Jinu used his propellers in the water to make the ship go faster. Leraj used his maks of durability to make the ship more durable agsinst attacks. Nowah made wood grow underwater beneath the monsters boats so they would get stuck. Newhu kept one flying monster at a time, in plac with his mask and Taum wrapped those monsters in vines. When Newhu let go, the creatures would fall into the waters.

Lah battled in the air, in her fly mode. She returned to the boat every once in a while, only to go back and shoot down creatures of the air.

This worked very well, and soon the Toa reached the stone barrier. They sailed in. The air monster scouldn’t follow them by flying now. But the monsters on the boat were still following.

Going was very tough inside the barrier. It took hours to get to the other side. The monsters had difficulties too, but they kept following.

After a while, the Toa and the monsters got out again. They were on a calm sea now, so it was easier to move. But as the Toa sailed forward, they noticed that the Monster Army’s Boats had gained speed and were coming closer to them all the time. The Toa tried to battle them, but they were advancing on them.

“We’ll never make it back to the Henkka Island again...” Nowah sighed. He soon noticed that his latest words had been false. They saw the Henkka Island forward... ad it was coming straight at them. Yes, IT was going at THEM.

Episode 17

The moving Henkka Island before them, gave hope. Henkka was standing on a cliff and hundreds of Matoran were armed and ready on the shores. The Holy Toa soon got ashore and the Matoran army started to fire arrows and rocks at the Monsters. A few got killed but they got ashore nevertheless, the battle changed into melee combat.

Taum was running towards Henkka with the other Holy Toa. He was the one holding the Symbol of Mata Nui. He was soon attacked by a monster, which pinned him to the ground. The monster hissed at him.

Then Taum started to feel something inside him. And suddenly, he bounced hard and the monster smashed against a wall. Taum had created a Rubber mat beneath him and he had bounced off it. Tamus element was rubber!

Taum got to Henkka. The other Holy Toa, seeing the trouble that the Matoran Army was in, went to help them in battle. Leraj had recently discovered his element, Iron, and used it to help the Matoran. Only Taum and Nowah stood with Henkka and showed him the symbol.

“That’s good... now we shall take it to Bio-Land, Kohonga Forest.” Henkka said. “Look out!” Nowah suddenly sreamed. A boulder was flying through the air, towards Henkka. Nowah acted quickly, he felt something in his mask. He used the newly found power and the boulder flew back, at the monster that had thrown it in the first place. Nowahs mask power was... playback.

Then, out of nowhere, Krakzakun appeared in front of Henkka. Henkka didn’t seem afraid and he spoke: “So... we meet again.” “Yes, indeed... who would’ve known... that the legends were true.” “Yes... and you remember how the legend ends?” Henkka asked and smiled. Then, suddenly, he shot pure protodermis out of himself and trapped Krakzakun in a proto cage.

The other monsters, seeing that their master had fallen, stopped fighting and retreated, each to their own direction. The Monster Army had been disbanded.

Episode 18

It had been a hard adventure for the Holy Toa, Henkka and the Matoran of Henkka Island. They had won the battle, and Henkka has used his extraordinary False Turaga powers to trap Krakzakun... forever. Krakzakun’s cage had been escorted to an archive below Henkka’s castle.

Henkka and the Holy Toa had went inot the Kohonga Forest in Bio-Land. They had journeyed to a mysrerious temple... the Temple of Henkka.

“What are we doing here?” Leraj asked.

Henkka didn’t answer. He walked in the temple and went to the backwall. On the wall, was a slot, with carbings around it. Henkka placed the Symbol of Mata Nui on the slot and a blast of pure energy shot into the sky. Then, Henkka became covered with light and as it faded away, the Holy Toa noticed... Henkka was now a Toa.

“I shall journey to a land far away”, Henkka told the Holy Toa. You will stay and protect my island.

“But... but, we wanna come with you!” Nowah resisted. “No. You’re supposed to stay in Henkka Island. I’ll go and face my destiny myself.

The seven Toa journeyed back to Henkka Island. There, the Holy Toa watched as Henkka sailed behind the horizon with a small boat.

Then, Jinu decided to zoom. He used his mask to zoom more and more, until he saw Henkka clearly. He continued to zoom for a long time. The others waited patiently. After enourmous amount of zooming, Jinu finally caught a glimpse of an island far away. He tried to zoom more but he had zoomed enough. He could only see the island as a dot far away. It took Jinu several minutes to de-zoom back to his normal vision.

“He’s travelling to an island...”, Jinu told the others. “What shall we do?” Lah asked th eothers. “We’ll follow him”, Leraj said. The others looked him with awe. “Yes, we’re gonna fllow him. He needs us, I’m certain of it.”

And therefore, the Holy Toa went to their own ship and started sailing below the horizon.

The End

(The story will be continued in the second part of the Noble Tasks Series: The Noble Tasks: The Island of Slavery)


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