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The oraclebeing
The Oracle
SpeciesOne of a kind
KanohiFusion of Ignika and Avohkii
ElementAll elements
OccupationDestroys evil
StatusDead,but reincarnates
Pronunciation'Thee Oracul'

The Oracle is an enormously powerful being whose job is to rid the universe of evil every time it gets to an uncontrolled rate.He reincarnates,and he last lived at least 10,000 years ago in his 22nd form.



The Oracle was originally created by the Great Beings in order to control the amount of evil in the universe and protect the Great Spirits.They gave him the ability to control all elements,including legendary ones.He was sent down sometime after Mata Nui was to the universe,originally going to Metru Nui to aid in its construction.When some beings,such as Tren Krom began to rebel,he started the Time Slip with the Order of Mata Nui so that Av-Matoran would hold light wherever they went,even if they didn't know it.


After nearly ten millenniums,The Oracle had still not come back.Many matoran believed he would never come back,until a Prophet,named Okaka,made a prophecy that "Thou shall come back in The Nui's [Mata Nui] Darkest Hour".Many believed the "Darkest Hour" to be the Great Cataclysm,so they waited and waited,but he never came.Many once again lost hope.


  • The Oracle is now back in his 23rd form,but was greatly weakened by the forces that occurred during the Great Cataclysm.This also made him lose his memory of other reincarnations.
  • Every time The Oracle was reincarnated,he lost all his elements,but could regain them from other beings by taking small "samples" of their powers.This did not take their powers away,but only made them very slightly weaker temporarily.
  • Many things have been named after him,such as The Oracles' Spire and The Oracles' Ocean in Iuo Nui.
  • The Oracle wasn't very hard to find while he was dead, you just had to know where to look.


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