All is quiet in the tunnels of a unfamilier island. Suddenly, a ball of trouble pops out of the ground, and stares around. It stands there, in a defensive position, ready to fight.

But the creature, a Nuhvok, is fruitless. There is nobody to deprive him of his anxeity from his fearful past, and nobody to feed his flame either.

And he realizes... He could think his own thoughts... No thought-stealing...

And this, along with the fact he was alone... It meant...

I am free of the krana... thought the Nuhvok. But, at what price?

Then, he heard a sound behind him, and scraped the wall, shooting tons of earth at the creature in the darkness.

But, to his dismay, the creature released a blast of air all around the cavern.

There's only one force that can do that... he thought to himself.

"Lehvak-Kal?" he called.

"So, you have awakened, young Nuhvok." replied the green and silver figure.

"Where am I? How did I get here? Why did I get here?" he asked the Kal before him.

"Silence yourself. We are beyond the reach of anything you know of." answered the Kal.

"I thought you were destroyed!"

"That was not me. Merely a shadow copy." Lehvak Kal explained.

"Shadow copy?!" questioned the confused Bohrok.

"Yes, a copy made of shadows, by a master of shadows, for dark purposes." Lehvak Kal replied. "It was part of the enslavement. I and the other Kal, th real Kal, were imprisoned for several years. We were just recently released, but seperatly."

"And as for myself? I know where I have been for the last ten years, but before that, I cannot." Nuhvok reacted. "How did our kind make it to Mata Nui?"

"I was in slumber at the time, and cannot tell you." answered the Kal of Vaccum sadly. "I was released on Mata Nui, and took great care in hiding."

"And...?" urged Nuhvok.

Lehvak Kal sighed. "I despretly looked for any Bohrok left. Sadly, in my rushed times, I found only you."

Nuhvok looked down. He was the last Bohrok...

Chapter 1: Shadow's End

The small black Bohrok just stood there, stunned.

Is our kind over with? he thought to himself. What will happen now? Even with the Kal's help, without any normal Bohrok, there is no future...

Through his thoughts, he heard a voice.

"Hello? HELLO?!"

He shook away his doubts and looked up at the slightly larger Bohrok-Kal.

"Listen, I know you must be petrified at the news." said the Lehvak-Kal calmly. "But this does not mean you are the last. We must find more Bohrok, along with the other Kal."

Nuhvok took in a deep breath and calmed himself.

"Young Nuhvok, I think we should change our ways of calling ourselves by our species." suggested the green Kal. "We need names. What will you call yourself?"

The Nuhvok thought for a secound. He had always been one who was less creative. and listened to others demands.

He took orders, not requests.

Still, he knew better than to disobey a Kal, so he took a moment to think.

Then his mind struck it. The nname sounded calm, and a little timid, but wise. He was not yet wise, but hoped to become so.

"Vohu..." he replied. "I wish to be called Vohu."

"Great. I name myself Sehtak. Now, before we get out of these tunnels, I need you to tell me of your travels in the Bohrok War."

"I prefer not to allow my mind- no... FORCE my mind- to travel back to those times of terror..." objected Vohu with a shiver.

"I understand that." nodded Sehtak-Kal. "But to complete our task, I must know what I face."

"It is no happy story. And, besides, my mind, being held captive to the krana, was held back from any thoughts. I can offer only portions of my story. And anyway, being that it was not our land, I most likely have only a fragment of what you seek. I might waste your time, great Kal." said Vohu blankly.

"I will take the risk. My Duty depends on it, my Destiny is worth it." insisted Sehtak-Kal.

Vohu sighed. "Very well. But first, although I greatly hate the surface, perhaps there I should go to restore my strength, and search my paled mind. Only then shall you listen here to my tale."

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