The Raid
Observed by KBO
Significance of Event Major
Actions The Stern Leute allied with the Brotherhood of Makuta; Stern Leute are now against the KBO

The Raid was a war that was fought between the Stern Leute and the Keo Botez Order and started when the Stern Leute came to the BIONICLE Universe/Mata Nui. It lasted only for about a year, and the battles only occured on Arion.


The war started when Havla and Rahiko first found a Kalu on Arion. The Kalu attacked them, but they managed to defeat it. Then, more of the Stern Leute species started to arrive on Arion as they didn't know what happened to the Kalu they sent. After learning the Keo Botez were the ones that defeated the Kalu, the Stern Leute started to attack the Keo Botez. Then the Keo Botez tried to make peace with the Stern Leute, but the Stern Leute kept on attacking. So after a while, the Keo Botez got Soloo's army to attack the Stern Leute. The Stern Leute managed to find a former Brotherhood of Makuta base on the island, and made it their main head quaters. The Keo Botez created the Keo Botez Order. They also met Ehlek and he became a member of the Keo Botez. Ehlek also combined his army with Soloo's. After a year of attacks, the KBO managed to get into the Stern Leute's base, and a major battle occurred, and resulted with the KBO as the victors.


The Brotherhood of Makuta found out that one of their former bases was taken by the Stern Leute, and after investigating them, the BOM allied with the Stern Leute. The KBO named the island as their base and called it Arion. They also managed to destroy BOM knowledge about the location of the island base. The Stern Leute created more powerful species, with the help of the BOM, to prepare another war with the KBO.

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