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The World of An Endless Ocean
Setting Pirates Universe
Date set 40 BGF
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The World of An Endless Ocean is a history compendium of the Pirates version of the Matoran Universe. It was written by a popular Onu-Matoran fiction writer who disappeared before he could finish it.


Greetings, gathered friends, and welcome to this edition of the collected works of esteemed Onu­-Matoran scholar and fiction writer Gile, better known through his pen name "Farce" (which he will be referred to as following this introduction per requests from his wife). Farce was known for authoring such titles as A Substantial Gift, A Dangerous Assignment, Revenge and Remorse, The Guilty Alibi, Ring of Fear, A Bird in the Hand, Testimony of Evil, Dead Men Don't Laugh, and the hit series Deserts of Death.

Farce 001

The missing author.

At the time of this book's publishing, Farce has just been reported missing, much to this publishing company's dismay. In this volume we feature Farce’s collected information on the matters of our world, from various governments to their very ancient histories. Farce had spent many decades travelling and gathering all manners of accounts, tales, legends, and historical records in an attempt to create and publish what he claimed would be his “most timeless and legendary work ever”.

In respect to his memory, we published his work, which is what you are currently holding in your hands. Many have accused us of shamelessly profiting from an author's demise, but we strongly disagree. As said before, we are honoring a fallen wordsmith with this publication. Not only is this the last of a great writer’s works, but it is also the most detailed and comprehensive guidebook to date, if not of all. With all clarities given, we once again invite you, dear reader, to this most explicit and detailed history and atlas of our very own Planet of the Endless Ocean. We hope this will be helpful if you are ever traveling to these certain locations or just curious about the history of our world.

Time Before Time


"Gathered friends, listen again to the Legend of the BIONICLE."
―The typical opening to telling the legend
I was going to name this first section “Ancient History” due to the inaccuracy of the moniker “Time Before Time”. If you'll permit me to rant for a bit, do think about it. If there was no time, then how could there be events, days, or any seconds? However, I must admit, readers, I changed my decision simply so that this book can sell more copies and offend less. Because to my surprise, there's a lot of people who are sensitive about the classification of this age in our history.

Regardless of my disagreements with the naming of an epoch, let’s go into the theories behind the dawn of this world, shall we? For this, I did not have to travel very far; I went to the Onu­-Metru Archives that just happened to be a few steps from my home. I passed the tediously simplified information they gave out to the public and made my way to the actual Archives the museums were named for. Luckily, I had friends that let me dive right into the specifics.

Mata Nui and Planet

An artist's interpretation of the Legend.

There are two legends. The first was the very first origin people believed until they realized some things were too inconsistent. That or they thought of something once they realized we had two suns shining down on us. The first legend is the one where Mata Nui, our Great Spirit, was a member of a group of Spirits like himself. These Spirits waged war against each other, resulting in the destruction of the previous universe. Mata Nui was the only survivor, and created us in his attempt at restarting life. He created our planet by gathering various cosmic elements and smashing them together to form a celestial body. Later, he filled the planet with the other species that live with us currently. Afterwards, Mata Nui’s body disappeared and became a disembodied force, watching over us.

However, someone thought that version was not up to par apparently, and a new version was thought up. In this one, Mata Nui was now the son of a series of Great Beings: creators of many species and worlds of the known universe using their collective knowledge of science, magic, and the unknown. Mata Nui had supposedly just reached his prime age and was given a group of beings to rule over and create a world for.

Mata Nui flew around the universe for centuries, trying to look for the perfect spot to have his subjects; presently named the Tohunga, live on. Instead of creating a world, Mata Nui ended up finding what would later be known as the Planet of the Endless Ocean. He created land and let loose the Tohunga onto the planet. With a single command over them to “build”, the Tohunga constructed a mega­city known as Metru Nui in their ruler’s honor. Soon, Mata Nui created more species for the planet. Instead of going off to create more worlds, Mata Nui joined with the planet, becoming a Great Spirit and his eyes became the Twin Suns.

As I’ve said, the second version is currently the most accepted explanation for how we are. However, many species with different perspectives disagreed obviously.

The Lykos Kinsmen were not happy with this interpretation of their creation, seeing it as a rather wound­-salting insult that they were ‘secondary’ creations. They have their own version of Creation, whether or not it was to compensate is not known. What I do know is that a ‘heretic’ like me shouldn’t even be learning about their beloved inception. Fortunately, I knew a Lykos black market dealer who was one of the few closeted skeptics in the government who was willing to trade history lessons with worthless Matoran currency, but I'll discuss it when we get to the Lykos' section of the upcoming "Species" chapter.

So we have mysticism and supernatural explanations thus far. However, our friends in Versuva thinks that there is a more plausible and scientific explanation for how this universe came to be. A disclaimer that my interview quickly noted was that the Mersions do indeed believe that Mata Nui is very real. The evidence has been explicit and fully recorded, such as direct declarations to the Matoran and fully public assignments of people into positions of power. The Mersions of Versuva have studied the earth that their island was comprised of, along with those of other nearby lands. After many testings, they found signs of terraforming. They concluded that a Toa of Earth was not responsible, as they searched for the smallest of signs of such a presence on the aforementioned lands, only to find none. Along with this, no evidence of burrowing Rahi small or large were found either. The next day after being told of this, I asked for more information. However, the Mersion scientist I talked to simply got a pale expression and looked at his colleagues, who looked just as equally concerned. The scientist simply told me that what they found was not what they expected and would rather not share it. I was definitely disappointed, most likely that they found something truly remarkable and plan to profit from it without me. I suppose I can let this slide. Their expressions remains as the one thing that bother me though. What did they find? A giant living under the surface of the deepest pit of the oceans? An entire colony of a race that looks just like the Matoran but not obviously us?

I was going to press further, but I was clearly not going to get answers. I expected their discovery to go public the very following day, but nothing. They kept quiet.

Great Barrier

"It was constructed to protect us from wandering off into the Endless Ocean. It's not that hard to figure it out, right?"
―A Ga-Matoran Teacher's theory on the Great Barrier

And now to one of the Planet’s greatest mysteries: the Great Barrier. I can find information on how this world
Great BarrierPhoto

The Great Barrier

was created, and how Matoran civilization was supposed to be initialized, but nothing much about the walls that you see surrounding many parts of the world. Explorers have told me that they often tried to embark on an expedition to climb the Great Barrier, but something always happens to delay them; their boat ran out of fuel, their crew got sick, and most bizarrely, those looking to research it just lost interest. They simply believed that they were wasting their time after a moment at the Barrier.

Our Beginnings

Now, everyone knows that the Matoran are the largest population on the Planet. You can’t go anywhere without seeing at least twenty of us doing business or living the simple life. But where exactly did we come from? I heard conspiracies of a machine operated by the Turaga to construct us. Digging deep into the Coliseum, I found such a machine under the arena. However, I found out it was just what gave us our armor and it was also unoperational. Shame, I would’ve liked to create an assistant for me on this journey. I asked around the personnel of the Coliseum and they told me basically the same thing.

"Yes, the machine used to create us, but now it’s defunct, broken. I asked a friend in Onu-­Metru about it one time, and he told me that our ancestors grew too advanced so they couldn’t breed."
―Coliseum security guard

As far as I can investigate, I found tablets and scrolls of tales talking about how children were no longer existent in our world. Desperate to keep our race going, we went to Artakha for a miracle. And thus, he did, with a Miracle Machine that could birth more of our kind with random identities, appearances, and abilities. As more and more Matoran came, more and more new Elements appeared, such as Plasma, Psionics, Sonics, and the Green (Plantlife). Pretty soon, it was discovered that Metru Nui is becoming overpopulated. So much so that Matoran are leaving to live elsewhere. The Miracle Machine was overworked, and shut down. At this point, the Machine was considered a huge mistake and left to rot in the basements of the Coliseum.

By now, the Matoran population has been so overwhelming that we won’t be extinct until several quintillion years or so, according to our scientists. This also lead to us essentially being disliked by the majority of the world, unfortunately. Out of respect for the Great Spirit, most hid their opinions thinly. While others, most of the time criminals, show their resentment outright. Thanks to the Miracle Machine, we had a baby boom that not only secured our survival, but also filled up some space we originally preferred to leave empty. Many of the people I’ve interviewed for this book had shown regret for their ancestors’ actions.

The First Toa


A statue of Kopaka, the First Toa of Ice, in Ko-Metru.

While we’re on the subject of Matoran, I think it’s most appropriate if our next topic was our next stage in evolution: Toa. As general consensuses go, I have not met a Matoran that have expressed the belief that being a Toa was not the prime of their species’ lives. I can see why. Toa are heroes, warriors, and protectors. They have all this power over one of the many Elements of the world. I’ve witnessed some battles myself where the Toa displayed some creative and awe­ful uses of their powers. The legend of the First Toa should be familiar with all Matoran. It is one of those stories that we read to ourselves before we go to sleep.

For those who never saw the sun, the First Toa was a team made up of six legendary heroes, each wielding one of the main six Elements. The story goes that from the Silver Sea came a race of hideous reptilian beasts. They stood at five times the height of a Matoran and varied in Rahi qualities. Some had wings, some had webbed hands and feet, some had tails, and some didn’t. They waged war on Metru­ Nui in revenge against Mata Nui, who they claimed had a hand in making them look as they did. They called themselves Zyglak.


A sculpture of Pohatu, the First Toa of Stone, in Po-Metru.

Of course, Metru­ Nui fought back, but the Zyglak were too strong and surprisingly smarter than they let on. The Turaga ruling at the time had planned to surrender the city in exchange for the sparing of its inhabitants. However, hope came in the form of a Toa of Water; the First Toa, Toa Helryx. She approached the Turaga and presented to them six stones, each emitting a light that represented their respective element. She told them that she will use these stones to give to six special Matoran, who will become like her and fight back the Zyglak horde. With no other options, the Turaga allowed her to go from Metru to Metru, giving a stone to any individuals she found worthy. After all the stones were given to them, the six chosen Matoran transformed into the first Toa Team. Together they defeated the Zyglak and drove them back into the sea using their Elements, dishing out a humiliating defeat to the creatures. Before leaving, Helryx appointed them the guardians of Metru ­Nui on behalf of Mata Nui. She also informed them that she scattered similar stones all over the world, and suggested to the Toa that they find them so more generations of Toa can be born.

This is a legendary tale, and honestly one of my favorites of the myths. But the authenticity of the story is very much questionable. The biggest mystery was this: Who was Toa Helryx? If she came to Metru ­Nui to help, why didn’t she aid the first Toa Team in fighting them off? My colleagues and fellow writers have debated over this for years now, and their theories were never enough. Some thought that Helryx was entirely fictional and primarily created to explain the creation and appearance of the Toa Stones. Others argued that the First Toa was referring to the first Toa Team, who came on their own accord without any background as Matoran, and Helryx had no influence nor involvement in the events. Nonetheless, this tale is still very inspirational and infamous. The prefixes to our Metru and Elements were also inspired by the six heroes from the story. Their names were Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka.

The Dark Dragon

"The Shadow shall arrive"
―From the journal of one of the many mad "prophets" scattered around Metru Nui.

As the Tohunga were settling in and before his ascension to a higher plane, Mata Nui took it upon himself to explore the new planet. He found an island that was both everywhere and nowhere, and within it lived a large intelligent lizard made of shadows named Miserix. Miserix, unlike the other species that will come, was a natural creature of the Planet of the Endless Ocean, and was thus hostile towards the Great Spirit at first.

After settling differences, Mata Nui struck a deal with the Dark Dragon. Mata Nui will give Miserix the power to create life, but only if the Dragon promised to watch after the Matoran that were currently building Metru Nui. Miserix agreed, and used his new ability to create an army of philosophers and warriors from the island's lake of darkness. With this army, Miserix founded a Brotherhood that protected the Matoran and severely punished those that would threaten their way of life, even if the threat was Matoran as well. Miserix, and indirectly Mata Nui, had created the Makuta.

The Makuta, in simple terms, are scary. They are the only ones beside Karzahni himself who were poised as the anticipated punishment for a Matoran who was not working. They are still feared today, and because of this and the Toa, Matoran are scared to commit heinous crimes.

Along with protecting the Matoran, Miserix and his Brotherhood took the duty of inhabiting the world with beasts, known to us as Rahi. Miserix himself created the Kanohi Dragon, whom many nowadays consider to be his son.

While Makuta are accepted to be very real beings who are existent as the Toa are, they are hardly seen, if at all. They worked in secrecy, yet made their presence known by their ruthless actions. Their true intentions are a popular subject for various conspiracy theorists to study on. For more information, you can find many madmen on the streets of any Matoran city, town, or village rambling about "end times" and "shadows", the latter being the Element Makuta are known to use.

Their lack of appearances is why while I can definitely talk to Toa and nearly all other species on this Planet, I can't find a single Makuta for interviews. To be honest, I am glad and relieved to not meet one of them. Considering the rumors about their secretive involvement in historical events, it just sends shivers down my spine like nobodys' business.

The Brothers

So here's a little tidbit that is rather popular these days. The rumor is that Mata Nui did not ascend into a higher plane, and has in fact been living with us in the mortal realm. The primary suspect for this rumor was the Master Builder Artakha, whose skills provided by his Kanohi Ekimu, the Mask of Creation, were so good people started wondering if his name was his actual one.

Like everything, Artakha and his brother, Karzahni, had their own explanatory legend. After Mata Nui arrived on the Planet of the Endless Ocean but before the Matoran set foot on the land, the Great Spirit attempted to create a being that would help the Matoran craft their culture. His first attempt was a fluke, however, and Mata Nui's creation divided into a pair of twins. One named Artakha, and another named Karzahni. Deciding that only one can wield the duties and powers needed for the task, Mata Nui hosted a competition between the two to see who would receive the Kanohi Ekimu. Artakha, of course, won and was rewarded the Mask while his brother became jealous, creating his own Mask through hasty patchwork. Karzahni created the Kanohi Olisi, the Mask of Possibilities. With the Ekimu, Artakha could see the ingredients of a work while Karzahni, with the Olisi, could only see the results of chain events.

Artakha complied with his duties and taught the Matoran construction and architecture, allowing for Metru Nui to flourish successfully as a beacon of industrial and architectural achievement. Karzahni took it upon himself to fix the broken Matoran who injured themselves during work. However, his work became increasingly twisted and Karzahni ended up altering the Matoran's appearances and minds instead of actually repairing them. This was rumored to be because of his jealousy of the reverence of his brother's work, and Karzahni was constantly trying (and failing) to one-up him. With their very opposite ideas, goals, and personalities, Artakha and Karzahni became estranged.

Now, we definitely know that Artakha and Karzahni are real. There are islands each named after them and were confirmed to be their respective realms, for crying out loud. Artakha's island was a paradise for hard-working Matoran who deserved rewards. Karzahni's hellish land became the prison for Matoran who refused or failed to work properly. Because of the revere for Artakha and the fear of Karzahni, many understandably mistook the former for Mata Nui himself. Who else would create such a paradise for Matoran to live in?

I would write down my observations whilst visiting these places, but reasons arose that barred me from both realms. For Karzahni, it was obvious. Nobody would willingly go to Karzahni unless it was a desperate life-or-death situation to save someone or retrieve something. For Artakha, they restricted access for security reasons. Nobody had entered or exited the island for years now, and the guards lined up on the edge of the shores turned me away, despite them mentioning that Artakha had considered a place for me there due to my work.


Missing Sections

We are sorry to inform our readers that the "Time Before Time" chapter ends here. As mentioned before, Farce did not finish his work and thus some sections are missing. Please do not let this inconvenient you and continue reading the rest of this book. Thank you.

- Publishers

Of The Current World

The Great Colonization

After we built Metru Nui, and all the aforementioned legends about the Great Barrier and the First Toa happened, we decided that we needed to spread our numbers. As mentioned before, we were crowded in the City of Legends, and wanted our own places to stay at. With this in mind, the many Matoran set out on what was called the Great Colonization.

This was how we found new lands to make homes in and meet new people. There was some dispute among people, though. Some thought that Mata Nui intended for the Matoran to stay at the City, while others believed that since they were given such a large planet to live on, they ought to explore. This debate was set aside when Mata Nui himself (I mentioned before that he made his existence known, even after the times of the legends) told everyone he indeed intended for us to explore. He also told us that we would meet other species he created to keep us company.

The ones who wanted to go out into the world and see new places were estatic, while the others who wanted to stay in the City bitterly did just that. Expeditions began across the world, some people even using the Great Barrier as a guide for traveling, though the previously mentioned mind tricks brought on by the Barrier interefered many times. This resulted in a chain of shipwrecks, the area of which the wrecks happened are now considered a haunted place by Matoran.

However, the farthest we got in settling was midway through the Southern Islands. We managed to set up some towns there, for sure, but we dared not to go further. Essentially it's pure wilderness there besides the mentioned settlements. With all the difficulties we had going south, I think we can assume safely that things get more dangerous the further we travel down there. Even if you are going down there to visit friends in those aforementioned towns, you should use caution as much as you can.

Toa Cordak Incident

"Of course, the event was very upsetting to hear. Especially with the knowledge that a fellow Toa of Psionics was practically responsible for the whole incident. It's a big example of 'history teaches us lessons' or something like that."
―A Toa of Psionics on the Toa Cordak Incident

A portrait of Toa Lesovikk; restored after defacing by vandals.

The first Toa team to be ever named and recorded in history that is not from myth or legend, the Toa Cordak was a team of eight Toa led by a Toa of Air named Lesovikk. Lesovikk, on a side note, continually claimed to be the First Toa of Air from the legends, and showed annoyance that they mistranslated his name. Despite this rather discomforting attitude, one would have to be both blind and deaf to think Lesovikk wasn't effective as a Toa and a leader.

They defended a large settlement on the Northern Continent, which was right under Metru Nui if one looked at a map. For several centuries, the Toa Cordak made a name for themselves across the Planet. We Matoran at Metru Nui applauded them for their efforts, and gave them our praise whenever they visited for celebrations and/or holidays.

However, their success didn't last, as the Zyglak returned to terrorize the Northern Continent, with reported plans to once again raze Metru Nui afterwards. The Matoran of both lands pleaded with the Toa Cordak to defeat or contain the threat.

In response to the creatures' return, Lesovikk initially planned to have outside help. He called for one who claimed to be the first (and only male) Toa of Psionics, Orde, to use his powers to calm down the Zyglak. What Lesovikk didn't know was that the years had taken their toll on Orde, and he became more tempermental than the Toa of Air first knew him. This resulted in the Zyglak, instead of calming down, becoming more hateful towards Mata Nui and extended their despise towards anything he created. In a blitz attack, the Zyglak attacked the Toa Cordak after knocking Orde unconscious. Now this part isn't clear, since this idea started with rumors instead of reports. The rumor was that Lesovikk hesitated uncharacteristically for a fatal moment and the Zyglak decimated the team. Lesovikk was somehow the only one who survived, leaving for the rumor to start and taint his name. Worse, Metru Nui got news that the Turaga of the settlement had gone mad and shipped the Matoran to Karzahni.

It was a terrible day for all Toa and Matoran. Because of the terrible and brutal end of the Toa Cordak, their name became synonymous with "decimation". There's still no word on where Lesovikk is, but yet another rumor had it that he had retreated to one of the Southern Islands to wallow in his shame. Orde had also disappeared, and his mistake in dealing with the Zyglak served as a lesson for future Toa of Psionics to maintain emotional control while using their Elemental powers.

It is still debated to this day whether it was Lesovikk or Orde to blame for the incident.

The Mountain

424px-Location Xia Cityscape

A painting of Xia, with The Mountain in the background.

For those who don't know, there is an island just east of Zakaz, the homeland of the Skakdi species, named Xia. Xia is, for most intents and purposes, the second industrial powerhouse on the Planet just after Artakha. In fact, if Karzahni didn't exist, Xia would be nicknamed the Anti-Artakha. It is particularly known for producing weapons and robotic technology to be used by mercenaries and soldiers with the right amount of pay. However, it is also most known for the mountain it is held by. Yes, held by. The Moutain of Xia is alive.

The reason for this sentience isn't known, but it's clear that anyone visiting or living in Xia should not approach it in any way. Despite this, the species named Vortixx uses the Mountain as a rite of passage of sorts. For some reason, the Vortixx climb the Mountain to decide their wealth status on the island. A pair climbs it, and the survival of any of them decides their status. If both survive, they are rewarded with better working conditions. If only one survives, they will be promoted to have special privileges. As you can deduce, the survivors are almost always one of the pairs sent to climb. Traveling to Xia (and, I managed to get information on how the Mountain got to Xia anyways.

According to the Xian, the area that is currently filled up by the Mountain used to be a large quarry. Some Vortixx having fun among themselves found a rock at the center of the place. The only one of the group that survived said that one of her friends kicked the rock for fun, only to fbe eaten by it. It grew into the size of the Vortixx it ate and managed to get itself to roll towards the other Vortixx, devouring them as well. Over the years, the rock ate more and more creatures that didn't realize the danger and eventually it grew into the large behemoth today. There's some rumors that the Mountain can indeed move, but simply decides that it wasn't time yet. Another rumor was that the Mountain was actually created by a Makuta and placed on Xia, due to the high crime rate that stemmed from it with the Mountain being a precaution in case the inhabitants of the island got out of control.

Kanohi Dragon

Speaking of Xia, there's a rumor that the island is actually keeping a large monster in custody to study for weaponry. The monster in question is the Kanohi Dragon, the son of Miserix and the destroyer of the old Metru Nui.

Like many things, the Kanohi Dragon was thought to only exist in legends and myths. It was used as an explanation for the dark night sky, in which the Dragon, made of fire, flew around Metru Nui cover the sky with its large smoke plumes that generated from its body. A team of Toa from other lands imprisoned the beast in a block of ice in an underwater cave under Metru Nui. However, the smoke in the sky stayed, and regulary traveled the world in a way that would allow it to bring about night every few hours or so. This was later ignored as the reason the suns go down. However, the smoke cloud is still a factual phenomenon that occurs every 300 years or so. This resulted in periods of night that lasted for nearly a month.

A photograph from the Kanohi Dragon attack.

As for the Kanohi Dragon, myth turned into reality. One day, the Great Furnace in Ta-Metru, the source of heat in a lot of Metru Nui's homes, became fluctuating in its dispersing of its flames. This was accompanied by various earthquakes stemming from Onu-Metru to Ta-Metru. When Ta-Matoran workers were sent to investigate, they found the Kanohi Dragon feeding off of the Furnace's powerful fire. Investigation after the incident showed that the Kanohi Dragon thawed out from its icy prison and had burrowed through the sub-basements of the Onu-Metru Archives to the strongest source of heat, which was the Furnace. The Matoran accidentally enraged the Dragon by trying to lure it back into the tunnels it dug, and it went on a rampage across Ta-Metru.

The Toa Mangai, led by the soon-to-be lone hero of Metru Nui Toa Lhikan, were summoned to the City to combat the Dragon. The battle lasted over a month, but thankfully the Toa Mangai contained the fight in a Ta-Metru park. Eventually, the four Toa of Ice in the team managed to freeze the monster solid. The monster was later shipped away, presumably to Xia.

League of Six Kingdoms

In any historical record storage or book, you can't simply leave out the era of the League of Six Kingdoms. As you may have deduced, the League was a collaboration between six governments each led by a warlord of a variety of species. The League was made up of Lord Takadox, of the Xenophons of the land Xeno, Carapar the Crusher, of the Kurgans that reside in the southern island of Cimmeria, Primer Mantax, an Elasmo hailing from Myliobati, Warchief Ehlek, an Aq-Skakdi from the underwater mega-village of Ehl (Ehlek renamed it after he took leadership), Chancellor Kalmah, a Thulu from the small country of Thul, and finally the League's leader Supreme-Commander Pridak, hailing from the Land of Amiti and member/leader of the Amitians.

Mata Nui, unable or uninterested in governing global affairs, assigned the six best governmental leaders to oversee all. He chose the League of Six Kingdoms to do this, and the members each got a split of the world. However, they were unallowed to control or set foot in Metru Nui except for direct communication with the then-Turaga. For a few years, the League were successful in their affairs. However, their rather oppressive but effective attitudes towards their presidings led to their ambitions overwhelming their common senses. They soon got the idea of overthrowing Mata Nui themself, and began a campaign to conquer all of the Planet. Soon, the majority of the world was under the League's control, all except Metru Nui (even though they had an agreement with us to form a trade pact and thus leave us alone).

All the Toa that had managed to evade the League's conquering gathered in Metru Nui, to discuss defense initiatives. The League and their army of both soldiers and tamed Rahi beasts set up camp in the Northern Continent, planning to attack the City. At first, the army of Toa at Metru Nui had no options, and planned to go all out onto the League's army to buy time for the Matoran to evacuate. However, when they got to the camp, they found the army being ravaged by the supposedly tamed Rahi. There was no battle, since the army tore itself apart from the inside, leaving the League with little to no troops to take Metru Nui with. As soon as the Toa stepped towards the League members, the Rahi immediately ran off.

"It wasn't like they were scared of us or anything. It was more like they were called away as soon as we got too close."
―A Toa describing the event to a Chronicler

The League surrendered immediately, with Takadox frantically yelling that he was a spy for the Toa. The Toa had no idea what he was talking about, and assumed that Takadox had become delirious from the humiliating defeat. While the Toa were discussing what to do with the League, they found that they had disappeared from the scene. There was no sign of the warlords despite them being nearby the Toa.

After news of the defeat quickly spread, the League's high ranking officers surrendered and all territories were freed and allowed to each be self-governed however they want. The status of the League members are still unknown. Their respective species backed up into obscurity and hardly did anything noteworthy from that day on. It is also still unknown why the Rahi turned on their captors when they were clearly under control. Despite having an official name as the League of Six Kingdoms, the collective was now referred to by Matoran as the Barraki, the Matoran word for "warlord".

Matoran Civil War

With the Barraki out of power and gone, a lack of leadership arised among the Matoran society. Without a leader to coordinate daily going-ons, things spiraled out of control. It all started when a delivery of Kanohi Masks didn't arrive in Po-Metru. The Masks were required for a job that several Po-Matoran Carvers were doing. Arguments came when one of the Mask-Maker company's supervisors confronted one of the Carvers. Despite the argument ending with reluctant consensus, conflict continued when a Po-Matoran Builder company attempted to purchase a building in Ta-Metru. Many Ta-Matoran believed this to be Po-Metru's attempt at spreading its territory and resulted in a large brawl between the former and the Po-Matoran Builders.

As tensions hightened, Ta-Metru and Po-Metru relations worsened. The final straw was when a group of Po-Matoran sank a barge in Ta-Metru, and both sub-cities declared war on each other. Soon, the Ga-Matoran and Onu-Matoran sided with the Ta-Matoran while the Ko-Matoran and Le-Matoran allied with the Po-Matoran. I would like to act like some war hero and claim that I fought in the Civil War, but both are untrue. I didn't fight and stayed neutral, and this was the kind of war where there were no heroes. None that were Matoran anyway.

Anyways, the Civil War stopped most of the labor in Metru Nui, as everyone was busy fighting. The outside world were split on their reaction towards the war. Matoran either cheered on a side or condemned the conflict altogether. Other species were either worried about the conflict traveling towards their homelands or prepared to take the City after the Matoran killed each other. For some reason, this had a dramatic effect in the weather. It was as if the Kanohi Dragon's smoke had come early to blot out the suns. Although, it simply seemed as if the sky simply got darker, like Mata Nui was saddened by the Matoran's actions.

A dark turn soon happened. About three hundred years after the Civil War began, a message was given out to each side's leaders, telling them that the opposite side wished to negotiate a truth within the Onu-Metru Archives. Both sides, while cautious and suspicious, went with small battalions. Inside the Archives, the two sides discovered that neither of them sent the message. Suddenly, the most dangerous Rahi imprisoned within the Archives were released. They massacred the party, leaving few alive. The leaders were among the casualties, as their bodies were never found.

"It just happened so fast. One minute, the soldiers were just standing around confused. The next, all the animals got loose and...Oh Mata Nui. Then I looked up at a platform above me and I saw it. It was just a quick look, but I'm betting anything it's what got these animals out to kill everyone."
―A neutral Onu-Matoran witness who was present when the Archives Massacre happened

Just like the strange aftermath of the Barraki's defeat, the Rahi who were let loose went back to their cages. An Onu-Matoran Archivist, who was neutral and keeping shelter within the Archives, managed to lock them within again. The soldiers were both disheartened and horrified to learn what happened to their comrades and leaders, and gave up on the Civil War. The Toa of Metru Nui at the time, initially unsure of what to do during the crisis, simply scolded the Matoran for their rash behavior.

The damage, however, appeared to be far more severe. News of weather patterns spinning out of control, various earthquakes, and fluctuating sunlight suggested some kind of epidemic coming. Many religious nuts in Metru Nui claimed that Mata Nui had lost all hope in us and was dying because of our War. Very fortunately, a team of Toa led by a Toa of Magnetism named Jovan rectified this by questing for a legendary Mask known as the Ignika, the Mask of Life. A member of the team sacrificed himself to the Ignika to restore order to the natural world, and the rest left the Ignika where they found it (which is unknown, since the team refused to answer any question concerning its location).

Metru Nui had a lot of rebuilding to do after what its own inhabitants had done to it. It stuck in our minds for many years from then on. Not only did we learn about consequences, but we also learned that there is something out there that is watching and will act if not pleased with our deeds.

Forgotten Months

Years ago, I was writing down a basic outline for the next Deserts of Death book, which was initially named Solace and Solitary. I remember distinctly that I pitched the story to my editor. However, I realized too late during the meeting that there were too many inconsistencies and very loose plot threads that simply made it incompatible with the previous installments. My editor attempted to get me to write the book based on the outline, but I refused.

Six months from that day, I found myself waking up at my typewriter and seeing several completed pages of Solace and Solitary. Reading over it, I found that I had written an incomplete draft based on the outline I ended up rejecting. Not only that, but there was panic on the streets outside. My then-girlfriend (later wife) came asking what was going on, confused about the wedding photos of us that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. As the day progressed, it seems that we were not the only ones experiencing this strange phenomenon. Everyone on the entire Planet had forgotten what seems to be six months of their lives. Reports came in from all over about terrified people finding themselves in strangers' homes or generally being somewhere they had never gone to before.

The investigation went on, and it was soon discovered that several data entries in the Archives had been expunged. Due to the effects of the sudden amnesia, the Archivists working there were unable to remember what information was on the entries. A Toa Team, by the name of the Toa Hagah, was initially thought to be the perpetrators of the event, with some paranoid minds thinking that their actions signaled an oncoming Toa revolution. However, one of the few entries that weren't tampered with confirmed that the Toa Hagah were a sort of secret service for Metru Nui's leader at the time, basically an elite force to be called on when the normal Toa forces couldn't handle the situations.

Eventually, people tried their best to continue with the changes in their lives. My love and I remarried to ensure that we didn't make mistakes and I finished an edited version of Solace and Solitary, even though I had forgotten what ideas I had to replace my initial outline. It was published to lukewarm reviews, most of them sounding like they were restraining criticisms due to understanding of the recent event. The question remained, though: what caused the amnesia, and why did everyone forget the past six months?


Years after the amnesia, things in Metru Nui and the other parts of the world was quiet and uneventful. The boring days ended when it was announced by Mata Nui that a new leader would be appointed to rule Metru Nui. Of course, the Matoran were very hesitant to accept an individual leader after the disastrous events of the League of Six Kingdoms' conquest. However, our worries were quelled when we learned that the leader would be Turaga Dume, the transformed form of the famous hero Toa Dume. Dume had a reputation among the inhabitants of the Planet as a stern but wise leader, so it was very fitting for someone like this to be corronated as the City's prime leader.

I managed to snag an interview with Turaga Dume, although with a very little time to ask for specifics and I was only given general information. Most likely to avoid public relation nightmares and bad imagery. He was definitely intimidating to be around, with his hunched over physique mixed with the Noble Krili that made it seem like he was always scowling about something. Dume was a Ta-Matoran who transformed into a Toa of Fire, and later went on to found the Toa Mangai (the first generation). Dume was one of the primary leaders of the Toa that prepared to face the League of Six Kingdoms. The Turaga recounted how he was disappointed not to directly face the Barraki, and even more so when they vanished.

After the minor war, Toa Dume founded the Toa Mangai, who went from land to land to help Matoran however they could. One of these Matoran ended up being the future Toa Lhikan. When his destiny was fulfilled and his fellow Toa either perished or transformed as well, Dume transformed Lhikan into a Toa Mangai to lead the second incarnation of the team (we'll get into that next).

From that point on, Dume commanded a Golden Age for Metru Nui. The City truly became a City of Legends with its innovations in invention and industry. Soon, Toa were allowed to leave the city thanks to the introduction of their replacements; the Vahki. Metru Nui became the industrial and technological heart of the Planet of the Endless Ocean under Dume's reign.

Toa Tuyet Murders

As said before, the Toa Mangai led by Toa Lhikan was not the first to bear the name, but the second. The team originally consisted of eleven Toa. The others did not get as much recognition as Lhikan or two others that shall be named later, but I think it was clear that all that mattered to them was that they helped those they were supposed to help. This is a pretty noble attitude, and I respect that. It's too bad that they died unceremoniously in future, apart from their friends and in reportedly very brutal battles with Dark Hunters. Now for the two that many have disowned as Toa. One is Nhidiki, a Toa of Air that betrayed his own team and later became a Dark Hunter. The second was Tuyet, a Toa of Water and psychopathic murderer of several Matoran in Metru Nui.

The Toa Mangai had traveled throughout the Planet as a way to help Matoran as much as possible. After the Kanohi Dragon attack, they realized that the City was in much more danger than other places due to its high amount of value in technology, industry, and basic population of Matoran within. They also mentioned that the Matoran in Metru Nui were far more important and valuable than any other in other places. This immensley flattered us and fed our egos, but the way they said this made it clear that it wasn't favoritism. It was more of an obligation and duty.

Anyways, after a while, the Toa Mangai separated, but did not officially disband. Most of the team had the idea of spreading their numbers to cover more ground and protect more people. However, Lhikan, in a casual conversation with me one time, told me he suspected that the claustrophobic environment of Metru Nui's streets were intolerable for them and they preferred the wide open areas of the islands they occasionally visited. This left only three; Lhikan, Tuyet, and Nhidiki.

Years after the departure of the the other eight Toa, a Ta-Matoran was found murdered by the Ta-Metru docks. Inspection showed that on the Ta-Matoran's person was a tablet with Tuyet's name. When asked about this, Tuyet disclaimed knowledge. Soon, more and more Matoran were found murdered with tablets holding Tuyet's name. Tuyet finally confessed to Lhikan that she was being hunted by the Dark Hunters for possessing something she called a Nui Stone. She denied this and also claimed that she was being blackmailed by the Hunters into handing over the Nui Stone. Each murder counted down the days left to her turning it over.

Lhikan and Nhidiki found three Dark Hunters snooping around Metru Nui and arrested them, thinking that they had ended the murders once and for all by doing so. However, the murders actually continued. It was Nhidiki who realized that Tuyet was the murderer. Afterwards, the two Toa confronted her, and she turned out to indeed have the Nui Stone. She used it to increase her Toa Power and attempted to kill Lhikan and Nhidiki all the while trying to convince them to join her in ruling Metru Nui. Lhikan defeated her by blasting apart the Nui Stone into little pieces. Tuyet was imprisoned, but, just like the Barraki, disappeared. Tuyet was never seen again, and this only set things into motion that would result in Lhikan being the lone protector of the City of Legends.

Toa/Dark Hunter War

Tuyet's betrayal was not the only time the Dark Hunters were involved in crimes against Metru Nui. As more and more Dark Hunters appeared in public, such as recreational areas and shopping at local stores, it became clear that something was up. Later, the Dark Hunters' leader, known only as "The Shadowed One" announced to Turaga Dume that he intended to set up a base in Metru Nui for his organization. Knowing full well of the sinister dealings of the Dark Hunters, Dume refused outright.

In response, The Shadowed One declared war on Metru Nui, and in turn Toa basically everywhere declared war right back. The war was bloodier and more destructive than the Matoran Civil War and had many Toa give their lives in battle. However, the Toa were outnumbered by the Dark Hunters and were often overwhelmed by their numbers. Not to mention that the Toa were abiding by a code of no killing (the Toa Code) and thus made the mistake of imprisoning various Dark Hunters who were trained to escape and did so anyways.

Things worsened in such dire times when the Dark Hunters' second in command, Lariska, seduced Nhidiki into betraying his fellow Toa and joining the Hunters. Apparently, Nhidiki initially refused, but soon gave in on the condition that he be granted ownership of Metru Nui after the Dark Hunters won. "Honoring" his side of the deal, Nhidiki lured the Toa into an ambush in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, located in Po-Metru. Nhidiki convinced the army by telling them the single, quick, hard strike would end the war.

The army was indeed led into a Dark Hunter ambush within the canyon. However, Lhikan knew about the ambush from traitorous Dark Hunter and summoned hundreds of Toa to descend on the attackers, surrounding them. Severely outnumbered, the Dark Hunters grudgingly surrendered. Lhikan honorably decided to let his enemies go, on the terms that they gave up their attempts to take Metru Nui, never return, and take Nhidiki with them.

After the humiliating defeat, the Dark Hunters retreated from Metru Nui with Nhidiki. All the Toa but Lhikan left as well, having sworn to protect the lands from whence they came. With that, Lhikan became the only Toa left in Metru Nui and the only one to defend it from trouble.

The End

And thus, ends this book's detailed look at the Planet's history so far. There are obviously things left out, but I believe wholeheartedly that the most interesting events were centered around Metru Nui. As the First City, it should also be the most eventful. That and some things were restricted to me for access, thanks to dangerous lands and governments that hate people like me snooping around their pasts. A damn shame, but definitely understandable.

That's why the "Species" section exists. So I can tell you readers the Matoran's (or at least mine) biased views on other people and their cultures.



A lot of people hate the Skakdi. I'd be lying if I wasn't one of them. I can see why as well. They are some of
Location Zakaz Fortress

The ruins of a fortress on Zakaz.

the most tempermental and bloodthirsty species out there, with a history of in-fighting as long as the Coliseum Spire. Most of the Skakdi around today are mostly found to be criminals or mercenaries. I would say the Skakdi are as much as enemies of the Toa as the Dark Hunters, but the organization has a lot of them as members. So I guess they can be synonymous.

If you've never seen one, here's the description of the average Skakdi. They are very often seen with spikey spines, most of them unique to the individual that it is a part of. All Skakdi have red eyes; there is literally no exception to this. However, they do change color when a Skakdi is using his or her vision power. Speaking of which, everyone part of the species has three powers that they can use. One is the aformentioned vision power (like Heat Vision, Impact Vision, etc.), their Elemental power (which can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi, thus making it rather difficult due to the mutual mistrust that exists), and the Third Powers, which is the one with the most variety.


Nektann of the North's banner, displaying a Muaka tiger, which he is known to keep as a pet.

The Skakdi, as far as anyone knew, did not have a legend to explain their origins in our world. This was mostly because of the previously mentioned in-fighting that occurs in their homeland Zakaz. Everyone is too busy being mean to each other to think about where they came from. Zakaz is an island just south of where Karzahni is supposedly. At the very center of the landmass is a lake that the Skakdi had been fighting over for centuries. Most of their political struggles that didn't involved anywhere else was focused on gaining ownership over the lake.

If there are any leaders in Zakaz, the closest canditates are the four warlords, four powerful and/or very intelligent Skakdi that managed to assemble their own respective armies. In the West of Zakaz "ruled" Solarnn, a Skakdi of Plasma. The East was governed by Tarakk, a female Skakdi with the Element of The Green. The South was ruled by an eccentric Skakdi of Magnetism named Luhaug. The North was ruled by a warlord named Nektann, a Skakdi of Water and considered the most intelligent of the four warlords as well as the most respected and successful.

The only myth that exists in Skakdi culture is a nightmare monster named Irnakk. Irnakk was a massive gold-skinned being that collected the skulls of his victims. This being seemed to be the one thing all Skakdi feared, even the bravest and reckless of them had some kind of concern that Irnakk was indeed real and would one night drag them away to never be seen again. Because of this fear, the Skakdi worshipped Irnakk instead of Mata Nui. So when you hear them curse, they curse in Irnakk's name. But don't let this fear fool you into thinking just mentioning the monster would get you away from a Skakdi. They're smarter than that.


As said before, there is a subspecies of Skakdi known as Aq-Skakdi. These are basically the water-breathing cousins of our spiny friends. Yes, they are amphibious. They are also more nnomadic and violent than normal Skakdi, living in underwater villages and their leaders wielding the title of Warchief.

The primary visual differences include their blue eyes instead of red and more thin appearance. Their chins are noticeably smaller as well.


Now here's a confusing thing. One of the most confusing parts of the Planet. The title of "Steltian" can mean both things. It can mean a citizenship in the island of Stelt, or the name of a species that originates from the island. Either case, there's not much difference. If you came from Stelt, you're either a black market dealer or a criminal.

I'd be lying if I said I met someone from Stelt that wasn't motivated by the prospect of being rich. Even the richest Steltians have some ties in illegal activities. There's some business tycoons in Stelt that are well known to be in businesses of slavery, illegal Rahi exportation, narcotics, and just general non-nice hobbies.

For those who've never been to Stelt, it's a decrepit place full of litter, graffiti, littered graffiti, homeless people, torn posters, empty glass bottles, shattered glass bottles with blood at the sharp bits, and the feeling of wanting to buy a gun just in case you get jumped. While obviously, it's not a very constant thing, crime is so high one would get a lot of exercise just going to the store in a vain attempt to avoid passing dangerous alleyways.

The only reason for the lack of law enforcement is just that, lack of volunteers for enforcing the law, whatever there is. It's just that there's also so few good Steltians (if there's any) that any one signing up for police work is signing up for the privilege of beating the hell out of anyone they want. Now you may be thinking, what about just sending Vahki to establish law and order? That would be nice if there wasn't a suprising number of hackers and engineers there to hotwire these things. There's Vahki in Stelt alright, only they ignore some of the intelligent fish to go after the small fish.

There's been many leaders of Stelt, but they've always ended up being crooked or too cowardly. Sure, there were some benevolent ones that pop up once in a while, promising to clean up the streets. Those end up being either assassinated or corrupted as much as the others.

So there seems to be nothing good about Stelt. Not the people, not the government, not the neighborhoods. So what's good about Stelt?

The beer.


Ah, Vortixx.

If you've been around people, you'd hear the Vortixx, mostly the females, be the subject of beauty and lust. Of course, this is just a stereotype of the Xia natives, and many Vortixx are known to be sly and deceptive.

The Vortixx come from Xia, which I have described before as the home of The Mountain, industry, a ton of Visorak, and supposedly the Kanohi Dragon. Alternatively, they can be referred to as Xians. Most of the Vortixx race is female, though some males are known to exist. They're just so rare because the females have practically been exterminating them in their free time.So yes, the Vortixx society in Xia is female-dominated. The extermination of males is usually due to the assignment of dirtier and more dangerous jobs or simply out of boredom by the matriarchs.

Like I said before, Vortixx are deceptive, and manipulative. Their desire for power and wealth, while not war-happy, they are more selfish in their desires for class. When they see a power clearly greater, they immediately side with that power. As an example, the Vortixx had sided with the League of Six Kingdoms during their reign, producing weapons for them. While they avoid reflecting on their previous affiliations with the League, they are living rather well off of the Barraki's well payment.

The Vortixx are not without culture, however. As I have recounted before, The Mountain was used as a rite of passage for those living on Xia. Two Vortixx are paired up to climb it, and however many survive determines positions in society. If both return, both are given less dangerous and more pleasant occupations. If one returns while the other perishes, the survivor is rewarded with wealth and high societal positions. However, this is as far as tradition goes. Besides the fact that most Vortixx has an inner want for pay. Another thing about their "culture" is the Visorak wandering around Xia. These spider-like Rahi are seen as the perfect pets for the black-armored Xians. They even use these creatures as transportation, i.e. riding them.

There was occasional fear that the Vortixx would use their Visorak and their weaponry to attempt an attack on various Matoran settlements, but then we remembered they only do things for money.

Lykos Kinsmen

One of the most dangerous species out there, the beings known as the Lykos Kinsmen have a culture that's shrouded in mystery. Mostly because they think we, the Matoran, are heathens that shouldn't know how their religious governings work. As it turned out, the snitch I paid to get information from also had trouble understanding how his own leaders worked.

The only thing known about the Lykos is that they are the top dogs in military technology. They developed it from the Elemental Plasma from a Toa named Likor. For those who don't know, Likor was a Toa sent to explore various parts of the Planet. He never returned to Metru Nui when he entered the Lykos homeland of Exusia. From his messages, we learned about a new species out there that utterly rejected any contact with us and terminated Likor as a sign for us to never try. Because of this, interactions between Matoran and Lykos are very limited to incidental run-ins while travelling or small diplomatic meetings between lands. The Lykos are bipedal and hunchback, and walk on hind legs. Around eight feet tall, they look reptillian in nature. They are often seen in ceremonial armor or robes depending on the situation. So now when you see something matching this, you might have seen a Lykos. But considering the aforementioned lack of outside activity, it's unlikely you will.


As an Onu-Matoran, I am one of the many of my kind that envies the Mersion race in terms of knowledge and scientific intelligence.

A nocturnal race of advanced scientists and philosophers, the Mersions are a hyper-intelligent race who are perportedly the result of Mata Nui's creation of Time. According to Matoran legends, the Mersion race was created when Mata Nui invented an essential Element to power the Planet of the Endless Ocean. With the creation of Time came the species of the Mersions. Their near limitless intelligence originating from the leftover memories of a time before Time had ever even been a concept. While accepted as their origin throughout the Planet, the Mersions chuckle at the mention of this fable and are currently continuing to study their origins from a more "logical" standpoint. As of this writing, the subject of this study has become more and more unpopular due to what was quoted as "unexpected results".

The Mersions hail from an island named Versuva. A technological piece of art that almost rivals that of Metru Nui's and Artakha's splendor. Versuva, being inhabited by nocturnal beings, is mostly asleep during the day. But at night, the land lights up like Metru Nui on Naming Day. The island also mostly consists of schools and laboratories, the other buildings being homes. I visited Versuva once when there was an author's convention held at one of the schools.  A bunch of writers were invited to visit the school to see what the Mersion students there were working on. I met a rather interesting student who had managed to create what he called an "interdimensional window" that could peer into alternate universes. A favorite of his that he liked to show off seemed to be one where a Mersion was a gritty crime-fighting vigilante in Metru Nui for some reason. The enthusiastic student then proceeded to tell me that he and a few of this other colleagues were working on interdimensional gateways without the use of a Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of...well, Dimensional Gateways. I gave him my wishes of luck on that.

Anyways, the Mersions have a rather unorthodox view on conflict. They're a very pacifist race, meaning they are very determined to not directly fight in wars or the like. Some Mersions might practice combat styles, but these practices are strictly limited to recreational use only. Although they are peaceful, they're not above lending strategic services to armies in times of war. The only thing they want is no part in the conflict, of course.During the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms, the Mersions attempted to remain firmly neutral. However, Chancellor Kalmah soon realized the Mersions' potential threat to the League, and swiftly conquered them. They were then forced to supply the League with their resources. This led to defenses to be set up on Versuva that apparently distorted Time in a way that it drove off unwanted intruders. I wonder if I fell victim to it, since it felt like it took ten days to get to Versuva when it should've have taken two and a half.

Despite my visit to Versuva, it's wise to keep in mind that the Mersion race are a rather isolation-liking kind. So thinking about visiting would probably be met with unintentionally rude ignorance or confusion over the time it took to get in and get out.


It is currently the fifteenth millenium of Dume's rule, Matoran culture is still up and prospering like it never had before the Turaga's tenure as leader. Even in the wake of the Toa/Dark Hunter War, we were keeping up chin up, drinking our drinks, and eating our foods. However, the events that occurred within the background of our lives I feel need mention. They were indeed in our news readings, but not many people seem to acknowledge. It's either they don't care or they simply feel it's better not to give attention to the endangering of several species.

For starters, the species that the Barraki had once commanded with six iron fists had seemed to have torn each other apart in a massive battle. In the wake of a power vaccuum caused by the League's disappearance, anarchy rose in each of the warlords' respective nations. Nearly all the citizens or soldiers tried to take over, only to be overthrown seconds later by stronger peers or hired assassins. Eventually the political infrastructures of Xeno, Cimmeria, Myliobati, Ehl, Thul, and Amiti collapsed. Since the majority of their citizens participated in the fighting, few members of their respective species exist now.

While not a species, all if not most of the Planet's Toa of Iron and Magnetism have been killed. While of course, the numbers are not always accurate, so far there are no known Toa of Iron or Magnetism to still be alive out there. Their Matoran counterparts remain alive and unscathed for the most part, thankfully. Those with power over metal had notably moved away from Metru Nui, preferring to live in rural areas such as grasslands and forests. Ironic, of course, that these Toa and Matoran prefered a place away from their turf. While Turaga Dume assured that not all Toa have been eliminated and that all of his contacts and allies were still searching, it was clear that none were left.


Farce is currently missing, with no trace of evidence that could clue in the proper authorities to any possible candidates for his wherabouts. Because of this, this publishing company would like to take a moment to give our thanks to Farce's extraordinary work to give this company its reputaion and living all these years. It is a very tough shame for such a powerhouse architect of fictional creativity to have seemingly fall off the face of the Planet just like that.

An afterword by Farce himself did not come to fruition, as the author sadly vanished before completing this work. This work he had claimed would be his crowning achievement. Enough to even retire him, in point of fact. We hope with deepest sincerity that this work meets his expectations if he happens to find out about it in some way. We do not want to assume the worst, but if Farce is indeed passed, we hope this edition of his final work would make him proud.

Our most sincere and deepest condolences to his beloved and many many fans.

- Publishers



Gentlemen, it's clear that in his writing, Farce was very opinionated towards certain subject matters. In a book that is supposed to be a compilation of the world's cultures and history, there's obviously going to be a lot of offensive material. Thankfully, Farce's wife is less persistent than he is so no doubt she'll let us do our desired editing.

First things first, the documents Farce sent us were scribbled all over with cross-outs, poor handwritten annotations, etc. In fact, most of the "Time Before Time" section appears to be heavily rewritten in a hasty manner. Some of the text is still discernible, so we can publish those that we can salvage and paraphrase. It also seems that Farce had lost it while on his journeys.

Most notably, most of the ancient myths had been replaced with mentions of something that seemed to say "sphere mega" and some kind of ancient war. No doubt he was talking about one of Mata Nui's origins and had delusions relating to them. Another note of interest is that there were some doodles of three planets. Or at least one giant planet with two moons. Even more delusions because Farce appeared to have drawn arrows pointing at one of these moons claiming it's the Planet of the Endless Ocean. While it's obvious what's wrong with this, I'll say it anyways. If the other moon and the huge planet truly exist, then we would clearly see it in the sky. If it wasn't said before, gather any legible details and compile them into a comprehensive form, in Farce's writing style of course.

Lykos Kinsmen (Original)

The following is the original manuscript for the Lykos Kinsmen section. For obvious reasons, it will be edited to prevent offense to the Republic so as to avoid futher grudges. The reason for the changes should be noted as due to rather explicit information that the Republic clearly did not want to be publicly known to anyone outside their territory.

If there's such a thing as someone who's an enemy yet not, the rather massive hunching stone walls known
Lykos wFlag

"A portrait of one of the earliest Ultra Directors (leaders of the Republic); possible forgery due to questionable source." Also to be removed in published version.

as Lykos Kinsmen are the prime examples.

While Xia is certainly one of the leaders of the idustry and weaponry business in the the world, the Lykos Kinsmen are the top dogs in military technology. Fittingly, since their first name translates to "Wolf". As far as everyone knew, no one is able to quite surmount to the Plasma-based war machines these guys pioneered. While you might be able to purchase their weapons from black markets in Stelt, it's nearly impossible to get anything from the Lykos and anywhere within their Republic. This is because they purposefully cut themselves off from the world, and are constantly preparing for wars that may or may not even happen.

The Lykos are a introverted species and refuse to give out any information other than declarations to us "heretics" outside their territory. The main reason that's been made clear is that they see Mata Nui as a False Deity. In fact, their name for him essentially means that. They call him "Grogos Sarkus", or, as my informant had told me, "False Entity".

According to my informant, the Lykos believe themselves to come from seven gods, each with seven duties given to themselves. Together, their work culminated into what became the Lykos, or at least their ancestral counterparts. Living in tribes, they revered these gods and believed all was created by them and them only.

One of these gods however, became too curious and created other species himself. The favorite of his is the Matoran. Enraged by this supposedly selfish act, the Lykos denounced who they referred to as the Black Sheep of their beloved creators, and later dubbed him "Grogos Sarkus". Yep. The Lykos thinks Mata Nui is the selfish little rebel that didn't listen to his brothers and sisters. As "Grogos Sarkus's" creations spread, the other gods left in disappointment over the ruination of their work. The Lykos ancestors were devastated by this departure and fully isolated themselves from the rest of the Planet of the Endless Ocean, only occasionally coming out in diplomatic terms or in campaigns to take land. Eventually, they industrialized and instantly became renowned for their unique technology.

Another difference between them and everyone else is that the Lykos still have the ability to breed. Their culture heavily involves the existence of families that each have their own reputations and honors. These families, while honorable, constantly compete with each other in attempting to reach high power. The highest being the position of Ultra Director.

We first knew of the Lykos when a Toa of Plasma named Likor disappeared during an exhibition to lands later discovered to be owned by them. It was after this that you can assume began the Lykos' industrialization using a variation of Plasma as an energy source. You can basically put the two and two together. A rather sickening thought, but it's a good assumption considering how Lykos are towards everyone that's not of their world. It was also mentioned by my informant that Likor's name is what the Lykos took inspiration from for their translated title in order for the Matoran and anyone else to understand their intentions. The "Kinsmen" part was apparently added for heritage reasons.

The Lykos are bipedal and hunchback, and walk on hind legs. Around eight feet tall, they look reptillian in nature. They are often seen in ceremonial armor or robes depending on the situation. So now when you see something matching this, you might have seen a Lykos. But considering the aforementioned lack of outside activity, it's unlikely you will.


The following was Farce's entry on Voriki, the Toa of Energy. Due to the nature of this specific moment, we're going to remove it from the final edition. This is only here for future reference.

A rather strange part of Metru Nui's history, a purple-clad Toa wearing what he called a Kanohi "Gaaha" by the name of Voriki had once appeared claiming to be a Toa of Energy. While everyone was confused by the strange reference to a never before heard-of element, Voriki had successfully got everyone's graces rather quickly thanks to his demonstrations of his powers. For instance, he used his powers over Energy to make a bunch of Matoran dance against their will. Then, he demonstrated that he could prevent himself from falling to his death by levitating himself just before he hit the ground.

The show won over a lot of Metru Nui, though a lot of people, including me, were still skeptical. Some of the Toa in the City were not impressed either. Some of them I had talked to had told me they didn't really care for Voriki and tolerated his admittedly annoying status as a celebrity. However, Voriki seemed to prove himself to be a hero when he defeated a pair of Dark Hunters in a Metru Square. He was so good in fact that the Hunters were practically begging for him to leave them alone. Voriki's celebrity status skyrocketed.

His victory wasn't exactly a mind-changer, though, as the Toa were even less impressed, some even suspecting that Voriki had paid off the Dark Hunters to pretend to be defeated by him. Voriki smugly dismissed these claims, of course and revelled in his popularity. His amazingly unique Element had also helped this, having led lots of Scholars and Archivists to research hard to find out more about Energy.

His fame basically fell like a boulder down a bottomless pit when he made a very foolish decision. See, he had decided to show off more and had challenged then-Toa Dume to a battle in the Coliseum before all of Metru Nui. At the time, Dume was a newcomer Toa of Fire but still the firm person who would soon lead the City of Legends as a Turaga. Voriki probably banked on his reputation to precede him and either get Dume to fear him or at least take him easy due to the general Toa's apathy towards him. Unfortunately, Dume was somewhere in-between and easily defeated him.

Humiliated, Voriki admitted that he had indeed paid off the Dark Hunters to take dives in a staged fight and that his "powers" were in fact thanks to a variety of Kanohi he owned that all had the same shape, cleverly switching them out when he was required to show a demonstration of his "power". Voriki had also turned out to be a disgraced Toa of Gravity that lost all of his Elemental energy in a battle he had recklessly dived into. He had created his new identity in order to regain the fifteen minutes of glory he enjoyed. Now that he was exposed, Voriki had begged for protection claiming that he didn't manage to pay the Dark Hunters enough and that he owed them big time. Unfortunately, all of his lies had made his pleas to be ignored.

Some time later, Voriki went missing. Security footage near his home showed the Dark Hunters that he paid off wandering nearby. He's still missing, but considering his trickery of all of Metru Nui, nobody ended up giving damn. Miserable and cruel, yes, but if you didn't live in Metru Nui, you wouldn't understand.


  • Acid Flies - Small insects that bleed acid; can be found on the Southern Continent
  • Air - the element that pertains to the winds; associated with the color green, free-spirited traits, and the virtue of Faith.
  • Akaku - Mask of Vision; allows user to see things in different variations.
  • Archives - Onu-Metru-wide museum and zoo that catalogues and holds one of all historic artifacts or Rahi; has tunnels beneath Metru Nui for safe transportation of artifacts or captured Rahi.
  • Archives Beast - A unique shape-shifting Rahi that is held in the deepest levels of the Archives.
  • Archives Mole - Synergetic Rahi who dwelled in the Archives tunnels after being pushed out of Po-Metru.
  • Artakha (being) - Master Builder; wearer of the Kanohi Ekimu, the Mask of Creation; brother of Karzahni; ruler of the land of the same name.
  • Artakha (location) -  Land ruled by the being of the same name; fabled haven for most hardworking or creative Matoran.
  • Artakha Bull - a Rahi whose docile and peaceful nature has inspired its naming after the Master Builder.
  • Arthron - Mask of Sonar; allows user to detect objects using sound.
  • Ash Bear - A large Rahi known for shedding an ash-like substance.
  • Aq-Skakdi - Water-breathing cousins of the Skakdi race; currently endangered.
  • Barraki- Alternate name for the League of Six Kingdoms; the six warlords that were tasked with governing the Planet of the Endless Ocean under orders from Mata Nui but went against them in their desire to take over.
  • Bettany - Mask of Intangibility; allows the user to move through solid objects.
  • BIONICLE - Everything.
  • Blade Burrower - A subterranean Rahi that digs in mysterious patterns.
  • Bohrok - Insectoid robots "driven" by mask-like parasites called Krana; discovered in an Archives tunnel, briefly wreaked havoc before the Archivists managed to put it into stasis .
  • Brakas - An annoying simian Rahi.
  • Brotherhood of Makuta - "Official" name given to the Makuta species; supposedly operates in secret.
  • Burnak - A quadrepdal and feline Rahi.
  • Cable Crawler - An insect Rahi that is known to confuse Le-Metru cables for food.
  • Calix - Mask of Fate; allows the user to perform impossible acrobatic feats.
  • Catapult Scorpion - A Rahi that has a catapult instead of a stinger for a tail.
  • Cave Fish - A fish that can make itself look bigger than it actually is.
  • Chutes - A large series of tubes that serve as the main transportation for Metru Nui inhabitants around the city; invented in and run by Le-Metru.
  • Chute Lurker - A Rahi that lives in the chutes.
  • Cliff Screecher - A bat-like Rahi that can be found in Odina.
  • Crast - Mask of Repulsion; allows the user to repel objects in defense or offense.
  • Crystal Climber - A bird-like Rahi that dwells on Knowledge Towers and preys on Ice Bats.
  • Dark Hunters - Organization of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and assassins led and co-founded by The Shadowed One.
  • Dav - Mask of Growth; allows the user to grow to large sizes.
  • Dermis Turtle - Small Rahi that are often kept as pets throughout the Planet of the Endless Ocean; can supposedly predict the weather.
  • Dikapi - Flightless birds that live in the deserts of Po-Metru.
  • Dume - Turaga of Metru Nui; formerly the first Toa Mangai of Fire.
  • Earth - the element that pertains to soil and land; associated with the color black, thoughtfulness, and the virtue of Prosperity.
  • Ekimu - The Mask of Creation; allows wearer to detect ingredients for any desired project; worn and kept by Artakha.
  • Elda - Mask of Detection; allows user to find whatever they are looking for or things of interest nearby.
  • Endless Ocean - The neverending waters that make up most of the world.
  • Energized Protodermis - Unstable and powerful form of Protodermis; has varying effects with exposure.
  • Energy Hound - Canine Rahi that has the ability to detech distinct energy signatures; often used as domesticated pets or guard dogs.
  • Exusia - Homeland of the Lykos Kinsmen.
  • Fader Bull - A Rahi bull that teleports when startled.
  • Faxon - Mask of Kindred; allows the user to use the powers of Rahi that share the general environment.
  • Fire - the element that pertains to heat, fire, and lava; associated with the color red, impulsiveness, and the virtue of Courage.
  • Frost Leech - A leech that feeds off of heat.
  • Furnace Salamander - A reptile native to Ta-Metru.
  • Gali - Legendary Toa of Water; member of the First Toa Team; namesake of Ga-Matoran, Ga-Metru, etc.
  • Garai - Mask of Gravity; allows the user to increase or decrease an object's weight.
  • Gravity - the element that pertains to the pull towards the ground; associated with the color purple.
  • Great Barrier - Enigmatic wall that surrounds the edges of the known world; has some kind of aura that drives away curious onlookers.
  • Great Beings - Supposed creators of Mata Nui or the species Mata Nui belonged to before their in-fighting led to the destruction of the previous universe.
  • Great Furnace - Holder of the intense flames that give Metru Nui its heat and the power source for Ta-Matoran workers.
  • Great Settlement - The event where the Matoran built Metru Nui and explored most of the Planet of the Endless Ocean, setting up towns and villages, and paving way to the modern world.
  • Gukko Bird - A bird Rahi that is known to be untameable, despite many Le-Matoran insisting that they can be ridden.
  • Hau - Mask of Shielding; allows the user to protect himself using a force field.
  • Helryx - The First Toa; Mother to all Toa; created the Toa Stones; first Toa of Water.
  • Huna - Mask of Concealment; allows the user to become invisible.
  • Ice - the element that pertains to ice and cold; associated with the color white, isolation, and the virtue of Peace.
  • Ice Bat - A Rahi that is currently a pest problem in Ko-Metru.
  • Iden - Mask of Spirit; allows the user to temporarily leave their body and continue in spirit form.
  • Ignika - Legendary Mask of Life; used by a member of Jovan's team to save Mata Nui's life and bring the Planet back to natural order; location unknown.
  • Irnakk - Nightmare creature; feared by all Skakdi and worshipped by them.
  • Iron - The element pertaining to metal.
  • Island That is Everywhere and Nowhere - The supposed homeland of the Makuta.
  • Jovan - Toa of Magnetism who led a Toa Team to recover the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life, during the Matoran Civil War to save Mata Nui's life; currently a Turaga.
  • Kadin - Mask of Flight; allows the user to soar through the air.
  • Kakama - Mask of Speed; allows the user to move at impossible speeds.
  • Kanohi - Masks that grant powers to users; either powerless or not.
  • Kanohi Dragon - A giant monster that is constantly engulfed in smoke; believed to be the "son" of Miserix, the First Makuta; rampaged through Ta-Metru before the Toa Mangai defeated it.
  • Karzahni (being) - "Fixer" of Matoran; ruler of the realm of the same name; wearer of the Kanohi Olisi, Mask of Possibilities; was tasked with repairing Matoran until his sick curiosity led to gruesome rebuilding of those he was meant to fix.
  • Karzahni (location) - Realm that is ruled by being of the same name; considered a place of punishment for Matoran who failed to work.
  • Kavinika - A wolf Rahi that is often used for guarding objects, though are difficult to tame.
  • Kaukau - Mask of Breathing; allows the user to breathe in any environment.
  • Keetongu - Mythical and intelligent Rahi claimed to be a curer of the poisoned and the venomous.
  • Kikanalo - Rhino Rahi that roam the deserts of Po-Metru.
  • Kiril - Mask of Regeneration; allows the user to repair inorganic objects.
  • Komau - Mask of Control; allows the user to physically and mentally control anyone with the same mental strength.
  • Kopaka - Legendary Toa of Ice; member of the First Toa Team; namesake of Ko-Matoran, Ko-Metru, etc.
  • Kualsi - Mask of Teleportation; allows the user to teleport to any location of their choosing.
  • Lesovikk - Toa Cordak of Air; name has been forever cemented as a reminder of a Toa's ability to make mistakes; currently disappeared.
  • Lewa - Legendary Toa of Air; member of the First Toa Team; namesake of Le-Matoran, Le-Metru, etc.
  • Lhikan - Toa Mangai of Fire; currently Metru Nui's lone hero.
  • Light - The element pertaining to light and purity; considered a mythical element as no Matoran or Toa of Light exist.
  • Lightning - The element pertaining to electricity.
  • Lightning Bug - An insect that can generate electricity.
  • Luhuag - Skakdi Warlord of the South.
  • Lykos Kinsmen - Religious and militaristic species hailing from Exusia, where they have formed a Republic; hostile towards outsiders and non-believers of their beliefs especially.
  • Magnetism - the element pertaining to the attraction between metallic objects.
  • Mahi - Goats Rahi, used for pulling carts.
  • Mahiki - Mask of Illusion; allows the user to cast an illusion over anything of their choosing, even themselves.
  • Makuta - Mysterious beings who work from the shadows to enforce order on the Planet of the Endless Ocean; supposedly beings of shadow encased in armor; creators of the Rahi, which earned them the moniker of "Beastsmiths".
  • Manas - crab-like Rahi.
  • Mata Nui - The Great Spirit; creator of the Matoran and most of the things that live on the Planet of the Endless Ocean; currently watching over us through the Twin Suns/Moons.
  • Matatu - Mask of Telekinesis; allows the user to lift objects with their minds.
  • Matoran - A species that makes up the majority of the Planet's populace; the form of a Toa before transformation.
  • Maxilos - Robotic guards designed to withstand underwater trouble; considered the water-dwelling "cousins" of the Vahki.
  • Metru Nui - the City of Legends; the most industrial and revered city in all of the Planet of the Endless Ocean; the central hub for trading, transportation, equipment, and industry.
  • Mersions - Highly regarded scientists and scholars from the island of Versuva.
  • Miserix - the First Makuta; also known as the "Dark Dragon"; rumored leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta; the creator and considered "father" of the Kanohi Dragon.
  • Morbuzahk - A sentient plantlife that is currently plaguing Metru Nui with its destructive attacks on various Metru.
  • The Mountain - A sentient mountain that sits adjacent to the populace of Xia; consumes almost anything that touches its surface.
  • Muaka - A dangerous tiger Rahi.
  • Necrofinch - A bird that can continue singing even after death; can be found in Zakaz.
  • Nektann - Skakdi Warlord of the North; most successful and feared of the Four Warlords.
  • Nidhiki - Disgraced Toa Mangai of Air who betrayed Metru Nui to the Dark Hunters during the Toa/Dark Hunter War; currently a Dark Hunter.
  • Northern Continent - Second largest landmass on the Planet; just south of Zakaz.
  • Nui-Jaga - Scorions that can shoot venom from their tails.
  • Nuju - A Ko-Matoran who pioneered the theory of Toa Spirit Stars.
  • Nuparu - An Onu-Matoran Engineer who invented the designs for the Vahki.
  • Nynrah Ghosts - Master Fe-Matoran inventors whose skills are close to that of Artakha's, some even believe the Master Builder trained them himself.
  • Olisi - Mask of Possibilities; created by Karzahni from stitching together various masks; allows him to see and show others alternate realities where a different decision was made.
  • Olmak - Mask of Dimensions; allows the user to open dimensional gates to travel to different realities; extremely rare and difficult to craft.
  • Onua - Legendary Toa of Earth; member of the First Toa Team; namesake of the Onu-Matoran, Onu-Metru, etc.
  • Orde - the First and only male Toa of Psionics; his temper costed him dearly as it failed to calm down the Zyglak, leading to the near extinction of the Toa Cordak; along with Lesovikk, his deed served as a warning for Toa to not let their troubles interfere with their work.
  • Pakari - Mask of Strength; increases a user's strength a hundredfold.
  • Pandor - Mask of Rahi Control.
  • Pehkui - Mask of Diminishment; allows user to shrink to small sizes but retain their strength.
  • Planet of the Endless Ocean - The name given to the world on which we live.
  • Plantlife - also known as "Jungle" or "The Green"; the element pertaining to plants, spores, and flora.
  • Plasma - The element pertaining to superheated gas and neon.
  • Pohatu - Legendary Toa of Stone; member of the First Toa Team; namesake of the Po-Matoran, Po-Metru, etc.
  • Protodermis - The matter that makes up everything in the universe.
  • Proto Drake - Aquatic lifeform that roams the waters of Ga-Metru.
  • Psionics - The element pertaining to the mind, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Rau - Mask of Translation; allows the user to read and/or understand different written or spoken languages.
  • Razor Whale - A large aquatic Rahi with spikes protruding from its spine.
  • Rock Lion - A lion with stone-like skin and a mane that heats up when irritated.
  • Rode - Mask of Truth; allows the user to see past illusions and detect lies.
  • Ruru - Mask of Night; allows the user to see in the dark or project a beam of light, also allows limited x-ray vision.
  • Sanok - Mask of Accuracy; allows the user to have pinpoint precision.
  • Shadow - the element that pertains to darkness and emotional turmoil; supposedly commanded by Makuta.
  • The Shadowed One - feared leader and co-founder of the Dark Hunters.
  • Silver Sea - The Protodermis-blended waters that surround Metru Nui.
  • Skakdi - Savage large-spined beings that hail from Zakaz; all members have three powers: an Element that can only be used if conjoining with another Skakdi of the same Element, a Vision Power, and a Third Power.
  • Sonics - also known as Sound; the element that pertains to sound, volume and vibrations; associated with the color silver.
  • Southern Continent - Largest landmass on the Planet; just south of the Northern Continent
  • Stelt - An island that is known for its high crime rate and trading.
  • Stone - the element pertaining to rocks and sand; associated with the color brown, lightheartedness, and the virtue of Creation.
  • Suletu - Mask of Telepathy; allows the user to read minds and plant ideas.
  • Tahu - Legendary Toa of Fire; member and leader of the First Toa Team; namesake of the Ta-Matoran, Ta-Metru, etc.
  • Takea - A shark Rahi.
  • Toa - Element-powered defenders of the Matoran and by extension all life on the Planet of the Endless Ocean; with exceptions of very few, Toa are originally Matoran who had been given a Toa Stone and transformed by its energies; Toa will transform into Turaga if their power is sacrificed.
  • Toa Cordak - A famous Toa Team that was tragically massacred by Zylgak; formerly led by Lesovikk, who is believed to be responsible for the team's end along with Orde.
  • Toa Hagah - Elite group of Toa that are specially selected to serve as a kind of secret service to important figures.
  • Toa Kaita - A fabled occurrence when three Toa fuse together to form a new being of immense power.
  • Toa Mangai I/II - A two-generation Toa Team that was formerly led by Dume, who was succeeded by Toa Lhikan; currently disbanded due to missing or deceased team members, leaving Lhikan the only Toa Mangai remaining.
  • Turaga - Leaders of Matoran; the stage of life that follows a Toa after he or she has completed their destiny and sacrificed their power.
  • Tuyet - Disgraced Toa Mangai of Water who murdered Matoran in her quest to keep the powerful Nui Stone; whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • Twin Suns/Moons - The eyes of Mata Nui, looking down and watching over all of the Planet of the Endless Ocean with their light.
  • Ussal Crab - A Rahi that is commonly used for transportation, mining, or sport.
  • Vahki - Robotic peacekeepers of Metru Nui, created by Onu-Matoran Engineer Nuparu.
  • Versuva - Homeland of the Mersions.
  • Visorak - spider-like Rahi; known as "Stealers of Life" in their native tongue; often found as domesticated pets or steed on Xia.
  • Volitak - Mask of Stealth; allows the user to move unseen and unheard.
  • Voriki - Toa of Energy.
  • Vortixx - Residents of Xia; commonly female.
  • Water - The element pertaining to water and moisture; associated with the color blue, humility, and the virtue of Purity.
  • Xia - Home of the Vortixx and the Mountain; second largest industry on the Planet and second largest weapons manufacturer.
  • Zakaz - Homeland of the Skakdi.
  • Zatth - Mask of Summoning; allows the user to summon Rahi to their location.
  • Zylgak - Creatures from the depths of the Endless Ocean who have a burning hatred for Mata Nui and all of his creations.


  • This article was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion and George R.R. Martin's The World of Ice and Fire.
  • The titles of Farce's books are the names of the episodes of the short-lived comedy series Police Squad! (In Color). His Deserts of Death series is a reference to BobTheDoctor27's pre-Fractures Universe stories, which are currently deemed non-canon.
  • The Lykos Kinsman species belongs to FireDrag1091 and the Mersion species belongs to Chicken Bond.
  • Artakha's title of "Master Builder" is a reference to The LEGO Movie, while the name of his mask is a reference to the wearer of the Mask of Creation in the 2015 BIONICLE reboot.
  • BionicleChicken made the Olisi a Mask of Possibilities due to the name being more appropriate than "Mask of Alternate Futures."
  • The Kanohi Dragon's remaining smoke causing a month-long period of night is a reference to the horror graphic novel 30 Days of Night.
  • The image of the Kanohi Dragon is visually inspired by the various posters of the 2014 film Godzilla.
  • The League of Six Kingdoms' species and homeland names are references to their inspirations, powers, and appearances.
    • Takadox is a Xenophon, the middle name of hypno-psychologist Theodore Xenophon Barber, who pioneered the Barber Suggestibility Scale which can determine a patient's hypnotic susceptibility. This is a reference to Takadox's ability to hypnotize others.
    • Carapar hails from Cimmeria and has a barbarian-like title. Cimmeria is Conan the Barbarian's homeland in his stories and subsequent movie adaptations. His species being named Kurgans is a reference to actor Clancy Brown, who played a villain named the Kurgan in the film Highlander and is also best known for playing the crustacean Eugene Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Mantax's species and homeland names are shortened versions of manta ray classification names.
    • Ehlek being part of a sub-division of the Skakdi species is simply because of his spine.
    • Kalmah's species name is a reference to the Lovecraftian god Cthulu.
    • Pridak's land of Amiti is a reference to Amity Island, the setting of the shark movie Jaws.
  • This page contains foreshadowing to future Pirates plotlines (if BionicleChicken manages to complete the story).
  • Voriki's section was written with BIONICLE Mary Sue characters in mind.
  • Ultimately, all of the information about the various locations would become useless in the main storyline due to the Great Flood.