Chapter 1: The Messenger

Virlo sighed. How long did lessons take? He did want to learn about bike mechanics, but when they took as long as this…

“Psst. Virlo,” whispered Leto.

“Yeah?” whispered back Virlo.

“Shouldn’t you be gone by now?” whispered Leto.

“What do you mean?” asked Virlo.

“Have you seen the time?” Virlo turned up and looked at the time. He seized up.

“Oh…I’m going to be in trouble!” he said and jumped up.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Teslo, the teaching ko-matoran.

“I’m sorry Teslo, sir, but I’m late for my job,” said Virlo.

“Could you at least excuse yourself first?” replied Teslo.

“May I be excused sir?” asked Virlo, in a bland tone of voice.

“You may,” said Teslo. Virlo sprinted out the door and out the building. He hopped onto Leko’s bike and drove towards Le-Villa.

Pisci snarled at the now dead rahi at his feet. He wiped the blood off his bottom lip and looked up to the jumping figure of Aris.

“What took you so long!” snapped Pisci.

“I was busy! Onukia!” shouted Aris. A small matoran jumped down beside him.

“Who is this?!” yelled Pisci.

“Do you know what our leeches can do?” asked Aris.

“No, but I would like to know,” said Pisci, intrigued.

"Well, we can convert matoran into our own personal slaves!" replied Aris.

"Can he be cured? Or re-converted?" asked Pisci.

“Nope. He is shadow till death,” said Aris. Pisci smiled.

“Where’s Skorio?” he asked.

“He’s still in the deserts of Po-Villa. He’s looking for Talik,” replied Aris.


“Yes, his slave,” said Aris.

“I might copy you two. I might need help when fighting those stupid toa. But first, I must attend to some business with Skorio. I hope he's remembered our engagement,” said Pisci and lifted off into the air.

Virlo jumped off his bike and hurried into the Mail Centre.

“Do you realise how late you are? We have a lot of urgent messages, and you are lounging about! What do we pay you for!” shouted Ostra, the head of mail.

“I’m sorry, I was in a lesson on-“

“Those times are over! We have the toa now! We can’t have you wasting time on bikes when the entire of Zordia Nui is falling into ni-“

A blue figure burst into the room.

“I need a messenger!” she shouted. Virlo gasped.

“Toa Capri! Why aren’t you in Ga-Villa?” asked Ostra.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m needed urgently somewhere and I need a messenger!” she shouted. Virlo stepped forward. Capri shoved a piece of parchment into his hands.

“Take that to my brothers in Po-Villa! They must be warned as soon as possible!” she yelled. With that, she darted out the building and away. Virlo was astounded. For a few moments, he stood and stared. Then Ostra snapped out of it.

“Don’t just stand there! Go!” shouted Ostra. Virlo turned. Ostra gestured to go. Virlo obliged and ran out the building and jumped on the bike. Then, he raced as fast as he could through the Le-Villa jungles. Vines hit him in the face as he rode. Bugs buzzed about his face until her hit the sand of the Po-Villa Mountains. But soon, sand was stopping the bike. He was going slower and slower until Virlo decided to get off. He jumped off his bike and trekked onward. But as he did, he heard shouts further up. Virlo began to run towards it, only to be met by two figures. One had a matoran on his back. But as soon as he saw them, one picked him up and raced down the mountain.

“You have a message for us?” asked the other figure.

“Are you toa?” asked Virlo.

“Yes we are. And I don’t think we need the message anymore,” said the figure. Virlo opened it.

Beware. They have arrived. As soon as night falls, they will rule.

Virlo frowned, but looked up as rustling produced a bat and another four legged creature. He jumped, shocked.

“I wouldn’t jump if I was you,” said the figure carrying him, “it makes it harder for me to carry you.” Virlo held on tightly as they raced down the mountain side.

Chapter 2: Late Beginning

“Who are you?” asked Virlo, scared that he was being carried by complete strangers.

“Don’t you recognize us?” asked the one that was carrying him.

“Well, no,” said Virlo.

“They’re gaining. I suggest we split up,” said the other one. He had a posh accent.

“Right,” said the one carrying Virlo. The two turned two different directions. The four legged one followed the other one while the bat followed Virlo and his carrier. They began to jump over bushes and everything, trying to lose the bat. Then, Virlo's carrier jumped down a near crevice.

“Wah!” shouted Virlo.

“Don’t worry. I know this place like the back of my hand!” said the carrier. They fell into a large space under the ground with a lava river flowing through the middle. Luckily, there were some stepping stones. They hopped over them and into a cave at the far side. It was actually bigger on the inside. Virlo hopped off and got a good look at his saviour. He had yellow and gold armour on, and was bulky at his chest. He hadn't any weapons really except a small claw he must have found.

“Let’s see…” he said and walked over to the back of the cave. “He will be back, but I might as well get ready.” He pulled two guns out the back. They both had aiming devices on them. That's when Virlo got it.

“You’re…Sagus! The Gunman!” said Virlo, realizing that he had been carried by the toa of stone.

“Yes. And these are how I got my nickname,” Sagus said, gesturing to his guns. A roar echoed from outside. Sagus looked out.

“Right. I’ll be back,” he said, and darted out. Virlo watched him from the safety of the cave. He could see he was shooting the bat. But the bat was too quick. Virlo turned back into the cave. He looked around. Surely he could help. He looked back out. But gasped. The bat was doing something that was making Sagus woozy. Sagus dropped his guns. Was the bat hypnotizing Sagus? Virlo looked for a weapon of some kind. There was an axe like weapon in the back. He picked it up. Boy, was it heavy! He started to run towards Sagus. The bat had picked up Sagus and was going for his neck. But when he saw Virlo, he dropped Sagus and flew towards him. Virlo swung the axe up high. It hit the bat right in the face. It screamed and Sagus glanced up. He was out of his trance. He pulled his guns up and shot the bat. Two hit his wings. But the bat was too fast once more, and flew out the crevice they’d come in. Sagus stood, astounded for a moment or two, but then ran to Virlo.

“I do believe you saved my life,” said Sagus. Virlo shrugged, bashfully. Sagus looked around shifty-like. Then he dropped a small stone into Virlo’s hands.

“It’s yours,” Sagus said, and darted away. Virlo held it for a moment. It was an emerald, and glowed bright green in his hands. He looked for Sagus, but he had already jumped further into the space. Virlo frowned.

"How am I meant to get out!" he shouted. No one answered.

“Damn that matoran!” shouted Pisci. Aris was laughing at him.

“Beaten by a matoran,” he laughed. Pisci pounced at him but Aris quickly jumped out the way and hung from the ceiling.

“Never try and attack a good jumper,” Aris laughed. Onukia laughed as well, hanging beside him. Pisci snarled.

"Where's Skorio?" he asked, angrily.

"He's still out there. He must be doing better than you," he said. Onukia giggled. Pisci flared his nostrils at them. Then he calmed down to ask Aris a question.

"How long did you say it takes a leech to convert a matoran?" he asked.

Virlo had found Leto’s bike, but it was a bit battered. The creature and the other figure must have hit it or something.

“Oh damn,” said Virlo when he saw it. But before he got on it, rustling from the bushes alerted him. He stood back. The rustling was loud, but instead of a creature appearing, a ga-matoran limped through. She was struggling to stay standing up. Virlo ran to her.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked. But when she looked up, her eyes were flaring with fire. Her mask was lengthening and her teeth were stretching. Her arms were shortening and she was coughing up green-like phlegm.

“Wow! What happened!” asked Virlo.

“It got me,” she said in a low demonic voice. She fell to the ground and rolled about as if she was having a fit. Gradually, her arms transmogrified into long wings, similar to the ones the bat had. She coughed up more phlegm as Virlo began to back away to the bike. He jumped on as she began to roar in an unsettling way. He started it up and rode it down the mountainside to the Po-Villa desert. Through the bushes he rode and over rocks and rubble. Onto the desert, he kept riding. But behind him, he heard the roar. He turned around. There was the ga-matoran, but she had completely changed into a bat like creature. Very similar to the bat. She flew faster and faster, trying to catch up with Virlo. Virlo trying going flat-out, but she was catching up really fast. Virlo watched her as she came closer to his fin, but when he turned back round, he was heading for the Po-Villa Canyon. Before he could react, the bike plummeted off the edge. He screamed as he fell down the canyon. At least the ga-matoran had stopped following him. He looked around the bike until he found a cord-like pulling button. He grabbed it, and tried to pull it. But it was jammed. He pulled harder. And harder. He was coming closer to crashing. He pulled with all his strength, until it came out and four wings sprung from the sides of the bike. The engine lifted up and the wheels folded in. He pulled the steering up until the bike, now a plane like machine, skimmed the ground and flew high into the air. Virlo laughed. He was alive! He'd made it! He'd made it...

Chapter 3: Lewa's Emerald

"Dear Tahu", said Turaga Leko, "we have longed for your arrival for so many centuries. Now you have all arrived."

"We are all in trouble turaga. Mata Nui has awoken-" began Tahu.

"as Teridax? Yes, we know. Ah! I see you toa found our presents!" said Leko.

"What presents?" asked Tahu.

"Why our vehicles! Our presents to you when you would awaken. We wanted to give you a gift that you could use. After our battles in the outer sky, our three best bike makers made them," said Leko.

"Where are we?" asked Gali.

"Why you are in Duskua Nui!" said Turaga Capri, "the island of weather. Many legends has this island had...

Virlo landed down beside the mail centre. But the bumpy landing had thrown him off and into a nearby tree. He landed upside-down and slid to the floor. Leto walked up to him, with an angry look on his face.

"What did you do!" he yelled.

"What do you mean?" asked Virlo.

"My bike! You've wrecked it!" shouted Leto, "look at these scratches on the back and all these dents! Where did you go? Ra-Villa?!"

"Look, it wasn't my fault. I was escaping from this ga-matoran who had gone all weird," said Virlo.

"What do you mean 'gone all weird'?" asked Leto angrily. "Well, she changed into this bat-like creature and was chasing me," replied Virlo.

"Well, look who decided to show up! Where have you been?" asked Ostra, as angry as Leto.

"I was delivering the message when-" started Virlo, but before he could finish, two white figures stumbled out of the trees. They fell in a heap next to Ostra, who was terribly shocked. "What the!" he said. One righted himself quickly. It was Koko, a ko-matoran from Ko-Villa. But then the other stood up and shook his head.

"That was quite a fall, eh?" asked Libran to Koko.

"Toa Libran!" exclaimed Ostra.

"That's my name! Don't wear it out," he said. He turned as he looked at all the matoran who were looking at him. But then he stopped on Virlo.

"You're the messenger aren't you! The one from Po-Villa!" he exclaimed happily. He walked over to him. Virlo watched. Libran was short. But he still was taller than him. He had small legs, but both of his arms were long. It was unnerving. But then again, one was only long to hold the large gun he had. In the other hand, he held his sword of snow. "I can sense it. Something happened when Koko and I tore with Skorio behind with you and Sagus. Am I correct?" asked Libran. "Well, uh, yes," replied Virlo.

"If I was you, I would make sure Capri doesn't find you with that stone," said Libran.

Leaving Virlo perplexed, he turned and hauled Koko onto his bike.

"Another time fellows," he said, and ran into the trees and out of sight.

"What stone?" asked Leto to Virlo.

"What?" replied Virlo.

"Libran said something about a stone. What stone?" asked Leto again.

"What? You mean this?" said Virlo and pulled out the emerald. Ostra gasped.

"No wonder Libran didn't want Capri to see it! Do realise what it is!" he said. Virlo shook his head. Leto did the same.

"That's Lewa's Emerald! Forged by Dawseo, the messenger of the Heavens! It has the energy to turn a matoran into a toa at the Air Temple!" said Ostra.

"What has that got to do with Capri?" asked Virlo.

"Don't you see! There can only be one toa of air!" said Ostra. Virlo and Leto watched him, blankly.

"Aelo is dead! You have been chosen to take his place!!" shouted Ostra.

Chapter 4: The Darkness

The Temple of Air was big. It was in the shape of a dome, with a hole for sunlight to shine onto the centre pedestal. Joril was reluctant to let Virlo through. Virlo knew he was just jealous. He has always wanted to be a toa.

There were six symbols surrounding the pedestal. The most eye-catching was the spiral that was sitting everywhere on the walls. Obviously, it was the symbol of air. Virlo cautiously approached the pedestal, and placed the emerald onto it. A beam of green light instantly shot out the hole in the temple. Virlo began to rise off the ground by an invisible force. He felt his legs growing and his mind growing. His body was changing, he could feel the power surging through his mind. His back pained as two large wings sprouted out and his eyes shone with the power of air. He fell to the ground with a thud. He twitched as he struggled to lift himself up. But, as he sat up, a light shone from the hole and a voice spoke telepathically.

"Virlo, you are now the toa of air. May you work as hard as your team mates, and not fear the inevitable," said the voice. A piece of rock broke out the wall of the temple, and transformed into a familiar weapon. Virlo struggled to see through the light.

"Isn't that-"

"This is the axe you used to ward off Pisci.(Pisci? thought Virlo) May you use it well as a toa," said the voice. The axe flew to Virlo and bowled him over. The weight was more than he was expecting. He pulled it up and held it over his shoulder. Then, another piece of rock broke from the wall and transformed into a gun-like weapon. Virlo recognized it as one of the guns Sagus was using. Virlo braced himself for it and it threw itself into Virlo. But he still was ready for the weight, and was bowled over yet again.

"Good luck," said the voice, and the light disappeared. Virlo stood up. He was taller now. He pulled up the gun, and held as Sagus did. It was very heavy. So was the axe.

"How do they do this?" he asked himself. He turned around, and walked out the temple, Joril eyeing him enviously. Virlo could feel his stare, but carried on to Le-Villa.

Skorio roared and punched the cave wall.

"It HURTS!! WHEN DOES IT START!!!" he shouted. Pisci was watching him.

"Not long now. The darkness should come before the day ends," said Pisci.

"Calm down Skorio! It doesn't hurt that bad does it?" asked Aris. Skorio launched at him.

"HAVE YOU BEEN BURNT!!!? HAVE YOU!!!!!? HOW DOES ICE MAGNIFY ANYWAY!!" shouted Skorio. He carried on punching the cave wall.

"Go put some water on it then," said Aris. Skorio glared at him.

"Have you forgotten Aris?" asked Pisci. Aris tossed his head about and jumped down from the ceiling.

"Now when do we attack?" he asked.

"As soon as Gaati comes back with her report," replied Pisci. He sat down on a rock and threw some pebbles at the wall, Skorio still pounding the wall.

Leto was still fixing his bike up. When Virlo arrived, it was only his mask that gave away his identity.

"Virlo!" he exclaimed.

"How did you know it was me?" he asked.

"Your mask," replied Leto. Virlo touched his mask. Didn't it change? He turned to Leto.

"Now, are you going to help me fix the bike you broke," asked Leto, turning solemn. Virlo rubbed the back of his head. Then, a scream came from the sky. Virlo gasped. Wasn't that the ga-matoran who was chasing him earlier? Then, something hit it and it began to fall. Virlo realised it was falling towards them.

"Time to get out the way!" he shouted, and grabbed Leto. He swung him onto his back, just as Sagus had done with him, and ran out the way. The ga-matoran landed on Leto's bike, shattering it into pieces and bolts of all shapes and sizes. The ga-matoran wasn't moving, so Virlo began to approach.

"My bike!" shouted Leto. He jumped off Virlo and picked up some of the remaining pieces.

"Gone..." he trailed off. He knelt in the dirt. Virlo pitied him, but was more interested in the ga-matoran. He wasn't watching the sky. Then, the figure of Sagus came running to Virlo.

"Ah! I expect you’re that matoran, eh?" asked Sagus.

"Yeah, my name's Virlo..." he trailed off like Leto, looking up at the sky. He could see a star. Sagus looked with him. But Sagus reacted differently.

"You're new, so I'll let you off, but we should run for cover quickly," he said, sternly to Virlo. Virlo frowned at him.

"NOW!" shouted Sagus. Virlo could see he was scared. He swung Leto onto his back and ran with Sagus to the village. More stars were appearing.

"This isn't good. We're running late. Don't worry, Libran should be waiting at the village," said Sagus. Virlo couldn't tell if Sagus was talking to him or Leto. Sagus was looking more serious than Virlo had ever seen him. Lights were beginning to appear in the distance. But even Virlo could hear something behind him. He gave a glance, and the bat-like creature that attacked Sagus was flying towards them, talons out-stretched. That must be the one that the light meant as Pisci thought Virlo. Pisci screamed loudly. Sagus turned whilst he was running and shot at Pisci. It hit him, but he was unaffected.

"We're in serious trouble if Libran isn't there," said Sagus, hurrying.












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