Thria is seemingly inescapable. To the south lay the Thria Tower, and a bottomless trench. To the east is the Peak of No Return. Everybody that has ever went there is never heard of again, so nobody knows the
Thria Nui

causes to these disappearances of motoran. Some motoran believe that nobody actually disappears, but, insteadturned into rahi. There is alsothe second entrance to Karda Nui. And to the west is a gulf of Thria's leftover lava from continuous eruptions, and, if you get past that, is a world pool field. Only a handful of motoran and toa know the causes of these omens. They believe it to be the doings of the Great Beings Airatakaz. The only means to escape Thria Nui is to go into the second entrance to Karda Nui, which is believed to be made by Airatakaz's fraternal twin younger brother, Zakataria.

The Dark Ages

Shortly after Thria's creation, Airatakaz seized control of the island. He destroyed all of the motorans' masks and transportation. Then, he ordered all toa, makuta, semi-toa, and intelligent rahi to be put to death. This is for he didn't want any rebelion, but, it hapenned anyway. Zakataria(the leader of the rebelion) made it to Airatakaz's fortess. He then challenged his brother for the title of ruler and won. Zakataria is Airatakaz spelled backwards. This is for their parents did this for they thought that Zakataria and Airatakaz to be polar opposites,which they are, by the way.


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