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Foam Finger Matoran
"Thul is a little more calculating than Thal, maybe even too calculative. Thal, in the other hand, is very aggressive. Both have something negative in them... but together they are everything you would like in a friend."
Thul and Thal
KanohiMasks of Underwater Breathing
ColorsBlue, Light Blue
OccupationProtectors of Jikalma Village
ToolsAqua Axes and Hooks
LocationTapio's Original Homeland, Bio-Land
StatusUnknown, but alive

Thul and Thal are twin Toa sisters, who originally lived on Tapio's Original Homeland. They, at some point, met Tapio and became good friends with him. They were forced to move to Bio-Land later, where they became the official Toa of the Jikalma Village.


When Tapio escaped from the land, because of Inwirn's scheme, Thul and Thal, among with some other Tapio's friends, went with them. They ended up on the Kewa Beach, in a soon to be home, Bio-Land. The friends went their own ways.

Thul and Thal stuck together and went to live in a hut in the countryside. But in Tonga's Attack, Tapio tracked them down again and asked them to help him and his friends in a quest. Thal agreed immedietly, Thul a little later. They left their home.

After the adventure, Thul and Thal moved back to their home. But soon, War of the Clones story started. Thul and Thal were asked to be the Toa of Jikalma Village, and they agreed. But like almost everyone in Bio-Land, Thul and Thal were captured and held hostage by the Lerahk army. After the adventure, however, they were freed along with everyone else, and they settled down in Jikalma Village, where they became the official protectors of the village.

War Against the Spiders of Doom (Aino's Blog)

After the war started, Thul and Thal somehow learned the location of Alex's Desert Base and travelled there and attacked the base. They were quickly defeated and captured in a cell.

They were soon freed by Aino, who had been hiding in the base for sometime, and they made their way to some storage rooms in the base, finding airships. Instead of an airship, however, they chose a Submarine and burst through the walls before they were recaptured. They found themselves in water and victorious.

Shortly after they became False Turaga because of the Power Sucker Machine.

They are currently in the kowa mountains.

Abilities and Traits

Thul and Thal have a little different personalities. Thul is quick to act, with a hot temperament, while Thal is calm, thinks first, and wouldn't even want to harm her enemies. The sisters get along well, however, despite their different personalities, and make a good pair in guarding Jikalma Village.

Both sisters have equally powered powers of Water. after becoming flse turaga they aquired great singing voices. thul & thal gained the ability to fuse into a toa inika/nuva combo with power equal to takanuva.

Mask and Tools

Thul has a Kaukau Nuva mask and a pair of hooks as her tools. Thal has a normal Kaukau and Aqua Axes. after becoming false turaga thul had a hooked staff and thal had an axe ended staff and their masks became more powerful.


  • Thul and Thal are excactly like Gali and Gali Nuva, with only masks switched. It is unknown, why it is like this, and we will most likely never know, but it does have something to do with the real Gali.


"Okay, you think about a good plan and meanwhile I'll wreck that wicked door of theirs!"
―Thal to Thul going to a villain's hideout
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