"Titan" was a former Dark Hunter, servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and a general of Conqueror's army. He died while fighting Ehlek's forces.

GroupDark Hunters, Brotherhood of Makuta
ColorsBlue, Gray
OccupationDark Hunter, Brotherhood of Makuta servant
ToolsSteel blade, Rhotuka


Early life

Almost nothing is known about Titan's early life. At one point, he was discovered by the Dark Hunters and brought to "The Shadowed One" The Shadowed One, who saw his potential and let him join the organization.

Dark Hunter

Titan proved himself to be a master of Toa hunting, and The Shadowed One gave him the job of murdering Toa Pontias. If Titan failed, the punishment was death. Titan loyally searched for the Toa, but Toa Bounty Hunter reached the Toa before him.

Titan was brought back to Odina for his execution, but The Shadowed One was so angry towards Toa Bounty Hunter that he fell unconscious, and the execution date was delayed so that he could recover. Titan was imprisoned, but managed to break free and escape to Destral, where Teridax accepted as a Brotherhood servant.

Brotherhood of Makuta

Under the Brotherhood of Makuta, Titan found not the freedom he wished for but instead a humble, servile job. He saw no means of escape from Destral, so he made plans to assassinate Teridax. He allied with the former Dark Hunter Warrior to steal Brotherhood of Makuta plans and weaponry.

However, the plan backfired, and the Makuta captured them. Before they could be killed, they managed to escape from the island and join up with Conqueror's army of Zyglak.

Conqueror's Army

Conqueror made Titan and Warrior officers in his army, and they fought in battles against the League of Six Kingdoms. Conqueror was promoted to general, but he was ambushed and killed by Ehlek and his men during a battle.

Abilities and Traits

Titan was brave, but often rushed into situations without thinking. Serving under the Brotherhood changed him much, and he learned to make plans, although all of them failed. Working with Warrior did much help, too, for he never knew how to think, either, until being captured by the Brotherhood.


Titan carried a steel blade and could fire Rhotuka.