Toa-Tera is the name given to the Toa Team living on the Island of Tera-Nui. The Current Toa on Tera-Nui are

  • Toa Jatax, the Toa of Iron. He wears the Mask of Weaponry. The powers of this mask make any weapons Jatax is holding more powerful then they were originally.
  • Toa Telrak, the Toa of Plantlife. He wears the mask of Nature, which strengthens his Plantlife powers.
  • Toa Menax, the Toa of Fire. He wears the mask of Heat, which allows him to swim in lava, like it was water.
  • Toa Vessen, the Toa of Water. She wears the mask of Pressure, which lets her swim to extremely pressurized depths, and not be crushed by the intensity of the pressure.
  • Toa Zalt, the Toa of Gravity. He wears the mask of Speed, which allows him to run and fly faster.
  • Toa Yaltraz, the Toa of Magnetism. He wears the mask of Shock, which, when he adds a painful and effective shock to metal that he wishes to add a shock to.
  • Toa Gerjak, the Toa of Stone. He wears the mask of Strength, that allows him to punch through objects like heavy and large boulders.

Previous Toa Tera

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