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Below is a list of known Toa.

Known Toa

Highest leader

Toa Hydra

Toa Iarn

Toa Tera

Toa Sitrius

Toa Olmak

Vela Nui Toa

Trielement Toa

The Trielement Toa were a result of the Next Generation Alpha Beings' attempt to make Toa avatars when encountering species outside of their own planets.

Toa Hagah

The Toa Hagah were several teams of Toa who were employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta to act as bodyguards for a number of Makuta. Below are the known teams and members:

  • Teridax's Team
    • Norik
    • Iruni
    • Gaaki
    • Pouks
    • Kualus
    • Bomonga
  • Orriki's Team
  • Antroz's Team
    • "Mauler"
    • Tockar
    • Ryl
    • Socah
    • Terrus
    • Ampala
  • Karath's Team
    • Arrea
    • Humtaru
    • Unnamed Toa of Iron
    • Unnamed Toa of Lightning
    • Unnamed Toa of Gravity
    • Unnamed Toa of Fire
    • Unnamed Toa of Stone
    • Unnamed Toa of Earth
    • Unnamed Toa of Ice
  • Serrakaan's Team
    • Elendiss
    • Unnamed Toa of Fire
    • Unnamed Toa of Lightning
    • Unnamed Toa of Iron
    • Unnamed Toa of Magnetism
    • Unnamed Toa of Earth
    • Unnamed Toa of Ice
    • Unnamed Toa of Water
    • Unnamed Toa of Stone
  • Furtaan's Team
    • Technica -Toa of Magnetism
    • Kagraw -Toa of Air
    • Unnamed Toa of Fire
    • Unnamed Toa of Water
    • Unnamed Toa of Stone
    • Unnamed Toa of Earth
    • Unnamed Toa of Ice
  • Naokio's Team
    • Nymeria, Toa of Lightning
    • Kalen, Toa of Magnetism
    • Martok, Toa of Shadow
    • Three unnamed Toa (all deceased)

Toa Protectorate

Toa Avohkii

  • Reyru
  • Iymouvu
  • Kuhrii
  • Tewku
  • Lhitau
  • Lekama
  • Zalliaru
  • Tritau (honorary)

Toa Powai

Toa Leskya

Toa of Nynrah

  • Tesudin (formerly)
  • Ringa (formerly; deceased)
  • Unnamed Toa of Light (formerly)

Toa Kynika

Gigas Magna Storyline

Toa Barmega

  • Hagox

Toa Kyra

  • Tritus
  • Halix
  • Kivox
  • Vorepu
  • Orys
  • Taliko

Toa Xander

  • Glortex
  • Cyson

Unnamed Toa Team

Toa Terak

  • Hataka

Toa Neuroxa

Lone Toa

These Toa do not belong to any established team at the present.

Toa Zakaz

This is a team of Toa that were sent to stop Makuta Spirah from tampering with the Skakdi on Zakaz

Toa Souto

Toa Zarda

Secret Toa Resistance Toa

Toa Tronux

Toa Zephin

Jarodin Saga

Toa Jonku

Toa Kyria

  • Unnamed Toa of Iron (deceased)
  • Kotor, Toa of Earth
  • Celix, Toa of Water
  • Bantuii, Toa of The Green
  • Maori, Toa of Sonics
  • Unnamed Toa of Psionics

Toa Marendar

Honorary Members

Most of the following members aren't even Toa, but since they have helped them in their first adventure, the team has welcomed them as their brothers in arms.

  • Aynes - Toa of Light
  • Perditus - Fire tribe Glatorian
  • Tallos - Jungle Tribe Glatorian
  • Nira - Iron Tribe Glatorian
  • Vidkun - Makuta

Toa Mokha

Toa Tangura

  • Taharus - Toa of Fire, leader
  • Kollve - Toa of Ice
  • Onyu - Toa of Earth
  • Lwasa - Toa of Air
  • Gahor - Toa of Water
  • Pobaha - Toa of Stone


  • Shaller - Doesn't consider himself one, Fire/Shadow
  • Virex - Honorary
  • Recapar - Rogue, Ultra-powered by the Brotherhood of Makuta, Fire/Shadow
  • Kardar - After he lost his mates, he doesn't really consider himself one. He travel around the world.
  • "Hero" - He is supposed to be a Toa, but he doesn't have any elemental powers (or maybe he just doesn't use them)
  • Langrim - former Toa Hagah of Makuta Medylix. Since fled. Air.
  • Baxran - Toa Hagah of Makuta Medylix, since mutated, still serves. Fire.
  • Kakrias - former Ta-Matoran mutated by Medylix. Fire / Shadow.
  • Degaki - former Ga-Matoran mutated by Medylix. Water / Shadow.
  • Lehkras - former Le-Matoran mutated by Medylix. Air / Shadow.
  • Krakratos - Toa-like creature. Considered both a Toa and Makuta. Guardian of Medylix's lair. Shadow.
  • "Bee Guardian" - Toa of an unknown element who lives in The Hive.
  • Omako - formerly, since become a Turaga after having his destiny "stolen". Ice.
  • Tamakra - formerly, since become a Turaga after having his Toa Energy drained by the then-Toa Huragna. Fire.
  • Huragna - formerly, since become a Turaga after giving her Toa Energy to the Toa Baragnis. Formerly a female Ta-Matoran, then turned into a half-Rahkshi half-Toa due to exposure to an Energized Protodermis Nova Blast. Fire / "Hunger / Weakness"
  • Avrahnka - considers self a Toa. Seen as an opposite to Krakratos. Light / Fire.
  • Grakk - A Toa of Gravity
  • Ronin - toa/glatorian hybrid. Ninja. Air
  • Schok - former leader of Matoran Rebellion, ruler of Kardox Island
  • Desnirca/Desnicus- Toa of Plantlife that guarded the Toa fortress
  • Esnidar- Toa of Plasma who was a Toa Mangai
  • Selac- Cursed Toa of Ice who was a Toa on Jovan's team and a Toa Mangai
  • Logak - Experimented by Makuta Ziviahk
  • Varkon - Renegade Toa of Fire who serves as a Mercenary
  • Onadus - Toa of Plasma, now exiled

Alternate Universes

Fractures Universe

In the Fractures Alternate Universe, Makuta Teridax never existed, causing his fellow Makuta to recklessly declare war upon the rest of the Matoran Universe without bonding together and forming a coherent battle strategy. As such, there was a significantly large number of Toa inhabiting this universe.

  • Toa Metru - A group of Toa stationed in Metru Nui during the War

Splinters Alternate Universe

In the Spliters Universe, Makuta Teridax actually makes an empire in order to combat the rising power of the League of Six Kingdoms after a war with them. As such, a few things went differently.</span>

  • Toa Cartrax -A Toa team assembled long ago, the Toa Cartrax protected their island with dignity until the Dark Hunters overran their island. They migrated the Matoran of Cartrax to Karhi Nui, where they'd be safe.

Sentinels Alternate Universe

In the Sentinels Alternate Universe, the Great Beings created a powerful Toa of Gravity named Arinwey, who acted as a catalyst to shift the course of the Matoran Universe's history. The Dark Hunters and Brotherhood of Makuta ended up being kept in check by a more united body of Toa, and the Southern Regions of the MU were significantly more populated and civilized.

Lone Toa-These Toa do not belong to any formal toa team at the moment

Fragmented Universe

Broken Order Universe

Seeds of Madness Alternate Universe