The six Toa Abhaya

The Toa Abhaya were six Toa that arrived on Antei Nui to defend the Matoran there from the Bohrok. Unlike most Toa Teams, the Toa Abhaya came from different islands.


Early History

Very little is known about the Abhaya as Matoran, but it is known that Eika and Ryusho were from Harka Nui, Daijo and Reiseki came from Nynrah, and Ansui and Hanshan originated from Varzaxa. The six Matoran were transformed into Toa, and rested in canisters in underground canister launchers on their respective islands.


A Matoran named Tanka was at the Suva-Nui. He ran his finger across the flaw in it. Suddenly, a beam of energy was unleashed that caused the canisters carrying the Toa to launch. This event would cause Tanka to get in trouble with Turaga Fedoki.


A week later, Teridax unleashed the Bohrok upon Antei Nui. Ta-Antei was destroyed by the Suurahk. Another week later, Tanka was scouting ahead on the beach and he found Eika's canister washed ashore. The lid poped open and the Ta-Matoran saw Eika assemble himself. Reiseki, Ryusho, Hanshan and Daijo had similar arrivals.

Ansui, however, washed up near Metru Nui, and saved Sewa, Tennen and Garku who had come from Antei Nui in search for Toa from Oohnok and Bohgrak.


  • Eika, Toa of Fire
  • Ansui, Toa of Water
  • Ryusho, Toa of Air
  • Daijo, Toa of Earth
  • Hanshan, Toa of Ice
  • Reiseki, Toa of Stone

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