Toa Dosa
Toa Dosa group
Location Dosa Nui
Leader Kaumi, Takara (former)
Status Alive
Goal Defeat Maita and keep Dosa Nui safe
Allies Turaga Evaus, Turaga Kinko, Chrouhi, Mato, Takada
Enemies Maita, Rogi, Viron, Nightmare, TrainingDummy2, Tohbii

The Toa Dosa are the Toa team that protects the island of Dosa Nui. Freshly formed and inexperienced, they must face rising odds to save their home.


Upon Maita's arrival, Turaga Evaus had Chrouhi use the Toa Stones to seek out six heroes to protect the island. Upon becoming Toa, Takara, the de facto leader of the team, led them to immediately fight Maita... without Toa tools. This lead to their defeat, forcing Turaga Evaus to suspend them from island protecting duty until they have undergone proper training with Turaga Kinko.

Currently, they are looking for six colored stones, which the Turaga are using for the final part of the Toa Dosa's training.


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