Toa Hagah (Antroz)
Headquarters Destral
Leader Unnamed
Goal Protect Makuta Antroz
Status Most deceased
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta
Enemies Anything that opposes them

The Toa Hagah were meant as protectors to Makuta Antroz


Earliest known information states that all members of Antroz's Toa Hagah fought against the League of Six Kingdoms. Sometime before the Toa Hagah's rebellion, 6 of the Toa, including Tockar, became Makuta Antroz's personal bodyguards.

Unlike the other Toa Hagah, Antroz's Toa Hagah actually went along with Teridax's Plan, except for Tockar. As a result, the other 5 members turned on him, but he managed to defeat his former teammates. Makuta Antroz then arrived on the scene and bombarded Tockar with a barrage of shots that could've killed him. Thinking he's dead, Antroz left.

With all but one of its members deceased, Antroz's team of Toa Hagah was disbanded


Toa Hagah
Toa Kanohi Tools
Tockar, Ice, later Light Olmak, Great Mask of Dimensional Gates Sword of Light, prototype Zamor Launcher

Former Members

Toa Kanohi Tools
"Mauler", Fire (leader, deceased) Unknown Unknown
Ryl, Water (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Socah, Air (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Terrus, Stone (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Ampala, Lightning (deceased) Unknown Unknown


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